Weinberger, J: Schwanda the Bagpiper

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Weinberger, J: Schwanda the Bagpiper



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4th Oct 2004




2 hours 13 minutes


CD (download also available)
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Weinberger, J: Schwanda the Bagpiper

opera in two acts

CD - 2 discs


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Jaromir Weinberger: Svanda dudak (Schwanda, the Bagpiper)


Act I Scene 1: Hej hola! (Hey, hey, hurrah!) (Soldier)

Act I Scene 1: Zda znas tu slavnou baj (Have you ever heard this famous legend?) (Babinsky)

Act I Scene 1: Jak je as krasny ten dalny svet (How wonderful that distant world can be) (Svanda)

Act I Scene 1: Entr'acte

Act I Scene 2: Vmem srdci chlad a kolem stin a led (There is a coldness in my heart, with shadows and ice around) (Queen)

Act I Scene 2: Polka

Act I Scene 2: Jsem tva, jsem tva (I'm yours, I'm yours) (Queen)

Act I Scene 2: Pres hory a strane (Through mountains and hillside) (Dorota)

Act I Scene 2: Vsechny sny uz pochovany (All dreams are buried now) (Queen)

Act I Scene 3: Uz dohral! (Already finished!) (Magician)

Act I Scene 3: Devce rozmile (You charming lass) (Svanda)

Act I Scene 3: Vidis, jaky jsi ty osemetny nevernik (A deceitful, faithless man you are) (Dorota)

Act I Scene 3: Dorotko, neplac (Dorota, don't cry) (Babinsky)

Act II Scene 1: Jo, jo zac pakvlastne bratru stoji takovyhle zivot? (Oh yes, what is such a life worth?) (Devil)

Act II Scene 1: Devil's Polka

Act II Scene 1: Coz zapomenout mozno vsrdci uprimnem na svoji rodnou zem (Can a native country ever be forgotten...) (Svanda)

Act II Scene 1: Rad odpoved dam (I'll answer you gladly) (Babinsky)

Act II Scene 1: Co vidim? Karty? (What do I see? Cards?) (Babinsky)

Act II Scene 1: Vase pekelne Velicenstvo (Your devilish Excellency) (Devil's Servant)

Act II Scene 1: Fugue

Act II Scene 2: Toz pribeh se konci (So the story ends) (Babinsky)

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