Giuliani: Country Dances, Etudes & Rossiniana

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Giuliani: Country Dances, Etudes & Rossiniana

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30th Jan 2012




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Giuliani: Country Dances, Etudes & Rossiniana

Giuliani, Mauro:

Scottish National Arias (6)


Rossiniana No. 1, Op. 119

Rossiniana No. 2, Op. 120

Rossiniana No. 3, Op. 121

Rossiniana No. 4, Op. 122

Rossiniana No. 5, Op. 123

Rossiniana No. 6, Op. 124

Irish National Arias (6)

Tullia Cartoni, Elena Càsoli & Massimo Scattoli (guitars)

CD - 3 discs


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Recorded 1990–2004

Mauro Giuliani is one of the most popular composers you may never have heard of, unless you’re a guitarist. He was to the guitar what Paganini was to the violin: a performer, composer, entrepreneur and teacher of diverse and prodigious talent. He harnessed the early-19th-century’s growing fascination for the performer as virtuoso, and the evolving technology of the guitar, to forge a conspicuously successful career that was curtailed only by his early death at the age of forty-nine.

Born in the heel of Italy, he moved further and further northwards, where the money and fame was, graduating from a position in Bologna towards the cultural pole-star of Europe, Vienna, where his first compositions were published while he was in his twenties. These included some of the studies on this fascinating anthology: aimed at domestic tuition, to be sure, and still popular as such, but full of agreeable and arresting melodies.

The works on CDs 1 and 3 show how sure Giuliani’s ear and eye were for the main chance. Capitalising on the success of Rossini’s operas, and the popularity of northern European folk melodies (just as Haydn and Beethoven did with their piano-trio arrangements), Giuliani reeled off variation sets and pot-pourris as occasion and publishers demanded.

His concertos are still on the fringes of the repertoire. These solo works may be less well known, but they are no less delightful, especially in these modern and sensitive performances.

musicweb International

June 2012

“Cartoni breezes through them with as much enthusiasm as the music allows.”

The Independent

24th February 2012


“Played by Elena Càsoli, the études are teaching exercises possessed of a lilting formality that lends itself perfectly to the instrument...Scattoli's delivery of sinfonia pieces based on Rossini operas reveals a courtly sensibility expressed through pleasing flourishes.”

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