Couperin, F: Les Nations

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Couperin, F: Les Nations



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30th March 2015




99 minutes


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Couperin, F: Les Nations

Sonades et Suites de Simphonies en Trio

Juilliard Baroque

CD - 2 discs


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Although Couperin is best known today as a composer of harpsichord music, he remained deeply involved in chamber music throughout his career. Les Nations is a vast project in which the virtues of both the French and Italian styles are set next to each other. Each of the four ordres celebrates a Catholic power of Europe, France, Spain, the Holy Roman Empire and the Savoy dynasty of Piedmont, and each is a combination of an Italianate trio sonata with its freeform virtuosity and a large-scale and elaborate French dance suite. Juilliard Baroque brings together some of the world’s most respected and accomplished early music instrumentalists.

François Couperin: Les Nations, 1st Ordre, "La Francoise"

I. Sonade: Gravement - Gayement - Gravement - Gayement - Vivement - Gravement - Air: Gracieusement - Gayement

II. Allemande: Sans lenteur

III. Courante I: Noblement

IV. Courante II: Un peu plus vite

V. Sarabande: Gravement

VI. Gigue: Gayement

VII. Chaconne ou Passacaille: Moderement - Vif et marque

VIII. Gavotte

IX. Menuet

François Couperin: Les Nations, 2nd Ordre, "L'Espagnole"

I. Gravement - Tres lentement - Vivement - Affectueusement - Legerement - Gayement - Air rendre - Vivement

II. Allemande: Gracieusement

III. Courante: Noblement

IV. Courante II: Un peu plus vivement

V. Sarabande: Gravement

VI. Gigue louree: Moderement

VII. Gavote: Tendrement, sans lenteur

IX. Bouree: Gayement - Double de la Bouree precedente

VIII. Rondeau: Affectueusement

X. Passacaille: Noblement, et marque - Vivement

François Couperin: Les Nations, 3rd Ordre, "L'Imperiale"

I. Gravement - Vivement - Gravement, et marque - Tres lentement - Rondeau: Legerment - Rondement - Vivement

II. Allemande: Sans lenteur

III. Courante

IV. Courante II: Plus marquee

V. Sarabande: Tendrement

VI. Bouree: Gayement

VII. Gigue: D'une legerete moderee

VIII. Rondeau: Gayement - Premier Couplet - Rondeau - Second Couplet - Rondeau - Troiseme Couplet - Rondeau

XI. Chaconne

X. Menuet

François Couperin: Les Nations, 4th Ordre, "La Piemontoise"

I. Sonade: Gravement - Vivement - Gravement - Air - Vivement et marque - Air: Affectueusement - Second Air - Gravement, et marque - Legerement

II. Allemande: Noblement et sans lenteur

III. Courante

IV. Courante II: Plus gayement

V. Sarabande: Tendrement

VI. Rondeau: Gayement

VII. Gigue: Affectueusement, quoy que legerement

BBC Music Magazine

June 2015


“All eight players are totally absorbed in the style. Their often dense ornamentation never sounds calculated or contrived; their rhythmic flow in slower movements has a captivating insouciance, relaxed, gently fluid. This is French playing that would be hard to better.”

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