Mozart: Idomeneo, K366

Naxos: 8660250-52

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Mozart: Idomeneo, K366



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1st June 2010




2 hours 39 minutes


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Mozart: Idomeneo, K366

Kurt Streit, Ángeles Blancas Gulín, Iano Tamar, Sonia Ganassi, Jörg Schneider & Dario Magnabosco

Chorus and Orchestra of the San Carlo Theatre, Naples, Marco Guidarini

CD - 3 discs


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The notable musicologist Alfred Einstein commented that Idomeneo is ‘one of those works that even a genius of highest rank, like Mozart, could write only once in his life’.

Every page of the score deserves appreciation. Of the many exceptional arias and ensembles, especially notable is the third act quartet ‘Andrò ramingo e solo’, one of the most moving concerted numbers in any Mozart opera.

This recording is based on the original 1781 Munich version, without the extended ballet but including some music cut by Mozart before the première.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Idomeneo re di Creta, K. 366


Act I Scene 1: Quando avran fine omai l'aspre sventure mie? (Ilia)

Act I Scene 1: Padre, germani, addio (Ilia)

Act I Scene 1: Ecco Idamante, ahime! (Ilia)

Act I Scene 1: Non ho colpa, e mi condanni (Idamante)

Act I Scene 1: Ecco il misero resto de' Troiani (Ilia, Idamante)

Act I Scene 1: Godiam la pace, trionfi amore (Chorus of Trojans and Cretans, 2 Cretan Women, 2 Trojan Men)

Act I Scene 1: Prence, signor, tutta la Grecia oltraggi (Elettra, Idamante, Arbace, Ilia)

Act I Scene 1: Tutte nel cor vi sento (Elettra)

Act I Scene 2: Pieta! Numi, pieta! (Chorus of Sailors)

Act I Scene 2: Ecco ci salvi alfin (Idomeneo)

Act I Scene 2: Vedrommi intorno l'ombra dolente (Idomeneo)

Act I Scene 2: Cieli! Che veggo! (Idomeneo, Idamante)

Act I Scene 2: ll padre adorato ritrovo, e lo perdo (Idamante)

Act I Scene 2: March

Act I Scene 2: Nettuno s'onori, quel nome risuoni (All)

Act II Scene 1: Tutto m'e noto (Arbace, Idomeneo)

Act II Scene 1: Se il padre perdei la patria, il riposo (Ilia)

Act II Scene 1: Qual mi conturba i sensi equivoca favella? … (Idomeneo)

Act II Scene 1: Fuor del mar ho un mare in seno (Idomeneo)

Act II Scene 1: Chi mai del mio provo piacer piu dolce? (Elettra)

Act II Scene 1: Idol mio, se ritroso (Elettra)

Act II Scene 1: March: Odo da lunge armonioso suono (Elettra)

Act II Scene 1: Sidonie sponde! (Elettra)

Act II Scene 2: Placido e il mar, andiamo (Chorus, Elettra)

Act II Scene 2: Vattene, prence (Idomeneo, Idamante)

Act II Scene 2: Pria di partir, oh Dio! (Elettra, Idamante, Idomeneo)

Act II Scene 2: Qual nuovo terrore! (Chorus of Sailors)

Act II Scene 2: Eccoti in me, barbaro Nume! (Idomeneo)

Act II Scene 2: Corriamo, fuggiamo quel mostro spietato (Chorus of Sailors)

Act III Scene 1: Solitudini amiche, aure amorose (Ilia)

Act III Scene 1: Zeffiretti lusinghieri de volate al mio tesoro (Ilia)

Act III Scene 1: Ei stesso vien (Ilia)

Act III Scene 1: S'io non moro a questi accenti (Ilia, Idamante)

Act III Scene 1: Cieli che vedo? (Idomeneo, Ilia, Idamante, Elettra)

Act III Scene 1: Andro ramingo, e solo (Ilia, Elettra, Idamante, Idomeneo)

Act III Scene 1: Sventurata Sidon! (Arbace)

Act III Scene 1: Se cola ne' fati e scritto (Arbace)

Act III Scene 2: Volgi intorno lo sguardo, oh sire (High Priest, Idomeneo)

Act III Scene 2: Oh voto tremendo! (Chorus)

Act III Scene 3: March

Act III Scene 3: Accogli, o re del mar, i nostri voti (Idomeneo, Priests)

Act III Scene 3: Stupenda vittoria! (Chorus of Cretan Citizens)

Act III Scene 3: Padre mio, caro padre, ah dolce nome! (Idamante, Idomeneo, Ilia, High Priest, Elettra)

Act III Scene 3: Ma che piu tardi? (Idamante)

Act III Scene 3: Hai vinto amore (A Voice)

Act III Scene 3: Oh smania! oh furie… (Elettra)

Act III Scene 3: D'Oreste, d'Ajace ho in seno i tormenti (Elettra)

Act III Scene 3: Popoli, a voi l'ultima legge impone Idomeneo (Idomeneo)

Act III Scene 3: Scenda amor, scenda Imeneo (Chorus of Cretan Citizens)

Gramophone Magazine

January 2011

“Guidarini's conducting is usually neat, light and sensible...Streit is an elegant Mozartian tenor, albeit a little more effortful than usual on this occasion - he pulls out all the stops for "Fuor del mar", which is not far off the platinum standard of Gardiner's Anthony Rolfe Johnson”

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