Hagen, D A: Shining Brow

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Hagen, D A: Shining Brow



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2nd March 2009




2 hours 17 minutes


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Hagen, D A: Shining Brow

Libretto by Paul Muldoon

Robert Orth (baritone), Brenda Harris (soprano), Robert Frankenberry (tenor), Matthew Curran (bass-baritone), Elaine Valby (mezzo-soprano) & Gilda Lyons (soprano)

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra & Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus, JoAnn Falletta

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Daron Hagen and Paul Muldoon’s first, and highly successful, opera is based on the life of the great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Taliesin (Welsh for ‘Shining Brow’), the home he built for himself in Wisconsin.

Popular with audiences and critics alike, Shining Brow has been hailed as a masterpiece full of fresh ideas, and is frequently performed.

"Hagen has a gift for the big tune, and he serves up some beauties” New York Times

“Its libretto is unusually inventive and poetic” Capital Times

Official Shining Brow Website: www.daronhagen.com/brow

Daron Aric Hagen: Shining Brow

Prologue: So much so, that even now I flinch… (Sullivan, Waiter)

Prologue: So the poetry of architecture… (Draftsmen)

Act I Scene 1: Some are destined to stand… (Wright, Mamah, Edwin, Draftsmen)

Act I Scene 1: The music, so… the music of architecture… (Draftsmen)

Act I Scene 1: Arietta: And her scent, was it musk? (Wright)

Act I Scene 1: Aria: If not for me, then for the children's sake… (Catherine, Wright)

Act I Scene 1: Aria: Each room opens into the next, Catherine… (Wright, Sullivan)

Act I Scene 1: Interlude: Sullivan Variations

Act I Scene 1: When I woke up this morning… (Workmen)

Act I Scene 2: Far be it from me to suggest… (Women, Workmen)

Act I Scene 2: Arietta: Three long days and three long nights… (Edwin, Workmen)

Act I Scene 2: Aria: The truth is that my mouth is full of nails (Edwin)

Act I Scene 2: They say the soul weighs about the same as… (Workmen, Mamah, Wright)

Act I Scene 2: Melodrama: Be it mud hut, mansion or mosque… (Mamah, Wright, Edwin)

Act I Scene 2: Trio: For three long months I've tried to ease… (Mamah, Wright, Edwin)

Act I Scene 2: Interlude: She sweeps us off our feet …, "Hymn to Nature" (Chorus)

Act I Scene 3: …back into earth and air (Mamah, Chorus)

Act I Scene 3: Frank, how much longer must I endure…? (Mamah)

Act II: Prelude

Act II: So much, so much, so much, so much, so… (Townspeople, Reporters, Guests)

Act II: Sextet: With a tally ho and view halloo… (Reporters, Townswomen)

Act II: Aria: Ladies and Gentlemen… (Wright, Chorus)

Act II: Questions: Mister Wright! (Reporters, Townswomen)

Act II: Dialogue: Together, Mamah, we will take… (Wright, Mamah, Chorus)

Act II: Sextet: Just my luck to end up here… (Reporters, Wright, Mamah)

Act II: Interlude: For when all's said and done, we'd like to know… (Barbershop Quartet)

Act II: Canape Variations: As the guests arrive at Taliesin… (Company)

Act II: Oration: I am the birch stripped of its bark (Chef)

Act II: Interlude: The Fire

Act II: Scene: Frank. Lieber Meister… (Wright, Sullivan)

Act II: Duet: For ten long years I’ve tried to heal… (Wright, Sullivan)

Act II: Eddie? Why so crestfallen? So forlorn? (Wright, Edwin, Sullivan)

Act II: Arietta: I cry out from the Slough of Despond… (Sullivan)

Act II: Out of the depths we heard them cry again… (Townspeople, Wright)

Act II: For ten long hours they were trapped… (Wright, Edwin)

Act II: Out of the depths we heard them cry again… (Townpeople, Wright)

Act II: Arietta: Not musk, cedar perhaps… (Wright)

Act II: Aria: He's found! We've found the chef! (The Maid)

Act II: Not maple. Pine; the scent of a plain pine box… (Wright, Chorus)

Act II: Aria: I think of the balsam fir… (Wright)

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