Rossini: La cambiale di matrimonio

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Rossini: La cambiale di matrimonio



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31st May 2011




71 minutes


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Rossini: La cambiale di matrimonio

Libretto by Gaetano Rossi, after a play by Camillo Federici

Vito Priante (Tobia Mill), Julija Samsonova (Fanny), Daniele Zanfardino (Edoardo Milfort), Giulio Mastrototaro (Slook), Tomasz Wija (Norton), Francesca Russo Ermolli (Clarina) & Massimiliano Tanzini (harpsichord continuo)

Württemberg Philharmonic Orchestra, Christopher Franklin


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La cambiale di matrimonio (The Bill of Marriage), composed when Rossini was just 18 years old, was given its first performance alongside Non precipitare i giudizi ossia La vera gratitudine (Don’t rush to judgement or True gratitude) an opera by Giuseppe Farinelli. The libretto was the work of Gaetano Rossi, who was later to provide the libretti for Rossini’s masterpieces Tancredi and Semiramide.

The plot revolves around the farcical attempts of Tobia Mill, a rich English merchant, to combine business with pleasure by forcing his daughter, the lovely Fanny (‘merchandise’) to marry Slook, his rich colonial correspondent from America, by means of a bill of exchange. Eventually, it is the gallant Slook himself who persuades Mill to allow Fanny to marry her true love, Edoardo Milfort.

Recorded during performances at the Kurhaus, Bad Wildbad, Germany July 2006, at the XVIIIth ROSSINI IN WILDBAD Festival.

Gioachino Rossini: La cambiale di matrimonio


Scene 1: Introduzione: Non c'e il vecchio sussurrone (Clarina, Norton)

Scene 2: Cavatina: Chi mai trova il dritto, il fondo (Mill)

Scene 2: Stretta dell'introduzione: Ecco una lettera per voi, signore (Norton, Clarina, Mill)

Scene 2: Recitativo: Ma, signore, questa lettera (Norton, Mill, Clarina)

Scene 3: Duetto: Tornami a dir che m'ami (Edoardo, Fanny)

Scene 3: Recitativo: Si, cara mia, speriam: fra pochi giorni (Edoardo, Fanny) - Scene 4: Avete voi veduto (Norton, Fanny) - Scene 5: Presto, presto (Mill, Fanny, Edoardo)

Scene 6: Cavatina: Grazie … grazie … (Slook, Fanny, Clarina, Edoardo, Mill)

Scene 6: Recitativo: Sicche dunque istruitemi (Slook, Fanny, Mill, Edoardo, Norton) - Scene 7: Servo! (Slook, Fanny)

Scene 7: Duetto: Darei per si bel fondo (Slook, Fanny)

Scene 8: Terzetto: Quell'amabile visino (Edoardo, Slook, Fanny)

Scene 9: Recitativo: Non si fara (Norton, Clarina)

Scene 9: Aria: Anch'io son giovine (Clarina)

Scene 10: Recitativo: Eccolo appunto: pare pensieroso (Norton, Slook) - Scene 11: Ipotecato! (Slook, Mill)

Scene 11: Dite presto, dove sta (Mill, Slook)

Scene 12: Recitativo: Venite, sono andati (Clarina, Fanny, Edoardo) - Scene 13: Bravi! (Slook, Fanny, Edoardo)

Scene 13: Aria: Come tacer, come frenare i moti (Fanny)

Scene 13: Recitativo: Eppur lo cred'anch'io (Slook) - Scene 14: Metti la tutto (Mill)

Scene 14: Finale: Portero cosi il cappello (Mill, Slook) - Scene 15: Qual ira, oh ciel, v'accende (Fanny, Mill, Clarina, Slook)

Final Scene: Vi prego (Edoardo, Mill, Slook, Clarina, Fanny, Norton)

Gramophone Magazine

September 2011

“It is sprucely, at times wittily conducted by Christopher Franklin, and there is a good cast that includes a decent tenor as the romantic lead and a pair of lively buffo basses”

International Record Review

December 2011

“The Lithuanian soprano Julija Samsonova ripples through both cavatina and cabaletta with a well-produced voice which is fuller than a soubrette's. Daniele Zanfardino, with no aria, is a tenore leggiero who sings neatly...[Priante and Mastrototaro] do a good job, lively in their patter duet 'Dite presto' and singing without resort to breathiness or vocal mugging...Franklin conducts with a sportive touch.”

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