Hanson, H: Merry Mount, Op. 31

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Hanson, H: Merry Mount, Op. 31



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30th April 2007




2 hours 3 minutes


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Hanson, H: Merry Mount, Op. 31

The plot of his 1933 opera, Merry Mount, set in New England in 1625 during a conflict between the Puritans and the Cavaliers, is anything but merry. However, the composer described the music as “warm-blooded…essentially a lyrical work [that] makes use of broad melodic lines as often as possible”.

Lauren Flanigan, Walter MacNeil, Richard Zeller & Charles Robert Austin

Seattle Symphony Chorale, Northwest Boychoir, Seattle Girls’ Choir & Seattle Symphony, Gerard Schwarz

CD - 2 discs


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Howard Hanson: Merry Mount, Op. 31

Act I: Prelude

Act I: Be as a lion, dread Jehovah… From plots of Hell and witcheries (Puritans, Bradford, Bridget, Plentiful, Myles Brodrib, Tewke, Desire)

Act I: Ah - I deny thy Christ (Bradford, Banks, Tewke, Puritans)

Act I: A savoury discourse, good Master Bradford (Bradford, Tewke)

Act I: Last night came One that paced a-down the stairway of the sky (Bradford)

Act I: My son, Thou'rt over-ripe for marriage! (Tewke, Bradford)

Act I: The willow keep to thatch our sleep (Plentiful, Bradford)

Act I: Plentiful Tewke hath catched the preacher! (Love, Bradford, Peregrine Brodrib, Prence, Children)

Act I: Gi' you good night, sir… (Prence, Myles Brodrib, Marigold, Bradford, Tinker, Morton, Puritans, Cavaliers)

Act I: Scratch a Roundhead, find a rebel … Thrones of Earth be idle things (Prence, Scrooby, Tewke, Bradford, Puritans, Cavaliers)

Act I: Right rev'rend priest, our holy joy … Respect the Sabbath day (Prence, Scrooby, Tewke, Bradford, Puritans, Cavaliers)

Act I: Marigold! Lady! … Let us be lions of Jehovah (Bradford, Marigold, Lackland, Myles Brodrib, Tewke, Puritans, Cavaliers)

Act II Scene 1: Prelude - I wind and I wind, My true love to find (Men and Women)

Act II Scene 1: From forth the hill … I christen 'Merry Mount' - Maypole Dance (Lackland, Men and Women)

Act II Scene 1: Long Live the Lady (Men and Women)

Act II Scene 1: Marigold! When the morning stars together sang (Lackland, Marigold, Men and Women)

Act II Scene 1: Methinks I see th'infernal rendezvous of Satan and his bond-slaves (Bradford, Men and Women, Morton, Tewke, Puritans)

Act II Scene 2: O pity me! Thou alone of women Canst heal this tortured heart (Bradford, Marigold, Lackland, Tewke, Puritans)

Act II Scene 2: Let them strike twice, And I will come to thee! (Marigold)

Act II Scene 2: Hale her to the village, A prisoner… (Tewke, Bradford)

Act II Scene 2: Almighty Father, My King and my God (Bradford, Mystic Voices)

Act II Scene 2: Chorus of Mystic Voices

Act II Scene 3: Alleluia! Alleluia! (Bradford, Lucifer, Monsters, Witches and Demons)

Act II Scene 3: Now thou art mine (Lucifer, Monsters, Witches and Demons, Bradford)

Act II Scene 3: Rise up, my love my fair one (Bradford, Astoreth)

Act III Scene 1: Prelude

Act III Scene 2: Gird you with Sackcloth (Tewke, Puritans)

Act III Scene 2: Never more shall prayer ravish these lips!… (Bradford, Chorus)

Act III Scene 2: Woe, woe! Lost sheep are we (Puritans, Bradford, Myles Brodrib)

Act III Scene 2: No witch am I; But one that long ago was happy (Marigold)

Act III Scene 2: Ay, even now thy lover frets at Hellgate - Death to the Witch (Bradford, Marigold, Ensemble)

Gramophone Magazine

September 2007

“Good tunes and the Devil combine in an unabashed romantic American rarity. The leading roles are splendidly characterised by Lauren Flanigan and Richard Zeller, well supported in a rehabilitation that is a credit to all involved.”

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