Lully: Armide

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Lully: Armide



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29th Sept 2008




2 hours 1 minute


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Lully: Armide

Stephanie Houtzeel, Robert Getchell, François Loup, William Sharp & Ann Monoyios

Opera Lafayette, Ryan Brown

CD - 2 discs


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Armide represents the culmination of the long and fruitful career of Jean-Baptiste Lully, the most powerful musician at the court of Louis XIV and the first important composer of French opera.

Though not his final composition, Armide was Lully’s last complete tragédie en musique and the last work he wrote in collaboration with librettist Philippe Quinault. It was an instant and enduring success: a crowd-pleaser at its initial production and a perennial favourite of audiences and critics in the eighteenth century.

The Opera Lafayette Opera and Chorus is a Washington ensemble devoted to music of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

“Brown led his small, supple orchestra and sweetly blended chorus with authority, dramatic intensity and welling musicanship….the outstanding performance of the afternoon was that of mezzo-soprano Stephanie Houtzeel in the role of Armide. It would be a cliché to say she was "larger than life" and, in fact, she seemed something even more elemental. At its best, her Armide seemed life itself, with its messy joys, sorrows, hungers and contradictions, and the role was sung with all the ardor, intelligence and vocal luster at Houtzeel's command, which was plenty. This was the sort of daring, impassioned performance that can make a career.” The Washington Post’s review of the concert performance

Jean-Baptiste Lully: Armide


Act I Scene 1: Dans un jour de triomphe (Phenice, Sidonie, Armide)

Act I Scene 1: Un songe affreux (Armide, Sidonie)

Act I Scene 2: Armide, que le sang qui m'unit avec vous (Hidraot, Armide)

Act I Scene 3: Armide est encor plus aimable (Hidraot, Chorus)

Act I Scene 3: Suivons Armide, et chantons sa Victoire (Phenice, Chorus, Sidonie)

Act I Scene 4: O Ciel! O disgrace cruelle! (Aronte, Armide, Hidraot, Chorus)

Act I: Entr'acte

Act II Scene 1: Invincible Heros, c'est par votre courage (Artemidore, Renaud)

Act II Scene 2: Arretons-nous ici, c'est dans ce lieu fatal (Hidraot, Armide)

Act II Scene 3: Plus j'observe ces lieux, et plus je les admire (Renaud)

Act II Scene 4: Au temps heureux ou l'on scait plaire (Une Naiade, Chorus, Une Bergere heroique)

Act II Scene 5: Enfin il est en ma puissance (Armide)

Act II: Entr'acte (Marche)

Act III Scene 1: Ah! Si la liberte me doit etre ravie (Armide)

Act III Scene 2: Que ne peut point votre art? (Phenice, Sidonie, Armide)

Act III Scene 3: Venez, Haine implacable (Armide)

Act III Scene 4: Je reponds a tes voeux (La Haine, Chorus, Armide)

Act III: Entr'acte (Air)

Act IV Scene 1: Nous ne trouvons par tout que des Gouffres ouverts (Le Chevalier danois, Ubalde)

Act IV Scene 2: Voici la charmante Retraite (Lucinde, Chorus, Ubalde, Le Chevalier danois)

Act IV Scene 3: Je tourne en vain (Le Chevalier danois, Ubalde)

Act IV: Entr'acte (Air)

Act V Scene 1: Armide, vous m'allez quitter? (Renaud, Armide)

Act V Scene 2: Les Plaisirs ont choisi pour asile (Un Amant fortune, Chorus, Renaud)

Act V Scene 3: Il est seul (Ubalde, Renaud, Le Chevalier danois)

Act V Scene 4: Renaud? Ciel! O mortelle peine! (Armide, Renaud, Le Chevalier danois, Ubalde)

Act V Scene 5: Le perfide Renaud me fuit (Armide)

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