Fall, L: Die Rose von Stambul

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Fall, L: Die Rose von Stambul



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25th Feb 2013




1 hour 59 minutes


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Fall, L: Die Rose von Stambul

operetta in three acts, sung in English

Kimberly McCord (soprano), Alison Kelly (soprano), Erich Buchholz (tenor), Gerald Frantzen (tenor) & Robert Morrissey (bass)

Chicago Folks Operetta, John Frantzen

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Leo Fall’s early career mirrored that of his famous contemporary Franz Lehár. Both were born in provinces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and soon moved to the Imperial capital, Vienna. There they both wrote a series of glorious operettas. Fall’s The Rose of Stambul, set in Ottoman Turkey, is a sparkling masterpiece that ran for fifteen months, the most successful such work since Lehár’s The Merry Widow, composed eleven years earlier. The plot offers comedy, mistaken identity, cultural misunderstandings, exoticism, and, of course, a romance that must overcome various obstacles, while Fall’s melodies are exquisitely beautiful, with numerous hit songs.

Leo Fall was Lehár’s natural successor and wrote sparkling songs and ensemble numbers in operettas that, in the case of this one – The Rose of Stambul – was through-composed almost to an operatic extent. This recording is a perfect fit for lovers of Viennese operetta.

Leo Fall: Die Rose von Stambul (Sung in English)

Act I Scene 1: May your dreams be filled with ecstasy (Bul-Bul, Women, Djamileh) - Scene 2: Is Kondja awake? (Desiree, Bul-bul) - Scene 3: My dear, lovely Mademoiselle Desiree (Kemal Pasha, Desiree)

Act I Scene 4: Morning sun now beckons you to rise (Bul-bul, Women, Kondja)

Act I Scene 5: Oh, good morning (Women, Kondja, Midili)

Act I Scene 5: Another heartfelt song (Kondja, Midili, Emine)

Act I Scene 6: A foreign gentleman is here! (Djamileh, Midili, Kondja, Fridolin)

Act I Scene 6: Duet: A faithful daughter of tradition (Midili, Fridolin)

Act I Scene 7: Girls, I'm so happy (Kondja, Desiree, Bul-bul, Midili)

Act I Scene 8: Fair daughters of Circassia (Bul-bul, Achmed)

Act I Scene 9: A thousand greetings dear, young man (Kemal Pasha, Achmed)

Act I Scene 10: My beloved Kondja (Kemal Pasha, Kondja, Achmed)

Act I: Finale: Have you heard this little song (Kondja, Achmed)

Act II Scene 1: We are all here for a joyous occasion (Men, Women, Achmed, Fridolin) - Scene 3: My future son-in-law (Kemal Pasha, Achmed)

Act II Scene 4: Let me offer my warmest welcome (Achmed, Durlane, Fatme) - Daughters of tradition, delicate and quiet (Achmed, Women)

Act II Scene 5: I have to take a peek into the bridal chamber (Midili, Fridolin)

Act II Scene 5: Duet: I've never kissed a man before (Midili, Fridolin)

Act II Scene 6: Behold, the radiant and lovely bride draws near (Women, Men, Achmed, Kondja, Kemal Pasha)

Act II Scene 6: Sir, I am ready (Kondja, Achmed)

Act II Scene 7: I'm still a little bashful (Fridolin, Durlane, Women, Midili)

Act II Scene 8: Kondja we are finally alone (Achmed, Kondja)

Act II Scene 8: Will you dance? (Kondja, Achmed)

Act II: Finale: Who thinks about time when you're happy? (Achmed, Kondja)

Act III Scene 1: Everything must go like clockwork tonight (Hotel Director, Band Leader) - Scene 2: Schatzi! (Fridolin, Midili)

Act III Scene 2: Goodness knows how much I've tried (Midili, Fridolin)

Act III Scene 3: Where on God's green earth am I? (Mr. Muller, Bell Hop) - Scene 4: Are Mr. and Mrs. Fridolin Muller staying here? (Kondja, Bell Hop, Midili)

Act III Scene 5: Attention please! (Hotel Director, Achmed)

Act III Scene 6: Two eyes full of yearning (Achmed)

Act III Scene 7: Unbelievable! - Scene 8: Now listen - Scene 9: Achmed has gone crazy - Scene 10: Fridolin! - Scene 11: Oh no - Scene 12: Oh no, here she is (Fridolin, Achmed, Mr. Muller, Midili)

Act III Scene 12: Trio: Oh daddy (Fridolin, Midili, Mr. Muller)

Act III Scene 13: Your intimate, romantic dinner (Hotel Director, Achmed) - Scene 14: It's just as I told you (Hotel Director, Kondja, Achmed)

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