Gregorian Chant for the Church Year

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Gregorian Chant for the Church Year

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31st Jan 2011




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Gregorian Chant for the Church Year

CD 1 [67’55]


1. Ad invitatorium: Regem venturum Dominum

2. Hymnus: Conditor alme siderum

Dominica I Adventus

3. Introitus: Ad te Domine levavi

4. Graduale: Universi qui te

5. Alleluia: Ostende nobis

6.. Offertorium: Ad te Domine

7. Communio: Dominus dabit

8. Hymnus: Vox clara ecce intonat

Dominica II Adventus

9. Introitus: Populus Sion

10. Graduale: Ex Sion species

11. Alleluia: Laetatus Sum

12. Offertorium: Deus tu convertens

13. Communio: Jerusalem, surge

14. Responsorium: Aspiciens a longe

Dominica III Adventus

15. Introitus: Gaudete

16. Graduale: Qui sedes, Domine

17. Alleluia: Excita Domine

18. Offertorium: Benedixisti Domine

19. Communio: Dicite, Pussilanimes

20. Hymnus: Veni redemptor gentium

Dominica IV Adventus

21. Introitus: Rorate

22. Graduale: Prope est Dominus

23. Alleluia: Veni Domine

24. Offertorium: Ave Maria

25. Communio: Ecce virgo

Antiphonae majores (O Antiphons)

26. O Sapienta – O Radix Jesse – O Emmanuel

Recorded: Hofburgkapelle, Vienna, November 1994

CD 2 [75’46]


1. Hymnus: Christe Redemptor omnium

In Vigilia Nativitatis Domini. Ad missam in vigilia

2. Introitus: Hodie scietis

3. Graduale: Hodie scietis

4. Alleluia: Crastina die

5. Offertorium: Tollite portas

6. Communio: Revelabitur

7. Invitatorium Christus natus est nobis

In Nativitate Domini. Ad missam in nocte

8. Introitus: Dominus dixit ad me

9. Graduale: Tecum principium

10. Alleluia: Dominus dixit ad me

11. Offertorium: Laetentur caeli

12. Communio: In splendoribus

13. Hymnus: Laetabundus

In Nativitate Domini. Ad missam in aurora

14. Introitus: Lux fulgebit

15. Graduale: Benedictus qui venit

16. Alleluia: Dominus regnavit

17. Offertorium: Deus enim

18. Communio: Exsulta filia

19. Hymnus: Ecce nomen domino

In Nativitate Domini. Ad missam in die

20. Introitus: Puer qui natus est nobis

21. Graduale: Viderunt omnes

22. Alleluia: Dies sanctificatus

23. Offertorium: Tui sunt caeli

24. Communio: Viderunt omnes

25. Hymnus: Magi videntes

In Epiphania Domini

26. Introitus: Ecce advenit

27. Graduale: Omnes de Saba

28. Alleluia: Vidimus stellam

29. Offertorium: Reges Tharsis

30. Communio: Vidimus stellam

31. Hymnus: Dicamus laudes Domino

Recorded: Hofburgkapelle, Vienna, March 1994

CD 3 [74’54]



1. Hymnus: Nunc tempus acceptabile

Dominica V. Quadragesimae

2. Introitus: Judica me Deus

3. Graduale: Eripe me

4. Tractus: Saepe expugnaverunt

5. Offertorium: Confitebor tibi

6. Communio: Qui mihi ministrat

7. Antiphona: Hosanna filio David


Dominica in Palmis

8. Hymnus: Gloria laus

9. Graduale: Christus factus est

10. Offertorium: Improperium

11. Introitus: Nos autem

Missa vespertina in Cena Domini

12. Responsorium: Tenebrae factae sunt

Feria VI in Passione Domini

13. Antiphona: Ecce lignum crucis

14. Antiphona: Crucem tuam

15. Hymnus: Crux fidelis


Dominica Resurrectionis Domini Nostri Jesu Christi

16. Antiphona: Alleluia. Confitemini

17. Introitus: Resurrexit

18. Graduale: Haec dies

19. Alleluia: Pascha nostrum

20. Sequentia: Victimae paschali laudes

21. Offertorium: Terra tremuit

22. Communio: Pascha nostrum

23. Ite, missa est... Deo gratias

24. Hymnus: O rex aeternae Dominae

Dominica V. Paschae

25. Introitus: Cantate Domino canticum novum

26. Alleluia: Dextera Dei

27. Alleluia: Christus resurgens

28. Offertorium: Iubilate Deo

29. Communio: Ego sum

30. Canticum: Laudate Dominum

Recorded: Hofburgkapelle, Vienna, March 1995

CD 4 [74’02]



