Pfitzner: Palestrina

Oehms: OC930

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Pfitzner: Palestrina



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16th April 2012




3 hours 9 minutes


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Pfitzner: Palestrina

Peter Bronder (Palestrina), Britta Stallmeister (Ighino), Claudia Mahnke (Silla), Wolfgang Koch (Carlo Borromeo), Johannes Martin Kranzle (Giovanni Morone), Frank van Aken (Bernardo Novagerio), Alfred Reiter (Kardinal Christoph Madruscht/Papst Pis IV), Magnus Baldvinsson (Der Kardinal van Lothringen), Peter Marsh (Absidu), Franz Mayer (Anton Brus), Michael Nagy (Graf Luna), Rchard Cox (Der Bischof von Budoja), Hans-Jurgen Lazar (Theophilus)

Frankfurter Opern – und Museumsorchester, Kirill Petrenko

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This release is the first complete recording of an opera conducted by Kirill Petrenko and is a live recording of a June 2010 performance. The press was unanimously enthusiastic about this opera; …Petrenko, who has time and time again drawn attention to himself with his exceptional results – in Berlin, in Lyon, in Munich, and now in Frankfurt…” Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Hans Pfitzner: Palestrina


Act I Scene 1: Schonste, ungnad' ge Dame (Silla)

Act I Scene 2: Ighino, gut, dass ich dich seh! (Silla, Ighino)

Act I Scene 2: Der Gram des alten Vaters (Silla, Ighino)

Act I Scene 2: Schonste, ungnad'ge Dame - Scene 3: Seltsamliche Gerausche hort man hier (Silla, Borromeo, Palestrina)

Act I Scene 3: Es drohet nicht von eitlen Dilettanten (Borromeo)

Act I Scene 3: Die Gegensatze all' zu einen (Borromeo)

Act I Scene 3: Wie schon ist, was lhr sagt! (Palestrina, Borromeo)

Act I Scene 3: Ich kann Euch nicht verstehn (Borromeo, Palestrina)

Act I Scene 4: Der letzte Freund (Palestrina)

Act I Scene 5: Fur ihn! Sein Wesen will's (The Masters, Palestrina)

Act I Scene 5: Nicht ich - schwach bin ich (Palestrina, The Masters)

Act I Scene 5: Was einst mir hochstes Gluck (Palestrina, The Masters)

Act I Scene 6: Allein in dunkler Tiefe (Palestrina, The Angels)

Act I Scene 6: Nah war ich dir (Lucrezia, The Angels, Palestrina)

Act I Scene 7: Ighino, sieh doch, komm herein! (Silla, Ighino)

Act II: Prelude

Act II Scene 1: Noch eine Bank! Und schnell! (Severolus, Novagerio, The Servants)

Act II Scene 2: Morone ist von innsbruck schon herein (Novagerio, Madruscht, Borromeo)

Act II Scene 3: Ein liebreich wurd'ger Herr (Borromeo, Novagerio)

Act II Scene 3: So wird, was in den letzten Wochen er neu begehrte (Borromeo, Novagerio)

Act II Scene 4: Zahlreich wird heut' die heilige Versammlung (Lorraine, Madruscht, Novagerio, Borromeo, Brus)

Act II Scene 4: Die Italiener dort seht! (The Spaniards, Luna, Budoja)

Act II Scene 4: Geliebte Bruder (Budoja, Budoja's Group, Bishops, Theophilus, Grosseto, A Doctor, Morone, Novagerio)

Act II Scene 4: Von weither wandert' ich (Abdisu, Budoja)

Act II Scene 4: Ich, Ercole Severolus (Severolus)

Act II Scene 5: Den heil'gen Geist (Morone, Budoja, Severolus, Luna)

Act II Scene 5: Ihr wisst, von des Kaisers Propositionen (Morone, Avosmediano, Severolus, Lorraine, Novagerio, Brus, Madruscht, Budoja, Borromeo)

Act II Scene 5: Die nachsten zu beredenden Artikel (Morone, Severolus, Brus, Novagerio, Luna, Lorraine, The Spaniards, Budoja)

Act II Scene 5: Beliebt's Euch, Vater (Morone, The Italians, Avosmediano, Lorraine, Severolus, Abdisu, Luna, The Spaniards, Budoja)

Act II Scene 6: Was nun! Was nun! (Morone, Novagerio, Budoja, Lorraine)

Act II Scene 7: Habt ihr's gesehn? (The Spaniards, Germans and Italians, Madruscht)

Act III: Prelude

Act III Scene 1: Wie lange sie bleiben (Singers, Palestrina, Ighino)

Act III Scene 1: Als sie dich griffen und banden (Ighino, Voices from the Street)

Act III Scene 2: Ist Palestrina, der Meister, hier? (Papal Singers, The New Group)

Act III Scene 2: Wie einst im himmlischen Zion (Pope Pius IV)

Act III Scene 2: Die Messe, ach, der Messe susses Licht! (Borromeo, Palestrina)

Act III Scene 2: O Vater, wirst du nun auch wieder froh? (Ighino, Palestrina, Voices from the Street)

Act III Scene 3: Nun schmiede mich (Palestrina)

Gramophone Magazine

September 2012

“It's a well-played ensemble performance under a wise old stage-director (Harry Kupfer)...Frankfurt's cast has plenty of gutsy ecclesiastical characters in the Council scene...Koch is a worthy Borromeo and the whole is a triumph for British tenor Peter Bronder in the title-role.”

The Guardian

19th April 2012


“The cast is decent, if not spectacular. Peter Bronder is reliable in the title role, and Wolfgang Koch is a slightly stolid Borromoeo”

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