Mercadante: Don Chisciotte alle nozze di Gamaccio

Naxos: 8660312-13

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Mercadante: Don Chisciotte alle nozze di Gamaccio



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2nd July 2012




1 hour 41 minutes


CD (download also available)
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Mercadante: Don Chisciotte alle nozze di Gamaccio

World Première Recording

Ugo Guagliardo (bass), Domenico Colaianni (buffo), Laura Catrani (soprano), Ricardo Mirabelli (tenor), Hans Ever Mogollon (tenor) & Giulio Mastrototaro (baritone)

San Pietro a Majella Chorus, Naples & Czech Chamber Soloists, Brno, Antonino Fogliani

CD - 2 discs


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A contemporary of Rossini and Donizetti, Saverio Mercadante was one of Italy’s most productive 19th century operatic composers. Don Chisciotte alle nozze di Gamaccio was written during the composer’s stay in Spain, and is based on a chapter of Cervante’s Don Quixote in which the hero prevents the forced marriage of a poor farm girl to the wealthy Camacho. Magnificently entertaining and dramatically innovative, Don Chisciotte combines fashionable Neapolitan style with Spanish folk music elements in an unforgettable melodramma giocoso. It is heard on this recording in its first modern performance.

Saverio Mercadante: Don Chisciotte alle nozze di Gamaccio

Sinfonia: Allegro moderato

Scene 1: Introduzione: Per le nozze di Gamaccio (Chorus, Sancio)

Scene 2: Cavatina: Basta, basta vi ringrazio (Sancio, Chorus)

Scene 2: Stretta: Caro il mio Ruccio, povero ciuccio (Sancio, Chorus)

Scene 3: Recitativo: Corpo di cento, mille molini a vento (Sancio)

Scene 4: Cavatina: Tutto s'allegra intorno (Chiteria)

Scene 4: Recitativo: Che far dovro? (Chiteria) - Scene 5: Scena: Chi veggo? Chi e mai costui? (Chiteria, Basilio)

Scene 5: Duetto: Giura crudel che mia per sempre (Chiteria, Basilio)

Scene 6: Recitativo: Oh caro il mio Gamaccio (Bernardo, Gamaccio, Chiteria, Don Diego, Cristina) - Scene 8: Recitativo: Di poche ore ho preceduto (Don Diego, Cristina, Chorus)

Scene 8: Coro e cavatina: Viva, viva, Don Chisciotte (Chorus, Don Chisciotte, Sancio, Cristina) - Scene 9: Recitativo: Cielo, che miro? (Don Chisciotte)

Scene 9: Cavatina: Perdon ti chiedo, o donna (Don Chisciotte, Chorus, Cristina, Don Diego, Sancio)

Scene 10: Recitativo: In bando cavalier, le tristi idee (Don Diego, Sancio, Don Chisciotte, Cristina)

Scene 11: Coro ed aria: Hai veduto? Cosa e stato? (Chorus, Gamaccio)

Scene 12: Recitativo: Tutto tentar sapro (Basilio) - Scene 13: Recitativo: Dove trovar potrassi uno scudier piu fino? (Sancio, Don Chisciotte)

Scene 13: Duetto: Ah parla, scudiero infame (Don Chisciotte, Sancio)

Scene 14: Recitativo: Entri signor (Cristina, Gamaccio, Sancio) - Scene 15: Eppur da quel (Don Diego) - Scene 16: Io sfido (Sancio) - Scene 17: Ecco lo trovo alfin (Don Diego, Sancio, Basilio)

Scene 17: Duetto: Cavalier, deh m'ascoltate (Basilio, Sancio)

Final scene: Coro e finale: Viva i sposi (Chorus, Gamaccio, Bernardo, Don Chisciotte, Sancio, Basilio, Chiteria, Cristina, Don Diego)

Final scene: Quanto imponi la sacra legge (Basilio, Gamaccio, Don Chisciotte, Chiteria, Cristina, Don Diego, Bernardo, Sancio, Chorus)

Gramophone Magazine

October 2012

“There is some local colour...but the style is essentially Rossinian...And as well as writing gratefully for the voice, Mercadante has an ear for effective scoring...Fogliani gets delightfully pointed playing from the woodwind. Ugo Guagliardo's rich bass is ideal for Quixote's dignified melancholy”

International Record Review

September 2012

“This youthful cast - all Italian (with the exception of an Argentine baritone and a Colombian tenor) - goes at the piece with a good deal of verve, but the voices (except for tenor Hans Ever Mogollon's youthfully eager, bright-voiced Basilio) are uniformly undistinguished.”

MusicWeb International

August 2012

“Ugo Guagliardo possesses an agile, well-tuned bass of no distinction and soprano Laura Catalani has quite a big, blowsy sound with something of an edge and a good facility in coloratura...[Fogliani] conducts very well, with sensitivity and variety.”

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