Taylor, J D: Peter Ibbetson, Op. 20

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Taylor, J D: Peter Ibbetson, Op. 20



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29th June 2009




2 hours 13 minutes


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Taylor, J D: Peter Ibbetson, Op. 20

Anthony Dean Griffey, Lauren Flanigan, Richard Zeller, Charles Robert Austin, Lori Summers, Barry Johnson, Terri Richter, John Obourn, Eugene Buchholz & Erin Stark

Seattle Symphony & Seattle Symphony Chorale, Gerard Schwarz

CD - 2 discs


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From its triumphant, star-studded première in 1931 until 1985, Peter Ibbetson was the most-performed American opera at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. The story (based on the novel by George Du Maurier) of two star-crossed lovers who secretly escape to a mystical “dream world” was immensely popular in the 1930s, and was the subject of several Hollywood films.

Composer Deems Taylor – known to millions as the host of the original Disney Fantasia movie – was at that time a leading voice in American music. His lush, romantic/ impressionist music and masterful dramatic timing make Peter Ibbetson a most rewarding listening experience, and a “must” for all opera fans.

Rediscover an American classic with this world-première recording featuring some of today’s leading opera stars.

Deems Taylor: Peter Ibbetson, Op. 20

Act I: Dear Lady, shall we dance? (Colonel Ibbetson, Mrs Deane, Mrs Glyn, Madge, Charlie, Guy, Diana)

Act I: Dear Friend, what is the poem called? (Colonel Ibbetson, Mrs Glyn, Charlie, Guy)

Act I: Bravo, Colonel, Bravo! (Guests, Diana, Madge, Charlie, Guy, Mrs Glyn, Mrs Deane, Colonel Ibbetson, Servant, Peter Ibbetson)

Act I: I can see again the old garden at Passy (Peter, Voice of Mme Seraskier, Voice of Pasquier de la Marière, Mrs Deane)

Act I: And now, do as I tell you! (Mrs Deane, Peter, Colonel Ibbetson, Servant, Mary, Duchess of Towers, Mrs Glyn, Madge, Diana, Charlie, Guy, Guests)

Act I: I could never dedicate my days (Mary)

Act I: What a sad fate is ours (Diana, Madge, Charlie, Guy, Mary, Peter, Mrs Deane, Colonel Ibbetson)

Act II Scene 1: Par ici, monsieur (Achille, Peter, Victorine)

Act II Scene 1: Monsieur, m'excusera si je garde mon chapeau (Major Duquesnois, Peter, Nurse)

Act II Scene 1: Who is that lady yonder, in the carriage? (Peter, Victorine, Chorus of the Dream)

Act II Scene 2: Dors, mignonne, c'est l'heure qui sonne (Voice of Mme Seraskier, Mary, Peter)

Act II Scene 2: Give me your hands (Mary, Peter)

Act II Scene 2: Comme un chien dans un jeu de quille (Captain Ibbetson, Mme Pasquier, Peter)

Act II: Orchestral Interlude - The Storm

Act II Scene 3: Par ici, Madame la Duchesse (Achille, Mary, Victorine)

Act II Scene 3: You are Peter Ibbetson (Mary, Peter)

Act II Scene 3: My God…Mimsey! (Peter, Mary)

Act III Scene 1: I wish he would come (Mrs Glyn, Mrs Deane, Peter, Servant)

Act III Scene 1: Comme un chien dans un jeu de quille (Colonel Ibbetson, Peter, Mrs Glyn, Mrs Deane)

Act III Scene 2: Is it time? (Peter, Chaplain)

Act III Scene 2: Is the Chaplain there? (Mrs Deane, Peter, the Prison Governor, Chaplain)

Act III Scene 3: En revenant d'Auvergne (Chorus of the Dream, Peter)

Act III Scene 3: She does not hear! (Peter, Mary)

Act III Scene 4, Epilogue: How is he tonight? (Mrs Deane, Turnkey, Peter)

Act III Scene 4, Epilogue: Beloved… Mimsey! Mimsey! (Mary, Peter, Chorus of the Dream)

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“There's nothing quite like it in the repertoire (though Taylor clearly had modern influences, and glimmers of Debussy sometimes come through). There's plenty of curiosity value and a committed cast”

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