Wagner: Lohengrin

RCO Live: RCO17002

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Wagner: Lohengrin


RCO Live

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7th April 2017




3 hours 30 minutes


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Wagner: Lohengrin

Klaus Florian Vogt (Lohengrin), Camilla Nylund (Elsa), Katarina Dalayman, (Ortrud), Evgeny Nikitin (Friedrich von Telramund), Falk Struckmann (Heinrich der Vogler)

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Netherlands Radio Choir, Dutch National Opera Chorus, Mark Elder

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After the enormous success of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra's 2013 production of Wagner's Der fliegende Holländer (RCO14004) a follow-up was inevitable. With the eminent Wagnerian Mark Elder leading the RCO and a cast of internationally acclaimed soloists the production of Lohengrin in December 2015 was a complete triumph. The beginning of another RCO tradition?

Richard Wagner: Lohengrin, WWV 75, Act I

Act I Scene 1: Prelude

Act I Scene 1: Hört, Grafen, Edle, Freie von Brabant! (Herald, Brabantines, The King, Saxons and Thuringians)

Act I Scene 1: Dank, König, dir, daß du zu richten kamst! (Friedrich, All The Men, The King, Herald)

Act I Scene 2: Seht hin! Sie naht, die hart Beklagte! (All The Men, The King, Elsa)

Act I Scene 2: Einsam in trüben Tagen hab ich zu Gott gefleht (Elsa, All The Men, The King, Friedrich, Brabantines)

Act I Scene 2: Des Ritters will ich wahren (Elsa, All The Men, The King, Herald)

Act I Scene 2: Ohn' Antwort ist der Ruf verhallt! (All The Men, Friedrich, Elsa, The King, Herald, Women)

Act I Scene 3: Nun sei bedankt, mein lieber Schwan! (Lohengrin, Men, Women, The King, Elsa)

Act I Scene 3: Wenn ich im Kampfe für dich siege (Lohengrin, Elsa)

Act I Scene 3: Welch holde Wunder muß ich sehn! (Men, Women, Lohengrin, Brabantine Nobles, Friedrich, The King)

Act I Scene 3: Nun höret mich und achtet wohl (Herald, All The Men, Lohengrin, Friedrich, The King, Elsa, Ortrud, All The Women)

Act I Scene 3: Durch Gottes Sieg ist jetzt dein Leben mein (Lohengrin, The King, Men, Women, Elsa, Friedrich, Ortrud)

Lohengrin, WWV 75, Act II

Act II Scene 1: Introduction

Act II Scene 1: Erhebe dich, Genossin meiner Schmach! (Friedrich, Ortrud)

Act II Scene 1: Was macht dich in so wilder Klage doch vergehn? (Ortrud, Friedrich)

Act II Scene 1: Du wilde Seherin, wie willst du doch (Friedrich, Ortrud)

Act II Scene 2: Euch Lüften, die mein Klagen (Elsa, Ortrud, Friedrich)

Act II Scene 2: Elsa! (Ortrud, Elsa)

Act II Scene 2: Ortrud, wo bist du? (Elsa, Ortrud, Friedrich)

Act II Scene 3: In Früh'n vesammelt uns der Ruf (Nobles, Soldiers)

Act II Scene 3: Des Königs Wort und Will' tu' ich euch kund (Herald, Men)

Act II Scene 3: Nun hört! Dem Lande will er uns entführen? (Brabantine Nobles, Friedrich, Pages)

Act II Scene 4: Gesegnet soll sie schreiten (Nobles, Soldiers, Men, Women)

Act II Scene 4: Zurück, Elsa! Nicht länger will ich dulden - Scene 5: Heil! (Ortrud, Pages, Men, Elsa, Women, Brabantines, The King, Lohengrin, The King's Followers)

Act II Scene 5: O König! Trugbetörte Fürsten! Haltet ein! (Friedrich, The King, Men, Women, Pages, Lohengrin)

Act II Scene 5: Welch ein Geheimnis muß der Held bewahren? (The King, Men, Friedrich, Ortrud, Elsa)

Act II Scene 5: Mein Held, entgegne kühn dem Ungetreuen! (The King, Men, Lohengrin, Friedrich, Elsa, Women, Pages)

Lohengrin, WWV 75, Act III

Act III Scene 1: Prelude

Act III Scene 1: Treulich geführt, ziehet dahin (Men, Women, 8 Ladies)

Act III Scene 2: Das süße Lied verhallt (Lohengrin, Elsa)

Act III Scene 2: Wie hehr erkenn' ich unsrer Liebe Wesen! (Lohengrin, Elsa)

Act III Scene 2: Höchstes Vertrauen hast du mir schon zu danken (Lohengrin, Elsa)

Act III Scene 2: Ach nein! (Elsa, Lohengrin)

Act III Scene 3: Heil König Heinrich! (All The Men, The King)

Act III Scene 3: Was bringen die? (All The Men, The King, Brabantine Nobles, Brabantines, Lohengrin, Women)

Act III Scene 3: In fernem Land, unnahbar euren Schritten (Lohengrin, Men, Women)

Act III Scene 3: Mir schwankt der Boden! Welche Nacht! (Elsa, Men, Women, Lohengrin)

Act III Scene 3: Mein lieber Schwan! (Lohengrin, The King, Men, Women, Ortrud, Elsa)

The Guardian

5th April 2017


“From the opening bars of the first-act prelude, the refinement and transparency of the string textures that play such an important role in the unfolding drama of Lohengrin are a constant wonder; the brass is utterly secure without ever becoming too assertive, the woodwind instantly responsive, whether colouring its moments of ceremony and jubilation or adding dark hues to the plotting of the central act.”

Sunday Times

22nd May 2017

“It’s a spacious account, gloriously played. Katarina Dalayman’s spiteful yet beautifully sung Ortrud stands out.”

Gramophone Magazine

June 2017

“The biggest hurrahs go to Elder, the choruses…and the orchestra in its own home. Add Nylund’s vocally fearless heroine…Youn’s imposing Herald and Struckmann’s textually so clear and more baritonal-sounding than usual King, and that’s nearly enough…a valuable and mostly compelling document”

Presto Classical

Katherine Cooper

April 2017

“The light-voiced Vogt sounds genuinely other-worldly in the title role of the swan-knight...Katarina Dalayman is a real powerhouse of an Ortrud, and Camilla Nylund a womanly Elsa. The Concertgebouw brass really rattle the rafters in the big third-act fanfares.”

BBC Music Magazine

July 2017


“This is in some ways the finest modern recording of Lohengrin, in the first place on account of Sir Mark Elder’s superbly detailed, passionate and large-scale conducting of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra…[Vogt] is persuasive in the role [of Lohengrin]…Camilla Nylund is ideal, pure of tone but not insipid, and capable of always beautiful passionate outbursts”

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