Aldridge: Elmer Gantry

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Aldridge: Elmer Gantry



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1st Aug 2011




2 hours 21 minutes


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Aldridge: Elmer Gantry

An Opera in Two Acts. Libretto by Herschel Garfein based on the novel by Sinclair Lewis

Keith Phares (Elmer Gantry), Patricia Risley (Sharon Falconer), Vale Rideout (Frank Shallard), Frank Kelley (Eddie Fislinger) & Heather Buck (Lulu Baines)

Florentine Opera Chorus, Florentine Opera Company & Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, William Boggs

CD - 2 discs


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Set just before World War I, Sinclair Lewis’s incendiary novel Elmer Gantry tells a story of old-time religion, illicit romance and revenge.

Robert Aldridge and Herschel Garfein’s operatic adaptation is a “marvellous amalgam of toe-tapping accessibility” Opera News full of hymns, gospel songs, marches and dance, evoking the period in a score which echoes Gershwin and Copland.

This all-American production combines a first-rate cast of singers and a world-class orchestra for “an intoxicating experience” The New York Times.

Robert Livingston Aldridge: Elmer Gantry

Act I Scene 1: So she… (Elmer, Men's Chorus, Frank, Bully)

Act I Scene 2: Who's the man among us has not battled for the Lord? (Men's Chorus, Rev. Baines, Elmer, Frank, Eddie, Lulu)

Act I Scene 3: When you hear the truth do you know it? (Elmer, Frank, Lulu)

Act I Scene 4: Vessels of service, great and small (Chorus, Ice Cream Vendor, Revival Worker, Revival Singer, Child, Sharon, Elmer, Keely Family Singers, Lulu, Frank)

Act I Scene 5: And God said, "Build me a tabernacle!" (Sharon, T.J. Rigg, Men's Chorus, Rev. Baines, Elmer)

Act I Scene 6: Sweetheart? Eddie? What are you doing? (Lulu, Eddie)

Act II: Introduction

Act II Scene 1: Knock, knock. Here I am with the goods. (Elmer, Sharon)

Act II Scene 2: Left, left; left, right, left. (Tour Guide, Women's Chorus, Elmer, Sharon, Frank, T.J. Rigg, Eddie, Lulu, Rev. Baines, Mrs. Baines)

Act II Scene 3: Is belief a gift? (Frank)

Act II Scene 4: …600 lightbulbs delivered tomorrow… (Elmer, Lulu, Eddie)

Act II Scene 5: Dear God, look into my heart (Sharon, Elmer)

Act II Scene 6: Oh, Lordy (T.J. Rigg, Worker 1, Worker 2)

Act II Scene 7: Oh! that my nightly watch would cease to be (Chorus, Revival Singer, Sharon, Elmer, Revival Worker, Eddie, Lulu, Mrs. Baines, Rev. Baines, T.J. Rigg)

Epilogue: Dr. Binch. Great pleasure (Elmer, Dr. Binch, Chorus)

The Times

13th August 2011


“ It’s tremendous fun — full of lush, old-fashioned melodies, showbizzy orchestration, rip-roaring ensembles and pastiche hymns, spirituals and gospel numbers. Darker and deeper than Lewis’s original, it deserves a European staging. Punchy, characterful singing and feisty playing from the Milwaukee Symphony.”

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