Rossini: La Gazzetta

Naxos: 8660277-78

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Rossini: La Gazzetta



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27th Sept 2010




2 hours 9 minutes


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Rossini: La Gazzetta

Critical edition by the Fondazione Rossini, edited by Philip Gossett and Fabrizio Scipioni (Ricordi BMG) Reconstruction of the 1st Act Quintet by the Deutsche Rossini Gesellschaft, edited by Stefano Piana

Marco Cristarella Orestano (Don Pomponio Storion), Judith Gauthier (Lisetta), Giulio Mastrototaro (Filippo), Vincenzo Bruzzaniti (Don Anselmo), Rossella Bevacqua (Doralice), Michael Spyres (Alberto), Maria Soulis (Madama La Rose), Filippo Polinelli (Monsù Traversen) & Ugo Mahieux (harpsichord continuo)

Czech Chamber Soloists, Brno & San Pietro a Majella Chorus, Naples, Christopher Franklin

CD - 2 discs


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Composed between The Barber of Seville (8660027-29) and Cinderella (8660191-92), Rossini’s only Neapolitan comic opera La gazzetta (The Newspaper) was based on a highly popular romantic comedy by Carlo Goldoni, yet has languished until the publication of the new critical edition on which this recording is based.

Now revealed as a delicious entertainment satirising the rôle of the media, it involves two young women, their lovers and fathers, who are beset by the arrival of disguised Quakers and a Turkish masquerade all as the result of an advertisement!

Synopsis; no libretto

Gioachino Rossini: La Gazzetta


Act I Scene 1: Introduzione: Chi cerca il piacere (Chorus, Alberto, Madama, Traversen)

Act I Scene 1: Recitativo: Signor Alberto (Madama, Alberto)

Act I Scene 2: Cavatina: Co' 'sta grazia (Pomponio, Tommasino)

Act I Scene 2: Recitativo: Mirabile! grazioso (Madame, Pomponio, Alberto, Traversen)

Act I Scene 2: Quartetto: Mio signore (Traversen, Pomponio, Madama, Alberto)

Act I Scene 3: Recitativo: Invan lo sciocco (Filippo, Anselmo, Doralice)

Act I Scene 4: Cavatina: Presto, dico (Lisetta, Filippo)

Act I Scene 4: Recitativo: Che ti sembra - Scene 5: Vi saluto, Filippo - Scene 6: E' comoda la stanza - Scene 7: Che strano caso - Scene 8: Proviamo un po' col pianto (Lisetta, Filippo, Alberto, Doralice, Pomponio)

Act I Scene 8: Quintetto: Questo (Lisetta, Alberto, Filippo, Doralice, Pomponio)

Act I Scene 9: Recitativo: Tommasi, che ne dici? (Pomponio, Madama, Doralice, Tommasino)

Act I Scene 9: Aria: Ah, se spiegar potessi (Doralice)

Act I Scene 10: Recitativo: Animo, fuori quella - Scene 11: Che, ammogliato Filippo? (Filippo, Pomponio, Madama, Lisetta)

Act I Scene 11: Duetto: Pe' da' gusto a la signora (Pomponio, Lisetta)

Act I Scene 12: Recitativo: Stiamo a guardar (Madama, Traversen, Anselmo, Doralice, Alberto)

Act I Scene 13: Finale 1: Bondi te pater (Filippo, Chorus, Pomponio, Lisetta, Alberto, Doralice)

Act I Scene 13: Guisto ciel (Lisetta, Alberto, Filippo, Pomponio, Doralice, Madama, Traversen, Chorus)

Act II Scene 1: Recitativo: Ah, ah! Che scena! (Madama, Traversen, Anselmo, Doralice)

Act II Scene 1: Aria: Sempre in amore (Madama)

Act II Scene 2: Recitativo: Oh, voi qui siete - Scene 3: Non ancora ho potuto (Traversen, Alberto, Filippo, Lisetta)

Act II Scene 3: Duetto: In bosco ombroso (Filippo, Lisetta)

Act II Scene 4: Recitativo: Chi creder mai poteva (Alberto)

Act II Scene 4: Aria: O lusinghiero amor (Alberto)

Act II Scene 5: Recitativo: Tutto sta ben disposto a maraviglia - Scene 6: Ad un mio pari un locandier disfida? - Scene 7: A che coll'armi (Filippo, Alberto, Pomponio)

Act II Scene 7: Terzetto: Primmo nfra voi coll'armi (Pomponio, Alberto, Filippo)

Act II Scene 8: Recitativo: Fatemi, signorina - Scene 9: Presto, alo (Lisetta, Doralice, Pomponio, Madama)

Act II Scene 9: Recitativo: Ove son? perche torno (Lisetta)

Act II Scene 9: Aria: Eroi piu galanti (Lisetta, Pomponio, Doralice, Madama)

Act II Scene 10: Recitativo: Si, vada a incarrozzarsi (Filippo, Pomponio)

Act II Scene 10: Aria: Quando la fama altera (Filippo)

Act II Scene 11: Chorus: Amor la danza mova (Chorus)

Act II Scene 11: Recitativo: Eccome cca; la primma vota e chesta (Pomponio)

Act II Scene 11: Quintetto: Oh vedite ch'accidente! (Pomponio, Alberto, Doralice, Filippo, Lisetta)

Act II Scene 12: Recitativo: Hai trovata mia figlia? (Anselmo, Traversen, Pomponio, Madama)

Act II Scene 12: Finale 2: Caro padre (All, Chorus)

Gramophone Magazine

January 2011

“Rossini's fizzing two-act comedy La Gazzetta ("The Newspaper") may be well-made Prosecco rather than vintage Krug but its 2001 revival in a new critical edition gave much pleasure at the Garsington and Pesaro festivals...All three [principals] are strongly cast in this vividly conducted live "Rossini in Wildbad" performance.”

Opera Now

September/October 2011


“A completely irresistable performance, from the Wildbad Festival, makes this much more than something just for Rossini completists...It's true that there's much here we've heard elsewhere...but also a good deal of original stuff including a brilliant quarrel duet...Franklin pilots the Czech Chamber Soloists through a fizzing reading, elegant, beautifully paced and tremendously exciting; the ensemble is highly attractive, individually and collectively”

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