Cervantes: Danzas Cubanas

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Cervantes: Danzas Cubanas



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28th Nov 2011




64 minutes


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Cervantes: Danzas Cubanas

Los tres golpes (The Three Blows)

Cortesana (Courtesan)

El velorio (The Wake)

La encantadora (The Enchantress)

Adiós a Cuba (Farewell to Cuba)

Vuelta al hogar (Coming Home)

Cri-Crí (Rustling of Petticoats)

Ilusiones perdidas (Lost Dreams)

La carcajada (Laughter)

Homenaje (Hommage)

La glorieta (The Carousel)


Improvisada (Improvised)

No bailes más (Dance No More)

Decisión (Decision)

Mensaje (Message)

Picotazos (Lovebites)

Un recuerdo (A Memory)

Soledad (Solitude)

Amistad (Friendship)

Invitación (Invitation)

Interrumpida (Interrupted)

La celosa (The Jealous Woman)



Siempre sí (Yes Forever)

Tiene que ser (It Has To Be)

No llores más (Weep No More)

Duchas frías (Cold Showers)

No me toques (Don’ t Touch Me)


Gran señora (Grande Dame)

Intima (Intimate)

Lejos de ti (Far Away From You)

Se fue y no vuelve más (Gone Never To Return)

Fusión de almas (Spiritual Union)

Te quiero tanto (I Love You So)

¿Por qué, eh? (Why, Huh?)

Álvaro Cendoya (piano)



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Ignacio Cervantes is a key figure of Latin American piano music. As the cultural and national identity of his native Cuba gained strength through the 19th century, the genres of danza and contradanza became a fixture of the island’s dance and concert halls, providing a bridge between different sections of society. Cervantes’s pieces, which display a similar swing and verve to Scott Joplin’s ubiquitous Rags, synthesize Cuban local humour and colour with the Romantic aesthetic of Chopin. Their titles range from the poignant Adiós a Cuba, to the laughter of La carcajada.

Ignacio Cervantes: Los tres golpes (Three knocks)

Los Tres Golpes (The 3 Blows)

Ignacio Cervantes: La cortesana (Lady in waiting)

Cortesana (The Courtesan)

Ignacio Cervantes: El velorio (The wake)

El Velorio (The Wake)

Ignacio Cervantes: La encantadora (The charmer)

La Encantadora (The Enchantress)

Ignacio Cervantes: Adios a Cuba (Farewell to Cuba)

Adios a Cuba (Farewell to Cuba)

Ignacio Cervantes: Vuelta al hogar (Return home)

Vuelta al Hogar (Coming home)

Ignacio Cervantes: Cri-cri

Cri-Cri (Rustling of Petticoats)

Ignacio Cervantes: Ilusiones perdidas (Lost illusions)

Ilusiones Perdidas (Lost Dreams)

Ignacio Cervantes: La carcajada (The hearty laughter)

La Carcajada (Laughter)

Ignacio Cervantes: Homenaje (Homage)

Homenaje (Hommage)

Ignacio Cervantes: La glorieta (The gazebo)

La Glorieta (The Carousel)

Ignacio Cervantes: Almendares


Ignacio Cervantes: Improvisada (Improvised)

Improvisada (Improvised)

Ignacio Cervantes: No bailes mas (Dance no more)

No Bailes Mas (Dance No More)

Ignacio Cervantes: Decision (Decision)

Decision (Decision)

Ignacio Cervantes: Mensaje (The message)

Mensaje (Message)

Ignacio Cervantes: Picotazos (Pecking gossip)

Picotazos (Lovebites)

Ignacio Cervantes: Un recuerdo (Reminiscence)

Un Recuerdo (A Memory)

Ignacio Cervantes: Soledad

Soledad (Solitude)

Ignacio Cervantes: Amistad (Friendship)

Amistad (Friendship)

Ignacio Cervantes: Invitacion (Invitation)

Invitacion (Invitation)

Ignacio Cervantes: Interrumpida (Interrupted)

Interrumpida (Interrupted)

Ignacio Cervantes: La celosa (The jealous one)

La Celosa (The Jealous Woman)

Ignacio Cervantes: Amen


Ignacio Cervantes: Pst!


Ignacio Cervantes: Siempre si (Forever yes)

Siempre Si (Yes Forever)

Ignacio Cervantes: Tiene que ser (It must be)

Tiene Que Ser (It Has To Be)

Ignacio Cervantes: No llores mas (Weep no more)

No Llores Mas (Weep No More)

Ignacio Cervantes: Duchas frias (Cold Showers)

Duchas Frias (Cold Showers)

Ignacio Cervantes: No me toques (Don't touch me)

No Me Toques (Don't Touch Me)

Ignacio Cervantes: Zigs-zags


Ignacio Cervantes: Gran senora (Grand lady)

Gran Senora (Grand Dame)

Ignacio Cervantes: Intima (Intimate)

Intima (Intimate)

Ignacio Cervantes: Lejos de ti! (Far away from you!)

Lejos De Ti (Far Away From You)

Ignacio Cervantes: Se fue y no vuelve mas (Gone, never to return)

Se Fue y No Vuelve Mas (Gone Never To Return)

Ignacio Cervantes: Fusion de Almas

Fusion de Almas (Spiritual Union)

Ignacio Cervantes: Te quiero tanto (I love you dearly)

Te Quiero Tanto (I Love You So)

Ignacio Cervantes: Porque eh? (Why? Eh?)

Por Que, Eh? (Why, Huh?)

MusicWeb International

August 2012

“The numbers are sensual, sentimental, even melodramatic, but one thing they are not is boring. This is light music without pretence, but light as Chopin’s mazurkas or Schubert’s waltzes are: predictable yet inventive...The playing is idiomatic, embossed, aristocratic and well-judged. The pianist excellently conveys the smile in the music and the subtle humor of the composer.”

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