Balada: Cristóbal Colón (Christopher Columbus)

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Balada: Cristóbal Colón (Christopher Columbus)



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27th July 2009




1 hour 52 minutes


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Balada: Cristóbal Colón (Christopher Columbus)

Recorded September 1989

José Carreras, Montserrat Caballé, Carlos Chausson, Luis Álvarez, Stefano Palatchi & Victoria Vergara

Orchestra and Chorus of the Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona, Theo Alcántara

CD - 2 discs


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Libretto by Antonio Gala.

From one of the world’s great opera houses, the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, comes Leonardo Balada’s richly melodic opera about one of the world’s great explorers, Christopher Columbus, commissioned by the Spanish government for the 5th Centennial of the Discovery of America.

A superb cast, headed by José Carreras as Columbus and Monsterrat Caballé as Queen Isabella of Spain, gained critical acclaim for their performances in what The Washington Times described as “a masterpiece…a landmark score in the lyric theater of our time”.

Leonardo Balada: Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus)

Act I Scene 1: Salve, salve … (Women, Sailors, Columbus, Pinzon)

Act I Scene 2a: Es voluntad de Dios (Marchena) - Aria: Es mi nombre Cristobal (Columbus)

Act I Scene 2b: Con Portugal firmamos capitulaciones que marcan sus derechos (Fernando, Isabella) - Aria: Espana ensimismada (Isabella)

Act I Scene 2c, "La Comision de Salamanca" (The Commission of Salamanca): Como el sol y la luna (Columbus, Advisor, Treasurer, General, Scientist, Bishop)

Act I Scene 2d: Comprendo vuestra pena (Marchena, Pinzon, Columbus)

Act I Scene 3: Cuando yo sea rico, comprare una (Choir of Sailors)

Act I Scene 4a: La flechas de Fernando y el yugo de Isabella (Fernando, Isabella, Columbus)

Act I Scene 4b: Aria: Ahora comprendo que a un hombre nunca es (Isabella)

Act I Scene 4c: Demasiado sensata (Fernando, Isabella)

Act I Scene 4d: Duet: Caballero, sereis vos y los que os hereden (Isabella, Columbus)

Act I Scene 5: Tenemos miedo! (Sailors, Pinzon)

Act I Scene 6, "En el Puerto de Palos (At the Port of Palos): Todo empezo, todo empezo una clara (Pinzon, Neighbours, Columbus, Marchena)

Act II Scene 1: Algum antardecer vuelvo el rostro hacia atras (Pinzon, Columbus)

Act II Scene 2: Adios, adios (Judeans, Columbus, Women, Pinzon)

Act II Scene 3: Grande tiene que ser nuestra esperanza porque (Columbus, Pinzon)

Act II Scene 4: Duet: Te conoci una tarde (Beatriz, Columbus)

Act II Scene 5: Capitan! Quiero hablar de hombre a hombre (Pinzon, Columbus)

Act II Scene 6: Aria: Almirante! (Isabella, Pinzon)

Act II Scene 7, "Mutin" (Riot): Libremonos del extranjero! (Sailors, Pinzon, Columbus)

Act II Scene 8a: Aria: En donde esta la voluntad de Dios (Columbus)

Act II Scene 8b, "Cancion de cuna" (Sleeping Song): El padre de mi nino (Beatriz)

Act II Scene 8c: Tierra! (Columbus, Beatriz, Sailors, Pinzon, Rodrigo)

Act II Scene 9: "Epilogo: En las Indians" (Epilogue: In the Indies): Ayaje, ayajo, wehnya … (Indios, Isabella, Columbus, Marchena, Sailors)

BBC Music Magazine

April 2010


“Carreras and Caballé…both impress with their strongly flavoured lyricism, while Carlos Chausson is bold and abrasive as Columbus's financial partner, Pinzón”

The Guardian

18th September 2009


“It's all artfully put together and expertly scored”

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