Schoenberg: Moses und Aron

Naxos: 8660158-59

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Schoenberg: Moses und Aron



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31st July 2006




1 hour 52 minutes


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Schoenberg: Moses und Aron

Wolfgang Schöne, Chris Merritt, Irena Bespalovaite, Bernhard Schneider, Michael Ebbecke, Karl-Friedrich Dürr, Ulrich Frisch, Saša Vrabac, Stephan Storck, Emma Curtis & Alois Riedel

Stuttgart State Orchestra, Stuttgart State Opera Chorus, Polish Radio Choir, Kraków & Stuttgart State Opera Children’s Chorus, Roland Kluttig

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Arnold Schoenberg: Moses und Aron

Act I Scene 1: Einziger, ewiger...und unverstellbarer Gott! (Only, eternal...and unimaginable God!) (Moses)

Act I Scene 2: Du Sohn meiner Vater... (Son of my fathers...) (Aaron, Moses)

Act I Scene 3: Ich hab ihn gesehn, als eine feurige Flamme (I saw him as a burning flame) (Young Girl, Young Man...Chorus)

Act I Scene 4: Bringt ihr Erhorung...? (Do you bring news...?) (Chorus, Moses, Aaron, Priest, Girl, Young Man, Man)

Act I Scene 5: Allmachtiger, meine Kraft ist zu Ende (Almighty, my strength is at an end) (Moses, Aaron, Chorus, Young Girl, Young Man...)

Act I Scene 6: Alles fur die Freiheit! (All for freedom!) (Man, Chorus, Priest, Moses, Aaron)

Act I Interlude: Wo ist Moses?...Wo ist der Fuhrer?...(Where is Moses?...Where is the leader?...) (Chorus)

Act II Scene 1: Vierzig Tage!...liegen wir nun schon hier! (Forty Days!...we are still waiting here!) (Seventy Elders, Priest, Aaron)

Act II Scene 2: Wo ist Moses?... (Where is Moses?...) (Chorus, Seventy Elders, Aaron)

Act II Scene 3: Diese Bild bezeugt dass in allem was ist...(This image is witness that in all that is...) (Aaron, Invalid Woman, Beggars...)

Act II Scene 3: Frei unter eigenen Herren (Free, under their own masters) (Ephraimite, Tribal Leaders, Youth, Seventy Elders)

Act II Scene 3: Du goldener Gott... (You golden god...) (Girl, Naked Virgins, Seventy Elders, Naked Youth, Chorus)

Act II Scene 4: Vergeh, du Abbild des Unvermogens... (Away, you image of impotence...) (Moses, Chorus)

Act II Scene 5: Aron, was hast du getan?...Nicht Neues! (Aaron, what have you done?...Nothing new!) (Moses, Aaron, Chorus)

BBC Music Magazine

October 2006


“There are excellent things in this bargain-price Moses und Aron… Perhaps most impressive is the natural way that the big ensembles flow, the multifarious counterpoint of voices and instruments making complete musical and dramatic sense with no sense of strain but plenty of conviction. Overall this new version hardly displaces Boulez's ideally authoritative reading with Günter Reich's darkly eloquent Moses and Richard Cassilly's charismatic Aron.”

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