Wagner: Götterdämmerung

Oehms: OC928

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Wagner: Götterdämmerung



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12th Dec 2011




4 hours 25 minutes


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Wagner: Götterdämmerung

Deborah Polaski (Brünnhilde), Christian Franz (Siegfried), John Tomlinson (Hagen), Wolfgang Koch (Alberich), Robert Bork (Gunther), Anna Gabler (Gutrune), Petra Lang (Waltraute), Deborah Humble (Erste Norn), Cristina Damian (Zweite Norn), Katja Pieweck (Dritte Norn), Ha Young Lee (Woglinde), Maria Markina (Wellgunde), Ann-Beth Solvang (Flosshilde)

Philharmoniker Hamburg, Simone Young

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This production of Götterdämmerung has an excellent cast. Simone Young created a sensation with the Hamburg Philharmonic at the premiere. This follows her very successful release of Siegfried (OC927) “This is one of the most exquisitely led and orchestrally balanced readings.” International Record Review

Richard Wagner: Gotterdammerung (Twilight of the Gods)

Prologue: Einleitung

Prologue: Welch Licht leuchtet dort? (3 Nornem)

Prologue: Singe, Schwester … Treu beratner Vertrage Reunen (2 Norn)

Prologue: Sine, Schwester … Es ragt die Burg (3 Nornen)

Prologue: Zu neuen Taten, teurer Helde (Brunnhilde, Siegfied)

Prologue: Willst du mir Minne schenken (Brunnhilde, Siegfried)

Prologue: Oh, heilige Gotter! (Brunnhilde, Siegfried)

Prologue: Siegfrieds Rheinfahrt (Siegfried's Rhine Journey)

Act I Scene 1: Nun hor', Hagen, sage mir, Held (Gunther, Hagen)

Act I Scene 1: Wen ratst du nun zu frein (Gunther, Hagen, Siegfried)

Act I Scene 1: Jagt er auf Taten wonnig umher (Hagen, Gunther, Siegfried)

Act I Scene 2: Heil! Siegfried, teurer Held! (Hagen, Siegfried, Gunther)

Act I Scene 2: Begrusse froh, o Held (Gunther, Siegfried, Hagen)

Act I Scene 2: Willkommen, Gast, in Gibichs Haus! (Gutrune, Siegfried, Gunther)

Act I Scene 2: Deinem Bruder bot ich mich zum Mann (Gunther, Siegfried)

Act I Scene 2: Bluhenden Lebens labendes Blut (Siegfried, Gunther, Gutrune, Hagen)

Act I Scene 2: Frisch auf die Fahrt! (Siegfried, Gunther, Gutrune, Hagen)

Act I Scene 2: Hier sitz' ich zur Wacht (Hagen)

Act I Scene 3: Altgewohntes Gerausch (Brunnhilde, Waltraute)

Act I Scene 3: Hore mit Sinn (Waltraute)

Act I Scene 3: Welch banger Traume Maren meldest du Traurige mir (Brunnhilde, Waltraute)

Act I Scene 3: Was leckt so wutend (Brunnhilde)

Act I Scene 3: Brunnhild'! Ein Freier (Siegfried, Brunnhilde)

Act II: Vorspiel

Act II Scene 1: Schlafst du, Hagen, mein Sohn? (Alberich, Hagen)

Act II Scene 2: Hoiho, Hagen! Muder Mann! (Siegfried, Hagen)

Act II Scene 2: Heiss mich willkommen, Gibichskind! (Siegfried, Gutrune, Hagen)

Act II Scene 3: Hoiho! Hoihohoho! (Hagen, Mannen)

Act II Scene 4: Heil dir, Gunther! (Mannen, Gunther)

Act II Scene 4: Gegrusst sei, teurer Held! (Gunther, Siegfried, Brunnhilde)

Act II Scene 4: Einen Ring sah ich an deiner Hand (Brunnhilde, Siegfried, Gunther, Hagen, Gutrune, Frauen, Mannen)

Act II Scene 4: Heil'ge Gotter (Brunnhilde, Gunther, Siegfried, Gutrune, Hagen, Frauen, Mannen)

Act II Scene 4: Helle Wehr! Heilige Waffe! (Siegfried, Brunnhilde)

Act II Scene 4: Gunther, wehr deinem Weibe (Siegfried)

Act II Scene 5: Welches Unholds List liegt hier verhohlen? (Brunnhilde)

Act II Scene 5: Vertraue mir, betrog'ne Frau! (Hagen, Brunnhilde)

Act II Scene 5: Und dort trifft ihn mein Speer! (Hagen, Gunther, Brunnhilde)

Act III: Vorspiel

Act III Scene 1: Frau Sonne sendet lichte Strahlen (Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde)

Act III Scene 1: Ein Albe fuhrte mich irr (Siegfrieds, Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde)

Act III Scene 1: Was leid ich doch das karge Lob? (Siegfried, Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde)

Act III Scene 1: Siegfried! Siegfried! Schlimmes wissen wir dir (Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde, Siegfried, Hagen)

Act III Scene 2: Hoiho! (Mannen, Siegfried, Hagen)

Act III Scene 2: Trink, Gunther, trink! (Siegfried, Gunther, Hagen)

Act III Scene 2: Mime hiess ein murrischer Zwerg (Siegfried, Hagen)

Act III Scene 2: In Lied zu dem Wipfel lauscht' ich hinauf (Siegfried, Hagen, Gunther, Mannen)

Act III Scene 2: Brunnhilde, heilige Braut! (Siegfried)

Act III Scene 2: Siegfrieds Trauermarsch (Siegfried's Funeral March)

Act III Scene 3: War das sein Horn? (Gutrune)

Act III Scene 3: Hoiho! Hoiho! Wacht auf! (Hagen, Guntrune, Gunther)

Act III Scene 3: Nicht klage wider, mich! (Gunther, Hagen)

Act III Scene 3: Schweigt eures Jammers (Brunnhilde, Gutrune)

Act III Scene 3: Starke Scheite schichtet mir dort (Brunnhilde)

Act III Scene 3: Mein Erbe nun nehm' ich zu eigen (Brunnhilde)

Act III Scene 3: Fliegt heim, ihr Raben! (Brunnhilde)

BBC Music Magazine

March 2012


“Wolfgang Koch [sic - Koch actually sings Alberich, Robert Bork Gunther] and Anna Gabler are outstanding as Gunther and Gutrune. Simone Young's conducting is ardent, sometimes coarse, but always engaged; her orchestra is almost tireless; and the ecstatic reception of the audience is fully understandable.”

Gramophone Magazine

April 2012

“Young is no cosseter of purple passages: set pieces...always serve the drama rather than becoming time out for purely orchestral display. The cast is headed by veterans...experience which shows in their working of Wagner's text. Tomlinson in particular takes Hagen into areas several layers above mere black villainy. Franz is a brave and enthusiastic actor of Siegfried's moods; Lang makes much of Waltraute's emotional blackmail.”

International Record Review

March 2012

“Young gets admirable playing through all three acts, yet without any real dramatic coherence...Among the cast, I'll certainly want to return to John Tomlinson's Hagen. At this stage the voice has its rusty edges, but the veteran bass's craggy strength is entirely suited to the role...This justly celebrated Wagner interpreter has a more than worthy partner in Wolfgang Koch, who firmly projects Alberich's bitterness, desperation and outrage.”

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