Balada: La Muerte de Colón (The Death of Columbus)

Naxos: 8660193-94

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Balada: La Muerte de Colón (The Death of Columbus)



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1st Sept 2009




94 minutes


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Balada: La Muerte de Colón (The Death of Columbus)

Jon Garrison, Judith Jenkins, Katherine Mueller, Arturo Martín, Dimitrie Lazich, Raymond Blackwell & Brent Stater

Members of the Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh & Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic and Chorus, Robert Page

CD - 2 discs


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Composed as a sequel to Christopher Columbus, available on Naxos 8.660237-38, Leonardo Balada’s The Death of Columbus has been critically acclaimed as ‘uncommonly impressive and winning’.

From its spectacular opening scene depicting the triumphant return of Columbus to Barcelona from his discovery of the New World, to the tormented delirium of the great explorer’s death-bed scene, The Death of Columbus is an intensely moving opera, filled with lyrical melodies and imaginative orchestration.

This is a landmark addition to Naxos’s highly-praised series of Balada’s music.

“Naxos’s ongoing series of Balada's music is establishing him as a major and truly distinctive creative voice.” Classics Today

Leonardo Balada: Death of Columbus

Act I Scene 1, "Barcelona - Retorno de Colon" (Barcelona - Return of Columbus): Ave verum corpus natum de Maria Virgine (Monks, Citizens, Queen Isabella, King Ferdinand, Columbus, Fernando)

Act I Scene 2, "Lecho de Muerte 1" (Death-Bed 1): Mis ojos cansados (Columbus, Mysterious Character, Monks)

Act I Scene 3a, "En un poblado indio" (In an Indian Village): Song: Uuuuaaa, uuuoaaa, daaaee, uooaaa (Indian Voice)

Act I Scene 3b, "En un poblado indio-pillaje" (In an Indian Village-Pillage): Yeee, yeje, yajo, eee (Indian, Voices of Spaniards)

Act I Scene 4, "Lecho de muerte 2" (Death-Bed 2): Bien seria aquello el Paraiso, libres las gentes (Columbus, Mysterious Character, Monks)

Act I Scene 5: Bobadilla: Ese, Colon, ese extranjero esta llevado de la mano (Margarit, Juan Aguado, Friar Boil, Bobadilla, Queen Isabella, King Ferdinand)

Act I Scene 6, "Mirad" (Look): Doliente mi cuerpo, con sangre mi alma (Columbus)

Act I Scene 7, "Jerusalen" (Jerusalem): Ja, ja, ja! (Courtiers, Columbus, Queen Isabella)

Act I Scene 8, "Los Colones" (The Columbuses): Los Colones, los hijos, los hermanos (Hernando, Diego (son), Diego (brother), Bartholomew)

Act II Scene 1, "En un poblado indio" (In an Indian villaga): Dance: Ay! (Voices)

Act II Scene 2, "Lecho de muerte 3" (Death-Bed 3): Aaje, aaja, aajo … (Indians, Mysterious Character, Columbus, Monks)

Act II Scene 3, "Amadisimas" (Beloved Ones!): Cristobal … (Beatrice, Queen Isabella, Columbus)

Act II Scene 4, "Lecho de muerte 4" (Death-Bed 4): Mal supisteis llevar de la mano (Mysterious Character, Columbus, Monks)

Act II Scene 5, "Los Heroes" (The Heroes): Colon! Yo, Vespucio! (Vespucci, Magellan, Columbus, Mysterious Character, Monks, Bolivar, Zapata)

Act II Scene 6, "Apocalipsis" (Apocalypse): Ellos son los verdaderos heroes (Mysterious Character, Monks, Columbus, Voices, Apocalyptic, Apocalyptic Characters 2, 3, 4, Beatrice, Isabella)

Act II Scene 7, "Perdonadme" (Forgive Me): Ave verum corpus, natum de Maria Virgine (Monks, Columbus)

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