The Alehouse Sessions

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The Alehouse Sessions



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9th June 2017




53 minutes


CD (download also available)
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The Alehouse Sessions

1 Wallom Green - from ”the English dancing master” 1651 (John Playford 1623-1686). Arr. BE

2 Curtain tune - from ”Timon of Athens” (Henry Purcell 1659-1695). Arr. BaS

3 Lead me - aria: Oh! Lead me to some peaceful gloom, (Purcell) + Italian Rant (EDM). Arr. BaS/BE

4 Haul Away Joe - Trad. English sea shanty. Arr. BaS/TG, Lyrics: TG

5 Johnny Faa - Trad Scottish tune from 17th century. Arr. BE

6 The hole in the wall - Hornpipe from Abdelazer (Purcell). Arr. BaS/BE

7 Virgin Queen set - Virgin Queen + Stingo + Bobbing Joe (EDM). Arr. BE/BaS

8 Pass around the grog - Trad sea shanty. Arr. TG

9 Travel set - Springar fra Bjerkreim – Norwegian, Kat. Oggie from Scotland, Contillion – from Mestmachers collection of tunes, Norway, Første brudestyk´- wedding tune from Denmark, The Shaalds o’Foula – trad Shetland.

Arr: BE/BaS, except Springar fra Bjerkreim: Helge Andreas Norbakken

10 I drew my ship - I drew my ship into the harbour – trad English ballade from 19th Century. Arr. BE/BaS

11 Carolan’s Cup - Turlough O’Carolan (1670-1738). Arr. BaS/BE

12 The Canadian set - Trad Canadian Reels, aka 'La traversée' after the band Le Vent du Nord. Arr. BE

13 Leave her Johnny - trad English sea shanty. Arr. & lyrics: TG


BE = Bjarte Eike

TG = Thomas Guthrie

BaS = Barokksolistene

EDM= Playford's English Dancing Master

Barokksolistene, Bjarte Eike



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'The Alehouse Sessions', curated and devised by Bjarte Eike, is an evolving insight into the music of the English 17th Century tavern. It shines light onto this tumultuous period through Purcell overtures, English sea shanties and Scandinavian folk songs, thrown in for good measure, brilliantly evoking the atmosphere of a raucous port pub in the 1690s. These sessions have already been hailed as "irresistible" [The Times], "superb" [The Scotsman] and "fabulously unrestrained" by The Guardian, "creating the effect of a late night jamming session", said BBC Music Magazine. "The signature of this project is the interaction on stage between the players and the audience...drawing its inspiration from the Shakespearian theatre where there was a direct communication between stage and hall", says Bjarte Eike. 'The 'Alehouse Sessions' will be on tour throughout 2017.

John Playford: Wallom Green (From The English Dancing Master)

Wallom Green (From The English Dancing Master)

Henry Purcell: Curtain Tune (From Timon of Athens)

Curtain Tune (From Timon of Athens)

Henry Purcell, John Playford: Lead me (From Bonduca & The English Dancing Master)

Lead me (From Bonduca & The English Dancing Master)

Traditional: Haul away Joe

Haul away Joe

Traditional: Johnny Faa

Johnny Faa

Henry Purcell: Hole in the Wall (From Abdelazer)

Hole in the Wall (From Abdelazer)

John Playford: The Virgin Queen set (From The English Dancing Master)

The Virgin Queen set (From The English Dancing Master)

Traditional: Pass around the grog

Pass around the grog

Nils Økland, Siri Dyvik: Travel set

Travel set

Traditional: I drew my ship

I drew my ship

Turlough O'Carolan: Carolan’s Cup

Carolan’s Cup

Traditional: The Canadian set

The Canadian set

Traditional: Leave her Johnny

Leave her Johnny

Gramophone Magazine

September 2017

“Bjarte Eike’s Barokksolistene is an alchemical miracle of an ensemble, a collective of virtuosos whose instinctive, playful communication and delight in one another’s skill amplifies their individual performances, transforming them into pure musical gold … here’s a wonderfully egalitarian quality to music-making that weaves its way from court to dockyard to tavern without pause. Good music is, after all, good music, whatever its colour, creed or accent.”

Presto Classical

Katherine Cooper

June 2017

“I must admit that the prospect of a musical recreation of a long boozy session in a seventeenth-century tavern had me on high cringe-alert, but I'm so very glad I gave this a spin - the result somehow manages to feel authentic and contemporary at the same time (and had one of my most curmudgeonly colleagues dancing in his seat when he thought I wasn't looking).”

Record Review

18th June 2017

“it’s what happens when you take a bunch of adventurous, improvising musicians from the folk and period instrument worlds, ply them with beer, and get them to sing and dance as well as play the kind of music that was around in early 17th century England when professional musicians were banned from theatres and resorted to impromptu sessions in the taverns instead … it could be the most musical fun you have all week”

The Guardian

15th June 2017

“As Barokksolistene’s slogan reminds us, “It’s just old pop music”. Performers like this are unlocking the joy in this music, and that might be the most valuable authenticity of all.”

The Strad

September 2017

“Eike is a charismatic artist with a talent for conceiving imaginative live and recording projects … Innately theatrical, genre bending and suffused with great musicianship and string playing, this is a substantial and fine piece of work.”

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