Szymanowski: Król Roger & Prince Potemkin

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Szymanowski: Król Roger & Prince Potemkin



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93 minutes


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Szymanowski: Król Roger & Prince Potemkin


Król Roger

Prince Potemkin

Andrezj Hiolski, Wieslaw Ochman and more

Polish State Philharmonic Orchestra, Polish State Philharmonic Chorus, Cracow Philharmonic Boys Choir, Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra Katowice, Antoni Wit, Karol Stryja

CD - 2 discs


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Karol Szymanowski: Krol Roger (King Roger), Op. 46

Act I - In the Church: Hagios! Hagios! (Holy! Holy!)

Act I: Entry of the King and Court: Boze, poblogoslaw! (Lord, Be Gracious to Him!)

Act I: Czys styszal? (What Do You Say?)

Act I: The Shepherd Appears: Oto bluznierca! (Wretched Blasphemer!)

Act I: Moj Bog jest piekny (My God is Young and Handsome)

Act I: W jego usmiechu! (His Smiling Face!)

Act I: Twoj Bog! (Your God!)

Act I: Niech odejdzie Pasterz (He Must Go, the Shepherd)

Act II - The Inner Courtyard of the Palace - Introduction: Niepokoj bladych gwiazd (How Pale the Stars Shine)

Act II: Czy widziales jej oczu blask (Did You Not See the Brightness of His Eyes?)

Act II: Cyt! Tamburyny brzecza (Listen! Tambourine and Zither)

Act II: Ktos mglisty przeszedl (A Shadow Passed There)

Act II: The Sheperd Appears

Act II: O przychodze sam (See, I Have Come to You)

Act II: A, uspij swoj lek i gniew (Ah, Set Aside Anger and Wrath)

Act II: We mnie wierza! (By Faith!)

Act II: Tajemnych glebin (With this Hand I Wake the Deep Secret)

Act II: Dance of the Sheperd's Followers

Act II: Entrance of Roxane: A-, A- (Chorus)

Act II: Soldiers Seize the Shepherd: Kto smie moj czar (Who Would Bind Me)

Act II: Sluchajcie ... W ciszy nocy (Hear ... in the Silence of the Night)

Act III - The Ruins of a Greek Theatre - Introduction: Wokol martwota glazow (Only Dead Stone Around)

Act III: Rogerze! Rogerze! (Roger! Roger!)

Act III: Na sad, na sad (Yield to Justice, King), Chorus

Act III: Slyszysz! Jeno cichy fletni spiew (Listen! Only the Sound of the Gentle Flute)

Act III: Rogerze! Rogerze! (Roger! Roger!)

Act III: Edrisi, juz swit! (Edrisi, day dawns!)

Act III: Slonce! Slonce! (The Sun! The Sun!)

Karol Szymanowski: Kniaz Patiomkin (Prince Potemkin), Op. 51

Prince Potemkin: Incidental Music to Act V

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