Wagner: Siegfried

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Wagner: Siegfried



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20th June 2011




3 hours 59 minutes


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Wagner: Siegfried

Live from the Hamburg State Opera

Christian Franz (Siegfried), Peter Galliard (Mime), Falk Struckmann (Der Wanderer), Wolfgang Koch (Alberich), Diogenes Randes (Fafner), Deborah Humble (Erda), Catherine Foster (Brünnhilde) & Ha Young Lee (Stimme des Waldvogels)

Hamburg State Opera & Philharmoniker Hamburg, Simone Young

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Audience members were exuberant in their praise of Simone Young’s collaboration with director Claus Guth’s production of Siegfried. Featuring Wagnerian singers such as Christian Franz, Peter Galliard, Falk Struckmann and Wolfgang Koch, the listener is guaranteed a fantastic aural experience.

Richard Wagner: Siegfried

Act I: Vorspiel

Act I Scene 1: Zwangvolle Plage! Muh' ohne Zweck! (Mime)

Act I Scene 1: Hoiho! Hoiho! Hau' ein! Hau' ein! (Siegfried, Mime)

Act I Scene 1: Da hast du die Stucken, schandlicher Stumper (Siegfried, Mime)

Act I Scene 1: Als zullendes Kind zog ich dich auf (Mime, Siegfried)

Act I Scene 1: Vieles lehrtest du, Mime, und manches lernt' ich von dir; (Siegfried)

Act I Scene 1: Einst lag wimmernd ein Weib (Mime, Siegfried)

Act I Scene 1: Und diese Stucke sollst du mir schmieden (Siegfried)

Act I Scene 1: Da sturmt er hin! (Mime)

Act I Scene 2: Heil dir, weiser Schmied! (The Wanderer, Mime)

Act I Scene 2: Hier sitz' ich am Herd (The Wanderer, Mime)

Act I Scene 2: Was zu wissen dir frommt, solltest du fragen (The Wanderer, Mime)

Act I Scene 2: Die Stucken! Das Schwert! (Mime, The Wanderer)

Act I Scene 3: Verfluchtes Licht! (Mime, Siegfried)

Act I Scene 3: Bist du es, Kind? (Mime, Siegfried)

Act I Scene 3: Fuhltest du nie im finstren Wald (Mime, Siegfried)

Act I Scene 3: Her mit den Stucken, fort mit dem Stumper! (Siegfried, Mime)

Act I Scene 3: Notung! Notung! Neidliches Schwert! (Siegfried, Mime)

Act I Scene 3: Hoho! Hoho! Hoho! Schmiede, mein Hammer, ein hartes Schwert (Siegfried, Mime)

Act II: Vorspiel

Act II Scene 1: In Wald und Nacht vor Neidhohl' halt' ich Wacht (Alberich)

Act II Scene 1: Zur Neidhohle fuhr ich bei Nacht (The Wanderer, Alberich)

Act II Scene 1: Mit mir nicht, hadre mit Mime (The Wanderer, Alberich)

Act II Scene 1: Fafner, Fafner! Erwache, Wurm! (The Wanderer, Alberich, Fafner)

Act II Scene 1: Nun, Alberich, das schlug fehl (The Wanderer, Alberich)

Act II Scene 2: Wir sind zur Stelle! Bleib hier stehn! (Mime, Siegfried)

Act II Scene 2: Dass der mein Vater nicht ist (Siegfried)

Act II Scene 2: Aber, wie sah meine Mutter wohl aus? (Siegfried)

Act II Scene 2: Meine Mutter, ein Menschenweib! (Alberich, Mime, Siegfried)

Act II Scene 2: Ha ha! Da hatte mein Lied (Siegfried, Fafner)

Act II Scene 2: Wer bist du, kuhner Knabe (Fafner, Siegfried)

Act II Scene 2: Zur Kunde taugt kein Toter (Siegfried, Waldvogel)

Act II Scene 3: Wohin schleichst du eilig und schlau (Alberich, Mime, Siegfried, Forest Bird)

Act II Scene 3: Was ihr mir nutzt, weiss ich nicht (Siegfried)

Act II Scene 3: Willkommen, Siegfried! (Mime, Siegfried)

Act II Scene 3: Da lieg auch du, dunkler Wurm! (Siegfried, Waldvogel)

Act III: Vorspiel

Act III Scene 1: Wache, Wala! Wala! Erwach'! (The Wanderer)

Act III Scene 1: Stark ruft das Lied (Erda, The Wanderer)

Act III Scene 1: Dir Unweisen ruf’ ich ins Ohr (The Wanderer)

Act III Scene 2: Dort seh ich Siegfried nahen (The Wanderer, Siegfried)

Act III Scene 2: Wohin, Knabe, heisst dich dein Weg? (The Wanderer, Siegfried)

Act III Scene 2: Kenntest du mich, kuhner Spross (Siegfried, The Wanderer)

Act III Scene 2: Mit zerfochtner Waffe floh mir der Feige? (Siegfried)

Act III Scene 3: Selige Ode auf sonniger Hoh'! (Siegfried)

Act III Scene 3: Das ist kein Mann! (Siegfried)

Act III Scene 3: Heil dir, Sonne! Heil dir, Licht! (Brunnhilde, Siegfried)

Act III Scene 3: Siegfried! Siegfried! Seliger Held! (Brunnhilde, Siegfried)

Act III Scene 3: Dort seh' ich Grane (Brunnhilde, Siegfried)

Act III Scene 3: Ewig war ich, ewig bin ich (Brunnhilde)

BBC Music Magazine

October 2011


“Christian Franz, though by no means ideal, has many of the qualities the role needs, including a pleasant voice and staying power...He also shows a sense of poetry, so that he doesn't come across as a bullying adolescent boy scout...But the outstanding member of the cast is Peter Galliard as Mime...So often played as a caricature, here even the extremes of demented anxiety remain musical...Young's conducting...is first-rate”

International Record Review

September 2011

“in this Siegfried we get such textural clarity that each duet - and this opera is, in essence, a series of duets - is a 20-or-so-minute mini-drama, some amusing, some vicious, some loving. Young captures each situation perfectly...This is one of the most exquisitely led and orchestrally balanced readings, with a terrific, vivid Wotan, great story-telling, forward propulsion, no eccentricities and a fine supporting cast.”

Gramophone Magazine

Awards Issue 2011

“Young's new Siegfried favours chamber-like clarity and colour over brute strength and decibels...[Franz] is attentive to opportunities for quiet singing and textual colour...[Foster is] a spirited, imaginative interpreter, challenged but never overcome by the high tessitura...[Struckmann delivers] a sung-through (as opposed to declaimed) Wotan of Lieder-like detail and care, his finest performance of the role yet recorded.”

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