Bach, J S: Goldberg Variations, BWV988

Ondine: ODE12092

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Bach, J S: Goldberg Variations, BWV988



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28th May 2012




46 minutes


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Bach, J S: Goldberg Variations, BWV988

Janne Rättyä (classical accordion)



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Ondine is pleased to announce a new release by accordionist Janne Rättyä, who performs Johann Sebastian Bach’s Goldberg Variations.

The fresh performance and splendid musicality of Janne Rättyä show how expressive and delicate the accordion can be, and even serve the purpose of doing justice to as iconic a keyboard work as the Goldberg Variations.

Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 (arr. for accordion)


Variatio 1. a 1 Clav.

Variatio 2. a 1 Clav.

Variatio 3. Canone all'Unisuono a 1 Clav.

Variatio 4. a 1 Clav.

Variatio 5. a 1 o vero 2 Clav.

Variatio 6. Canone alla Seconda. a 1 Clav.

Variatio 7. a 1 o vero 2 Clav.

Variatio 8. a 2 Clav.

Variatio 9. Canzone alla Terza. a 1 Clav.

Variatio 10. Fughetta. a 1 Clav.

Variatio 11. a Clav.

Variatio 12. Canone alla Quarta. a 1 Clav.

Variatio 13. a 2 Clav.

Variatio 14. a 2 Clav.

Variatio 15. Canone alla Quinta in moto contrario

Variatio 16. Overture. a 1 Clav.

Variatio 17. a 2 Clav.

Variatio 18. Canone alla Sesta. a 1 Clav.

Variatio 19. a 1 Clav.

Variatio 20. a 2 Clav.

Variatio 21. Canone alla Settima

Variatio 22. Alla breve a 1 Clav.

Variatio 23. a 2 Clav.

Variatio 24. Canone all´ Ottava. a 1 Clav.

Variatio 25. a 2 Clav.

Variatio 26. a 2 Clav.

Variatio 27. Canone alla Nona.

Variatio 28. a 2 Clav.

Variatio 29. a 1 o vero 2 Clav.

Variatio 30. Quodlibet. a 1 Clav.


Variatio 8 (alternative take)

Variatio 9 (alternative take)

Variatio 11 (alternative take)

Variatio 12 (alternative take)

Variatio 17 (alternative take)

Variatio 22 (alternative take)

Variatio 28 (alternative take)

Variatio 30 (alternative take)

BBC Music Magazine

September 2012


“Rättyä's questing accordion bestrides the two-keyboard variations with jaw-dropping aplomb, but with all repeats omitted, the overall result is something of a whistle-stop tour.”

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