Haydn: The Seasons

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Haydn: The Seasons


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24th March 2017



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24th March 2017




2 hours 15 minutes


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Haydn: The Seasons

Carolyn Sampson (soprano), Jeremy Ovenden (tenor), Andrew Foster-Williams (bass)

Wrocław Baroque Orchestra, Wrocław Philharmonic Choir, Gabrieli Consort & Players, Paul McCreesh

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Read our exclusive interview with Paul McCreesh about the recording here, and Katherine's full review of the disc here.

The Gabrieli Consort continue their series of award-winning collaborations with the National Forum of Music, Wrocław, Poland with a new version of Haydn’s great oratorio The Seasons. Using a new performing edition by Paul McCreesh this recording is the first to feature the large orchestral forces that Haydn called for, including a string section of 60, 10 horns and a choir of 70. As well as the combined forces of the Gabrieli Consort & Players, Wrocław Baroque Orchestra and National Forum of Music Choir, the recording features solo performances from British singers Carolyn Sampson, Jeremy Ovenden and Andrew Foster-Williams.

All booklet texts are printed in both English and Polish translations.

Franz Joseph Haydn: The Seasons, Hob.XXI:3

Spring: No. 1, See Winter, Stern and Gloomy, Flees (Introduction & Accompagnato)

Spring: No. 2, Come, Gentle Spring! (Chorus)

Spring: No. 3, From Aries Shines the Bright'ning Sun (Recitative)

Spring: No. 4, With Eagerness the Countryman Sets Forth (Song)

Spring: No. 5, The Countryman has Paid his Dues (Recitative)

Spring: No. 6, Heav'n be Gracious, Heav'n be Bounteous (Chorus with Solos)

Spring: No. 7, Our Fervent Pray’rs are Heard (Introduction & Accompagnato)

Spring: No. 8, O What Charming Sights Delight Us (Duet)

Summer: No. 9, In Darkness Shrouded (Introduction & Accompaniment)

Summer: No. 10, The Wakeful Herdsman (Song)

Summer: No. 11, Behold the Sun! (Chorus with Solos)

Summer: No. 12, The Village Lads and Lasses (Recitative)

Summer: No. 13, Exhausted Nature, Fainting, Sinks (Cavatina)

Summer: No. 14, How Welcome Now, Ye Shady Groves! (Recitative)

Summer: No. 15, How Refreshing to the Senses (Aria)

Summer: No. 16, Behold, Arising Through the Sultry Air (Recitative)

Summer: No. 17, Ah! The Storm Approaches Near! (Chorus)

Autumn: No. 18, That Which Spring has Promis’d (Introduction, Accompaniment & Recitative)

Autumn: No. 19, Thus Nature Rewards our Toil! (Trio)

Autumn: No. 20, See How a Bunch of Eager Lads (Recitative)

Autumn: No. 21, Fine Ladies of the Town (Duet)

Autumn: No. 22, On Ravag’d Hills (Recitative)

Autumn: No. 23, See Lo on Yonder Open Field (Song)

Autumn: No. 24, A Tight’ning Circle of Hunters (Recitative & Accompaniment)

Autumn: No. 25, Hark, Hear the Sounds of the Chase (Chorus)

Autumn: No. 26, On Vines, the Grapes are Glistening (Recitative)

Autumn: No. 27, Drink Up, Drink Up, the Wine is Here! (Chorus)

Winter: No. 28, The Jaded Year Now Fades Away (Introduction & Accompaniment)

Winter: No. 29, Light and Life are Enfeebl’d (Cavatina)

Winter: No. 30, The Lake Lies Lock’d in Frosty Grip (Recitative & Accompaniment)

Winter: No. 31, The Wand’rer Stands Perplex’d (Aria)

Winter: No. 32, And Drawing Near the Welcome Sight (Recitative & Accompaniment)

Winter: No. 33, Whirring, Whirring, Whirring! (Song with Chorus)

Winter: No. 34, Now the Flax has all been Spun (Recitative)

Winter: No. 35, A Noble Squire, of Great Renown (Song with Chorus)

Winter: No. 36, And From the East there Blows an Icy Blast (Recitative)

Winter: No. 37, Consider then, Misguided Man (Song & Accompaniment)

Winter: No. 38, Then Dawns that Morn so Glorious (Double Chorus with Solos)

Presto Classical

Katherine Cooper

24th March 2017

“McCreesh’s new translation is a triumph, and will surely have an illustrious career beyond this recording...One of the great joys of this set is the huge dynamic and emotional range afforded by the expanded forces – the introspective recitatives are, in their way, as spine-tingling as the 70-strong chorus belting out their lusty paeans to wine, women and weather.”

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