Giovanni Legrenzi: Sonatas and balletti

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Giovanni Legrenzi: Sonatas and balletti

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2nd July 2012




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Giovanni Legrenzi: Sonatas and balletti


Sonata Op. 10 No. 6

(two versions)

Sonata Op. 10 No. 5

Sonata Op. 8 No. 10 'La Cremona'

Balletto e Corrente Op. 16 No. 3

Corrente Op. 16 No. 9

Sonata Op. 8 'La Basadonna'

Sonata Op. 8 No. 16 'La Crispa'

Sonata Op. 10 No. 1

Giorgio Fava, Luigi Mangiocavallo, Marialuiza Brandao Moreira, Enrico Parizzi (violins), Enrico Parizzi (viola), Walter Vestidello, Elisabetta de Mircovich (cellos), Alberto Rasi (violone), Giancarlo Rado, Ivano Zaneghi (chitarroni) & Andrea Marcon (organ and harpsichord)

Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca



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Giovanni Legrenzi is one of the Baroque period’s most important figures, a composer who enjoyed success in opera, oratorio, cantata and chamber music. Having spent the last twenty years of his life in Venice, where he was appointed maestro di cappella of St Mark’s Basilica in 1685, Legrenzi is best remembered today for his cultivation of chamber music.

This release is dedicated to the final three of Legrenzi’s five large instrumental collections, with the first of the featured trio (Op.8) marking the beginning of a more ambitious and expansive style. Highlights include the Sonata La Cremona, notable for its use of four rather than two violins, and La Basadonna, a work whose antiphonal treatment of two trio-sonata ensembles was ahead of its time. The CD also features Legrenzi’s most musically complex collection, published as Op.10. Two extracts from Op.16 complete the line-up: based on the stately balletto and lively corrente dances, No.3 and No.9 are unusual for their respective attacca and chaconne-based structures.

With their innovative tonal sense, melodically and rhythmically vigorous themes, as well as intricate yet highly expressive counterpoint, these works reveal Legrenzi as an exuberant innovator. Through them we hear a crucial mid-point in the history of Venetian instrumental music.

Authentically Venetian performances of Venetian music.

Gramophone Magazine

February 2005

“Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca’s disc of Vivaldi cello concertos gave me much pleasure; it represented all that is best in playing such music one to a part, namely light and clear textures, nimble virtuosity, a good natural balance and a sense that the players were really enjoying themselves.”

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