Urspruch: Das Unmöglichste von Allem (The Most Impossible Thing of All)

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Urspruch: Das Unmöglichste von Allem (The Most Impossible Thing of All)



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2nd Sept 2013




2 hours 42 minutes


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Urspruch: Das Unmöglichste von Allem (The Most Impossible Thing of All)

Rebecca Broberg (soprano), Robert Fendl (baritone), Anne Wieben (soprano), Caterina Maier (soprano), Matthias Grätzel (tenor) & Ralf Sauerbrey (baritone)

PPP Music Theatre Ensemble, Munich & Orchestra of the Sorbian National Ensemble, Israel Yinon

CD - 3 discs


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Anton Urspruch was Franz Liszt’s favourite pupil and saw himself as a ‘progressive modernist’. His music, whilst influenced by his teacher, and by Wagner, diverged from the paths taken by contemporaries such as Reger and Richard Strauss.

His masterpiece, the comic opera Das Unmöglichste von Allem, is constructed on a symphonic scale with a series of amusing plot lines powered by tuneful and inventive writing. Although the opera was well received early on by both critics and musicians, after Urspruch’s death it fell into oblivion until triumphantly revived by the forces on this live recording, the first performance of the original, uncut version of the opera.

Very little of Urspruch’s music is available on disc, except his piano music and some of his songs.

Anton Urspruch: Das Unmoglichste von Allem

Prelude: Wohlan, Ihr Herren (Konigin, Roberto, Lisardo, Feniso, Ensemble)

Act I Scene 1: Ihr habt Euch in den Kopf gesetzt (Fulgencio, Celia, Roberto)

Act I Scene 2: O lass' mich weinen (Diana, Celia)

Act I Scene 3: Nun! Die Jungfer ganz allein? (Fulgencio, Celia)

Act I Scene 4: Wer in alle Welt je hatte (Diana, Celia)

Act I Scene 5: Fraulein, ein franzos'cher Kaufmann wartet (Diana, Celia, Catarina, Ramon, Fulgencio)

Act I Scene 6: Ein schmucker Mensch (Diana, Celia)

Act I Scene 7: Rasch! Die Kon'gen (Fulgencio, Catarina, Pedrillo, Diana, Celia)

Act I Scene 8: Welche Schmach muss ich erleben! (Roberto, Fulgencio, Diana, Celia, Ramon)

Act II Scene 1: So scheinen Euch des Gluckes heit're Sterne (Lisardo, Konigin, Ramon, Albano)

Act II Scene 2: Stets bewahr' Euch Gottes Huld! (Konigin, Roberto, Feniso)

Act II Scene 3: Ihr wisst, Lisard (Konigin, Lisardo, Ramon, Roberto, Feniso)

Act II Scene 4: Verflucht Soldatenvolk! (Fulgencio, Roberto, Celia)

Act II Scene 5: Lasset, Herr (Ramon, Roberto, Diana, Celia)

Act II Scene 6: Zeigt doch! (Diana, Celia, Ramon)

Act II Scene 7: Weche Last! (Fulgencio, Albano, Lisardo, Ramon, Catarina, Pedrillo)

Act II Scene 8: Frohe Zeitung bring' ich heute (Roberto, Diana, Catarina, Pedrillo, Fulgencio)

Act II Scene 9: Wurdig Euch zu grussen (Feniso, Diana, Roberto)

Act II Scene 10: Horch! Schon tonen ihre Saiten! (Diana, Roberto, Feniso, Tafelsanger)

Act II Scene 11: Hallen, Lauben, nachtumdustert (Diana, Lisardo)

Act II Scene 12: An der Tur wacht ohn' Bewegung! (Fulgencio, Pedrillo, Catarina, Celia)

Act II Scene 13: Offnet augenblicks die Tur! (Lisardo, Catarina, Pedrillo, Celia, Fulgencio)

Act II Scene 14: Was geht hier vor? (Roberto, Catarina, Pedrillo, Celia, Fulgencio, Diana, Ramon)

Act III Scene 1: Wie drang in's Haus er nur so dreist? (Pedrillo, Catarina)

Act III Scene 2: Sinkt Ihr nieder (Diana, Fulgencio)

Act III Scene 3: Senke, Nacht, nun dichte Schleier (Lisardo, Fulgencio, Diana, Celia)

Act III Scene 4: Hulfe! (Ramon, Fulgencio, Pedrillo, Catarina, Diana, Celia)

Act III Scene 5: Sieh' nur dort, im Mondenscheine (Albano, Lisardo, Diana, Celia)

Act III Scene 6: Grosser Gott! (Roberto, Feniso, Albano, Lisardo, Diana, Celia)

Act III Scene 7: So seh' ich freudig All' um mich versammelt (Konigin, Roberto, Ensemble)

Act III Scene 8: Weg! Weg! Weg von der Tur (Fulgencio, Konigin, Roberto, Ramon, Lisardo, Ensemble)

Act III Scene 9: Der Friedenssonne gleich! (Konigin, Diana, Lisardo, Roberto, Ramon, Celia, Feniso, Ensemble)

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