Ad Vesperas

1. Hymnus: Jesu, nostra redemptio

Ad missam (Proprium de Tempore. Tempus Paschale. In Ascensione Domini)

Missa II in festis solemnibus

2. Introitus: Viri Galilaei

3. Kyrie (fons bonitatibus)

4. Gloria

5. Alleluia: Ascendit Deus

6. Alleluia: Dominus in Sina

7. Credo IV

8. Offertorium: Ascendit Deus

9. Sanctus

10. Agnus Dei

11. Communio: Psallite Domino

12. Hymnus: O Roma felix

Ad festum ss. Petri et Paul (Die Junii 29)

13. Tropus/Introitus: Angelus Domini praefulgidus/Nunc scio vere

14. Graduale: Constitues

15. Alleluia

16. Offertorium: Constitues

17. Communio: Tu es Petrus


Ad Laudes

18. Hymnus: Spes, Christe

Liturgia Defunctorum. Missae Pro Defunctis

19. Introitus. Requiem aeternam

20. Kyrie

21. Graduale: Requiem aeternam

22. Alleluia. Requiem aeternam

23. Offertorium: Domine Jesu Christe

24. Sanctus

25. Agnus Dei

26. Communio: Lux aeterna

Ordo Exsequiarum O.S.B.

27. Responsorium: Libera me Domine

28. Antiphonae: In paradisum – Chorus angelorum

29. Antiphona / Canticum Zachariae: Ego sum resurrectio et vita

30. Hymnus: Te Deum

Recorded: Hofburgkapelle, Vienna, October 1995

CD 5 [60’48]


Dominica Pentecostes – ad vespera

1. Hymnus: Veni creator Spiritus

Tempus per annum – Hebdomada XXXII

2. Introitus: Intret oratio mea

Tempus Quadragesimae – Hebdomada III / Geria IV

3. Graduale: Miserere mihi, Domine

Tempus Quadragesimae – Hebdomada II / Dominica

4. Tractus: Commovisti, Domine

Tempus per annum – Hebdomada IX

5. Introitus: Respice in me

Kyrie ad libitum – Clemens rector

6. Kyrie eleison

Tempus per annum – Hebdomada XIX

7. Offertorium: In te speravi

Dominica Pentecostes – ad missam in vigilia

8 Introitus: Caritas Dei

Tempus per annum – Hebdomada XXIII

9. Graduale: Beata gens

Tempus Quadragesimae – Hebdomada I / Feria II

10. Offertorium: Levabo oculos meos

Dominica Pentecostes – ad missam in vigilia

11. Communio: Ultimo festivitatis die

Tempus per annum – Hebdomada XXVI

12. Alleluia. Paratum cor meum

Dominica Pentecostes – ad missam in die

13. Introitus: Spiritus Domini

14. Alleluia. Emitte Spiritum tuum

15. Alleluia. Veni Sancte Spiritus (II)

16. Sequentia: Veni Sancte Spiritus

17. Communio: Factus est repente

Dominica Pentecostes – ad laudes matutinas

18. Beata nobis gaudia

Tempus per annum – Hebdomada IV

19. Alleluia. Adorabo ad templum

Tempus per annum – Hebdomada XV

20. Communio: Passer invenit

Commune martyrum – extra tempus paschale / pro uno martyre

21. Graduale: Beatus vir

Tempus paschale – Hebdomada VI Paschae

22. Introitus: Vocem iucunditatis

Tempus paschale – Hebdomada III Paschae

23. Communio: Cantate Domino

In Praesentatione B.M.V. Die 21 novembris – ad officium lectionis

24. Hymnus: Salve mater

Recorded: Hofburgkapelle, Vienna, March 1990

CD 6 [71’19]

Life of Mary

In Conceptione Immaculata B. Mariae Virginis Proprium de Sanctis. Die 8 Decembris.

