Leevi Madetoja: Complete Lieder Vol. 2

Ondine: ODE9952

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Leevi Madetoja: Complete Lieder Vol. 2



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64 minutes


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Leevi Madetoja: Complete Lieder Vol. 2


Tuulinen sää (Windy Weather), Op. 25/3

Hymyi Hypnos (Hypnos Smiled), Op. 9/2

Tule kanssani Op. 9 No. 3 (Come with me) (Text: L. Onerva)

Rukous (Prayer), Op. 9/4

Geisha, Op. 9/5

Kristallikukkia (Crystal Flowers), Op. 16/2

Kehtolaulu (Lullaby), Op. 16/3

Jää hyvästi (Farewell), Op. 26/1

Vieno siipi (Soft Wing), Op. 26/2

Merituuli (Sea Wind), Op. 26/4

Talvikuutamolla (By winter moonlight), Op. 26/5

Far, hvor flyver Svanerne hen? (Father, Whither Fly The Swans?), Op. 44/2

Det gyldenhvide Himmellys (The Golden-white Light of Heaven), Op. 44/3

Vaarsang (Spring Song), Op. 44/4

Romance sans paroles (Romance Without Words), Op. 36

Suite No. 1 from 'Okon Fuoko', Op. 58: Yiais Sang I & II

Heijaa, heijaa! Op. 60 No. 1 (Swing, Swing!) (Text: L. Onerva)

Uskottomallae (To an Unfaithful One)

Syksy-sarja (autumn song cycle), Op. 68

Helena Juntunen (soprano), Gustav Djupsjöbacka (piano)

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Leevi Madetoja: Lieder, Op. 25: No. 3. Windy weather

Lieder, Op. 25: No. 3. Windy weather

Leevi Madetoja: Lieder, Op. 9

No. 2. Hypnos smiled

No. 3. Take my hand

No. 4. Prayer

No. 5. Geisha

Leevi Madetoja: Lieder, Op. 16

No. 2. Crystal flowers

No. 3. Lullaby

Leevi Madetoja: Lieder, Op. 26

No. 1. Farewell

No. 2. Soft wing

No. 4. Sea wind

No. 5. By winter moonlight

Leevi Madetoja: Lieder, Op. 44

No. 2. Father, whither fly the swans

No. 3. The Golden-white light of heaven

No. 4. Spring song

Leevi Madetoja: Romance sans paroles, Op. 36

Romance sans paroles, Op. 36

Leevi Madetoja: Okon Fuoko, Op. 58

No. 1. Song of Yiai I

No. 2. Song of Yiai II

Leevi Madetoja: Heijaa, heijaa (Swing, Swing!), Op. 60

Heijaa, heijaa (Swing, Swing!), Op. 60, No. 1

Leevi Madetoja: Vuoksen varrella

Vuoksen varrella: Uskottomalle (To an Unfaithful One)

Leevi Madetoja: Syksy (Autumn), Op. 68

No. 1. Skysy (Autumn)

No. 2. Lahto (The Departure)

No. 3. Luulit, ma katselin sua (You thought I was watching you)

No. 4. Ilta (Evening)

No. 5. Lintu sininen (Bluebird)

No. 6. Ijat hyrskyja pain (Forever Against the Breakers)

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