Menotti - Amahl and the Night Visitors

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Menotti - Amahl and the Night Visitors



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27th Oct 2008




61 minutes


CD (download also available)
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Menotti - Amahl and the Night Visitors


Amahl And The Night Visitors

Ike Hawkersmith, Kirsten Gunlogson, Dean Anthony, Todd Thomas, Kevin Short & Bart LeFan

Members of the Chicago Symphony Chorus & Members of the Nashville Symphony Chorus, Alastair Willis

My Christmas

Members of the Nashville Symphony Chorus, George Mabry



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Menotti’s Amahl and the Night Visitors, the first opera written for television, enjoys more than five hundred performances annually around the world and is immensely popular with amateur groups.

A crippled boy, Amahl, and his mother are visited by the three Kings who seek the newborn Jesus. Deciding to give his crutch to the Christ child, he is miraculously healed, and joyfully accompanies the Kings to give thanks.

Sung in English, brimming with tuneful melodies for both soloists and chorus, the opera is a humorous and poignant Christmas classic beloved by people of all ages.

Amahl and the Night Visitors is a perennial Christmas classic that has little competition on CD. There is no recorded competition for My Christmas.

“Only one of Menotti’s operas can truly be said to have achieved lasting popularity: “Amahl and the Night Visitors,” a brief, modest work created for NBC television and first performed in a live broadcast on Christmas Eve in 1951…..The work’s appeal is obvious. Menotti’s music is attractive and unfailingly lyrical.” The New York Times

“Conductor Alastair Willis conjures up sterling support for the soloists from members of the Chicago and Nashville Symphony Choruses and the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.” Classical Lost and Found

Gian Carlo Menotti: Amahl and the Night Visitors

Amahl! Amahl! (Mother, Amahl)

Oh, Mother, you should go out and see! (Amahl, Mother)

Stop bothering me! (Mother, Amahl)

Poor Amahl! Hunger has gone to your head (Mother)

Don't cry, Mother dear (Amahl, Mother)

From far away we come (King Kaspar, King Melchior, King Balthazar)

Amahl… Yes, Mother (Mother, Amahl)

Good Evening! Good Evening! (King Kaspar, King Melchior, King Balthazar, Amahl, Mother)

Come in, Come in! (Mother, King Melchior, Amahl)

Are you a real king? (Amahl, King Balthazar, King Kaspar)

This is my box (King Kaspar)

Amahl, I told you not to be a nuisance! (Mother, Amadl)

Oh, these beautiful things (Mother, King Melchior)

Have you seen a child (King Melchior, Mother, King Balthazar, King Kaspar)

Shepherds! Shepherdesses! (Chorus, Mother, King Melchior)

Emily! Emily! (Chorus, Mother)

Olives and quinces (Chorus, King Kaspar, King Melchior, King Balthazar, Mother)

Shepherds' Dance

Thank you, good friends (King Balthazar, Chorus, Amahl, King Kaspar)

All that gold! (Mother)

Thief! Thief! (Page, King Melchoir, King Balthazar, King Kaspar)

Don't you dare! (Amahl)

Oh, woman, you may keep the gold (King Melchior)

Oh, no, wait… take back your gold! (Mother, Amahl)

I walk, mother! (Amahl, King Kaspar, King Melchior, King Balthazar, Mother, Page)

Do you really want to go? (Mother, Amahl, King Kaspar, King Balthazar)

Shepherds, Arise! (Chorus, King Melchior, Amahl)

Gian Carlo Menotti: My Christmas

My Christmas

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