Schiff: Gimpel the Fool (Divertimento)

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Schiff: Gimpel the Fool (Divertimento)



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29th May 2007




98 minutes


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Schiff: Gimpel the Fool (Divertimento)

Vale Rideout (tenor), Tyler Oliphant (baritone), Thomas Glenn (tenor), D' Anna Fortunato (mezzo-soprano), Megan Besley (soprano), Alissa Mercurio (soprano), Richard Zeller (baritone), Kevin Walsh (baritone), Bryan Hunt (boy soprano), Judith Schiff (soprano)

Third Angle Ensemble, Kenneth Kiesler

CD - 2 discs

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David Schiff: Gimpel the Fool

Act I: Overture: We are here to tell you the tale of Gimpel (Badkhen)

Act I: Let us begin, at the ending (Badkhen, Elka, Gimpel), "Elka's Death-Bed Scene"

Act I: So Elka deceived me, and I just believed her (Gimpel, Badkhen, Townspeople), "Gimpel's Monologue"

Act I: Once we saw how easy it was to fool Gimpel… (Badkhen, Townspeople, Gimpel)

Act I: Gimpel was so confused… (Badkhen, Rabbi), "The Rabbi's Advice"

Act I: But even the Rabbi's ugly daughter… (Badkhen, Rabbi's Daughter, Rabbi, Gimpel)

Act I: Matchmaking for Gimpel! (Badkhen) - Little March

Act I: So that's the one! (Elka, Gimpel, Badkhen, Rabbi)

Act I: The wedding ceremony took place… (Badkhen) - Little March (reprise)

Act I: Mi adir al hakol… (Rabbi)

Act I: O echod mi yodeya? (Badkhen, Townspeople, Rabbi), "Badkhen's Song"

Act I: Akhas asor, yom la khoidesh adar… (Rabbi, Badkhen), "The Wedding Contract"

Act I: All day long I watch the clouds (Yetta, Wolf-Leib), "The Wedding Song"

Act I: Sameyakh tesamakh reyim hahuvim (Rabbi)

Act I: It was a black moment for Gimpel (Badkhen, Gimpel)

Act I: Mazel Tov (all)

Act I: Elka, don't leave your new husband… (Gimpel, Elka, Badkhen)

Act II: Four months after the wedding…, (Badkhen, Gimpel, Elka, Rabbi) - Lullaby

Act II: But what was the connection between Elka and Eve? (Badkhen) - Pantomime

Act II: Out of love to my wife… (Gimpel), "Bread Song"

Act II: Night Music

Act II: O I forgot to tell you about my goat (Gimpel, Goat) - Where is the lad? (Gimpel, Elka)

Act II: May all the dreams I've dreamed tonight… (Elka, Townspeople, Gimpel), "Elka's Gevalt"

Act II: Gimpel had no choice… (Badkhen, Gimpel, Townspeople, Elka, Rabbi), "The Divorce"

Act II: I should have gotten angry (Gimpel, Badkhen), "Gimpel's Second Monologue"

Act II: Little March (reprise) - Gimpel, you're not fair to Elka (Townspeople, Gimpel, Rabbi)

Act II: And if Maimonides says it's kosher! (Gimpel, Badkhen) - Pantomime - Now listen Gimpel… (Elka, Gimpel), "Elka's Death-Bed Scene" (continued)

Act II: One night as he lay asleep in the bakery… (Badkhen, Evil One, Gimpel)

Act II: Gimpel, what have you done now? (Elka's Ghost, Gimpel)

Act II: Finale: Heeding Elka's words, Gimpel dug a hole in the ground… (Badkhen, Gimpel, Townspeople, Boy)

Act II: Finale (continued): You always tell the same stories (Boy, Gimpel, Elka, Badkhen)

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