Sacchini: Oedipe à Colone

Naxos: 8660196-97

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Sacchini: Oedipe à Colone



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28th Aug 2006




1 hour 52 minutes


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Sacchini: Oedipe à Colone

François Loup, Nathalie Paulin, Robert Getchell, Tony Boutté & Kirsten Blaise

Opera Lafayette Orchestra and Chorus, Ryan Brown

Based on Sophocles’ tragedy Oedipus at Colonus, the second play in a trilogy that is one of the glories of Greek literature, Sacchini’s opera is notable for both its high drama and tender, moving lyricism. It was championed by Berlioz who considered it to be an inspired and even sublime work.

CD - 2 discs


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Antonio Sacchini: Oedipe a Colone

Act I: Overture

Act I Scene 1: Recitative: En vain un frere ingrat - Aria: Ma fille est le precieux gage (Thesee)

Act I Scene 1: Recitative: Ah! le trone ou j'aspire - Aria: Le fils des dieux (Polynice)

Act I Scene 2: Recitative: Habitants de Colone (Thesee) - Chorus: Nous braverons pour lui (Soldiers) - Recitative: Vous avez… (Herault)

Act I Scene 3: Chorus: Allez regner (Women's Choir)

Act I Scene 3: Dance: Andantino - Allegro

Act I Scene 3: Aria: Vous quittez notre aimable Athenes (An Athenian)

Act I Scene 3: Dance: Gavotte

Act I Scene 3: Aria: Je ne vous quitte point (Eriphile)

Act I Scene 4: Recitative: Allons au temple (Thesee, Polynice, Eriphile) - Aria: Votre cour devint mon asile (Polynice)

Act I Scene 4: Recitative: Cher prince, calmez vous - Trio: Implorons les bienfaits (Thesee, Eriphile, Polynice)

Act I Scene 5: Chorus: O vous que l'innocence meme - Recitative: Divinites d'Athenes protectrices… (Chorus, High Priest, Polynice, Eriphile)

Act II Scene 1: Recitative: Ou vais-je, malheureux - Aria: Helas, d'une si pure flamme (Polynice)

Act II Scene 2: Recitative: Ah, n'avancons pas d'avantage - Duet: Ma fille, helas (Oedipe, Antigone) - Aria: Tout mon bonheur… (Antigone)

Act II Scene 2: Recitative: Ta consolante voix - Duet: Filles du Styx (Oedipe, Antigone)

Act II Scene 3: Chorus: Quel mortel temeraire - Recitative: Audacieux vieillard (A Coryphee, Antigone, Oedipe) - Chorus: Oedipe est l'ennemi

Act II Scene 4: Recitative: Barbares! Arretez! (Thesee, Antigone, Chorus) - Aria: Du malheur auguste victime (Thesee)

Act III Scene 1: Recitative: Oedipe et le Roi sont ensemble - Duet: Vous le savez, grands dieux! (Polynice, Antigone)

Act III Scene 1: Recitative: Appesanti par l'age - Aria: Dieux! Ce n'est par pour moi (Antigone)

Act III Scene 1: Recitative: Dieux! Que tant de vertu - Duet: En ma faveur (Polynice, Antigone) - Recitative: On vient (Polynice)

Act III Scene 2: Recitative: Auguste malheureux (Thesee)

Act III Scene 3: Recitative: Ma fille, que veut-il (Oedipe, Antigone, Polynice) - Aria: Daignez rendre (Polynice)

Act III Scene 3: Recitative: O dieux! Toi, scelerat! (Polynice, Oedipe, Antigone) - Aria: Delivrez-vous (Polynice)

Act III Scene 3: Aria: Ou suis-je? (Oedipe, Polynice, Antigone)

Act III Scene 3: Trio: O doux moment (Oedipe, Polynice, Antigone)

Act III Scene 4: Recitative: Le ciel est desarme (High Priest, Polynice, Thesee, Eriphile, Oedipe) - Chorus: Le calme succede aux tempetes

Act III Scene 4: Dance: (Chaconne) - Gavotte - (Chaconne)

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