Mayr: David in spelunca Engaddi

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Mayr: David in spelunca Engaddi



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31st March 2008




94 minutes


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Mayr: David in spelunca Engaddi

David in the Cave of Engedi (Oratorio)

David, a shepherd, son of Jesse from Bethlehem… Merit Ostermann (mezzo-soprano), Saul, first king of Israel…Cornelia Horak (soprano), Michol/Michal, his daughter…Ai Ichihara (soprano), Jonathas/Jonathan, his son; Phalti, adviser to the king… Sibylla Duffe (soprano), Abner, commander of the king’s army… Claudia Schneider (soprano) & Directed from the harpsichord by Franz Hauk

Simon Mayr Chorus and Ensemble

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Born near Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Simon Mayr spent the greater part of his career in Bergamo, a flourishing cultural and economic centre in the early nineteenth century. An important figure in the promotion of Viennese classicism in Italy, he combined, in his own style, the legacy of Vienna with the dramatic and melodic genius of Italy, and held a dominant position in Italian opera before the emergence of Rossini.

His oratorio David in spelunca Engeddi (David in the Cave of Engedi), with a Latin text, was written in 1795 for the Ospedale dei Mendicanti in Venice, one of the four great charitable institutions there, known for the musical achievements of its members.

The oratorio deals with the conflict between David and Saul, and the refusal of David to harm the Lord’s anointed, in spite of the opportunity offered him.

Johann Simon Mayr: David in spelunca Engaddi

Part I: Sinfonia I

Part I: Recitative: Ah non ultra mi Rex (Saul, Abner, Chorus)

Part I: Voces festivae sonent (Abner, Jonathas, Michol, Saul, David, Chorus)

Part I: Recitative: Quidnam Saul restat (Saul, Abner)

Part I: Recitative: Regi imperare (Abner, Saul)

Part I: Aria: Adversi fremunt venti (Abner)

Part I: Recitative: Simuletur, ne vana (Saul, Michol, Jonathas)

Part I: Aria: En Pastor humilis (David)

Part I: Recitative: Regis veni ad amplexus (Saul, David)

Part I: Recitative: Siste: corona (Saul, David)

Part I: Aria: Vade superbe o fortis (Saul)

Part I: Recitative: Quid loquutus est Rex? (David, Jonathas, Michol)

Part I: Recitative: Divisio amara (David, Michol)

Part I: Duet: Sponse mi … (Michol, David)

Part I: Recitative: Ah Jonathas (David, Jonathas)

Part I: Recitative: Esto securus (Jonathas, David)

Part I: Aria: Ah cor meum (Jonathas)

Part I: Recitative: Quales lacerant (Saul, David, Michol)

Part I: Recitative: Quod fulmen super me! (David, Michol, Saul)

Part I: Aria: Tu spernis precantem (David)

Part I: Recitative: Saul somniaris (Saul, Jonathas, Michol, Abner, David)

Part I: Ah genitor amate … (Michol, Jonathas, Saul, Abner, David)

Part I: Umbra funesta (Saul, Jonathas, Michol, David)

Part I: Vos furiae lacerate (Saul, Jonathas, Michol, Abner, David)

Part II: Sinfonia II

Part II: Recitative: Abite, vos non audio (Saul, Michol, Abner)

Part II: Recitative: Numen, coeleste numen (Michol)

Part II: Aria: Sponsum dona pater chare (Michol)

Part II: Recitative: Illudam filiam (Saul, Abner, Michol)

Part II: Recitative: Filia dilecta (Saul, Michol, Abner)

Part II: Aria: Patri amanti amplexus dona (Saul)

Part II: Recitative: O felix ego! (Michol, Phalti)

Part II: Aria: Gaudete o sponsi amantes (Phalti)

Part II: Recitative: Respiro tandem (Michol, Jonathas, David)

Part II: Ah sponsa … curre (Michol, Jonathas, David)

Part II: Recitative: Eum solum linquis frater! (Michol, Jonathas)

Part II: Aria: Ah quonam vado (David, Chorus)

Part II: Recitative: Quod incertos verto gressus! (Saul, David)

Part II: Aria: O rex amabilis (David)

Part II: Aria: Ah quid restas (David, Chorus)

Part II: Recitative: Sed quid tardo (David)

Part II: Arioso: Quid audio! (Saul)

Part II: Sed quidnam cerno (Saul, David)

Part II: Duet: Ah quaeso serenum (David, Saul)

Part II: Recitative: Pater! - David (Michol, Jonathas, Saul)

Part II: Finale: O plena jubilo amica dies (Chorus)

American Record Guide

“This performance sounds like everyone has come together for the avowed purpose of rescuing Simon Mayr from the clutches of anonymity. The energy never flags…courtesy of Herr Hauk. The period orchestra performs handsomely, with 18th Century touches that are, for the most part, attractive and relatively subtle. Naxos offers excellent sound and informative notes. …Viva Mayr!”

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