Monteverdi: Vespro della beata Vergine (1610), etc.

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Monteverdi: Vespro della beata Vergine (1610), etc.


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2 hours 27 minutes


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Vespro della beata Vergine (1610)

Selva morale e spirituale (excerpts)

CD - 2 discs


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Claudio Monteverdi: Vespro della beata Vergine (1610)

Versiculus (Canto gregoriano) - Deus in adiutorium

Responsorium - Domine ad adiuvandum me festina

Antiphona I (Canto gregoriano) - Assumpta est Maria

Psalmus I - Psalmus 109:Dixit Dominus

Concerto - nigra sum

Antiphona II (Canto gregoriano) Maria Virgo assumpta est

Psalmus II - Psalmus 112:Laudate pueri

Concerto - Pulchra es

Antiphona III (Canto gregoriano) In odorem unguentorum tuorum currimus

Psalmus III - Psalmus 121:Laetatus sum

Sonata a 2 per violine e violone (Giovanni Paolo Cima)

Antiphona IV (Canto gregoriano) Benedicta filia tua Domino

Psalmus IV - Psalmus 126:Nisi Dominus

Concerto - Audi coelum

Antiphona V (Canto gregoriano) Pulchra es et decora, filia Hierusalem

Psalmus V - Psalmus 147:Lauda Jerusalem Dominum

Sonata 1 3 per violino, cornetto e violone (Giovanni Paolo Cima)

Capitulum (Canto gregoriano) - In omnibus requeim quaesivi

Hymnus - Ave maris stella

Versus et responsorium (Canto gregoriano) - Exaltata est sancta Dei Genitrix

Antiphona VI (Canto gregoriano) - Hodie Maria Virgo caelos ascendit

Sonata sopra Sancta Maria


Oratio (Canto gregoriano) - Dominus vobiscum

Versus (Canto gregoriano) Dominus vobiscum/Benedicamus Domino

Concerto - Duo Seraphim

Antiphona Beatae Mariae Virginis - Salve Regine

Versus et responsorium (Canto gregoriano) - Ora pro nobis

Oratio (Canto gregoriano) - Domine vobiscum

Conclusio (Canto gregoriano) - Divinum auxilium maneat semper nobiscum

Claudio Monteverdi: Selva morale e spirituale, Venetia 1640

Psalmus 109: Dixit Dominus (Secondo) 1 8

Psalmus 110: Confitebor tibi Domine (secondo) 1 3

Psalmus 111: Beatus vir (primo) a 6

Psalmus 112: Laudate pueri (secondo) a 5

Psalmus 116: Laudate Dominum (primo) a 5

Hymnus: Salve Regina a 3

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“The first recording to engage fully with the scholarly debates regarding the form, purpose and pitch of the work, this 1984 version is a comprehensive and radical attempt to reconstruct a festal Vespers service, the music reordered so that it no longer seems to work towards a proto-Wagnerian climax.”

Gramophone Magazine

September 2007

“One of Parrott's greatest achievements and still one of the finest Vespers ever despite strong recent competition, this superbly presented version catches an expert British cast of singers and players at a peak in their powers.”

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