1. Hymnus: O gloriosa Domina

2. Antiphona ad vesperas: Hodie egressa est

3. Introitus ad missam: Gaudens gaudebo

4. Alleluia. Tota pulchra es, Maria

In Nativitate B. Mariae Virginis. Die 8 Septembris.

5. Hymnus: O sancta mundi

6. Antiphona: Nativitas tua

In Annuntiatione Domini. Die 25 Martii.

7. Responsorium ad vesperas: Missus est Gabriel

8. Antiphona ad vesperas: Gabriel Angelus (& Magnificat)

9. Offertorium ad missam: Ave Maria

10. Antiphona B.M.V. (Tempus Adventus): Alma Redemptoris Mater

11. Graduale: Audi, filia

In Visitatione B. Mariae Virginis. Die 31 Maii.

12. Hymnus: Concito gressu

13. Communio & Magnificat: Beatam me dicent

14. Introitus: Gaudeamus

In Nativitate Domini. Die 25 Decembris.

15. Communio: Ecce virgo (Dominica IV Adventus)

16. Responsorium Ad Matutinum: O magnum mysterium

17. Hymnus ad vesperas (Commune festorum B.M.V.): Ave maris stella

18. Alleluia. Multifarie (S. Sanctae Dei Genitrixis Maria)

19. Hymnus: O virgo

In Passione Domini

20. Antiphona B.M.V. (Tempus Quadragesimae et Passionis): Ave Regina caelorum

21. Hymnus: Stabat Mater (B.M.V. Perdonlentis · Die 15 Septembris)

22. Graduale Deus vitam meam (B.M.V. Perdonlentis · Die 15 Septembris)

In Resurrectione Domini

23. Antiphona B.M.V. (Tempus paschale): Regina caeli

In Assumptione B. Mariae Virginis. Die 15 Augusti.

24. Hymnus: Gaudium mundi

25. Antiphona ad vesperas: Beatam me dicent

26. Introitus: Signum magnum

27. Offertorium: Assumpta est Maria

28. Antiphona Laudate Dominum

(ad festum B.V.M. Einsidlensis. Die 16 Julii.)

29. Antiphona B.M.V. (per annum): Salve, Regina

Recorded: Hofburgkapelle, Vienna, June 1994

Schola of the Hofburgkapelle, Vienna, P. Hubert Dopf S.J

CD - 6 discs


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Music has always played an important part in the lives of early Christians. Following on from the Jewish tradition of psalm singing, the power of voices singing served to magnify the contemplative power of prayer.

Gregorian Chant, named after Pope Gregory II (715-31) probably originated in the Frankish lands ruled over by Charlemagne’s father Pippin the Short, who received Pope Stephen II in 754. In the papal retinue was a group of singers, whose chanting at church services took root among the Franks and was endorsed by royal decree. Eventually, after many centuries of use, the chants were written down, and these preserved versions are sung today.

Chant has also undergone a makeover for the modern world. Featuring in popular films such as The Name of the Rose, after Umberto Eco’s novel, and repeatedly reaching the top of the record charts around the world over the past 20 years (Canto Gregoriano in the early 1990s, and currently a choir of nuns top the UK classical charts), it is also played in clubs as music to chill to, and has been marketed as the ultimate stress-busting music.

The chants on these six CDs take the listener through the Christian story, or the Church year.

Gramophone Magazine

July 1984

“A brimming dish of the absolute chant plums” is the phrase MB used to describe the contents of this issue in her review of the LP version. She went on to commend both the interpretations and the overall character of the recorded sound, and I can only add that with the assistance of CD fidelity we may now listen to these lovely performances as though in the very company of the singers in the Minoriten Kirche of Vienna. Whether or not liturgical plainsong already features in your record collection, if you own a CD player you should seriously consider buying this. And if you insist on sampling first, see if you can resist the final track, a sensitive (and beautifully distanced) reading of the haunting Salve regina.”

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