Bach, J S: Goldberg Variations, BWV988

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Bach, J S: Goldberg Variations, BWV988


Gramophone Awards 2017

Finalist - Instrumental

Gramophone Magazine

Editor's Choice - April 2017

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24th Feb 2017




77 minutes


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Bach, J S: Goldberg Variations, BWV988

Beatrice Rana (piano)



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Read or watch our exclusive interview with Beatrice Rana here.

Bach was the composer who most obsessed Beatrice Rana as a child, and in a recent interview with Pianist magazine, she confessed that it would be his music, and above all the Goldberg Variations, that she would choose if she had to devote her life to a single composer. As she said: “I’m very happy to be going back to Bach … It’s best to avoid Bach in competitions … you can’t expose yourself to be totally killed by the jury! But Bach is my first love; now I am allowed to play it in public and I’m really looking forward to that.”

Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988

I. Aria

II. Variatio 1 a 1 clav

III. Variatio 2 a 1 clav

IV. Variatio 3 Canone all Unisuono a 1 clav.

V. Variatio 4 a 1 clav.

VI. Variatio 5 a 1 o vero 2 clav

VII. Variatio 6 Canone alla seconda a 1 clav.

VIII. Variatio 7 a 1 o vero 2 clav.

IX. Variatio 8 a 2 clav.

X. Variatio 9 Canone alla terza a 2 clav.

XI. Variatio 10 Fughetta a 1 clav.

XII. Variatio 11 a 2 clav.

XIII. Variatio 12 Canone alla quarta

XIV. Variatio 13 a 2 clav.

XV. Variatio 14 a 2 clav.

XVI. Variatio 15 Canone alla Quinta a 1 clav.

XVII. Variatio 16 a 1 clav. Ouvertura

XVIII. Variatio 17 a 2 clav.

XIX. Variatio 18 Canone alla sexta a 1 clav.

XX. Variatio 19 a 1 clav.

XXI. Variatio 20 a 2 clav.

XXII. Variatio 21 canone alla settima a 1 clav.

XXIII. Variatio 22 a 1 clav. alla breve

XXIV. Variatio 23 a 2 clav.

XXV. Variatio 24 Canone alla Ottava a 1 clav.

XXVI. Variatio 25 a 2 clav.

XXVII Variatio 26 a 2 clav.

XXVIII. Variatio 27 Canone alla Nona a 2 clav.

XXIX. Variatio 28 a 1 clav.

XXX. Variatio 29 a 1 o vero 2 clav.

XXXI. Variatio 30 a 1 clav. Quodlibet

XXXII. Aria da Capo e fine

Beatrice Rana talks exclusively to Presto about her relationship with Bach.

BBC Music Magazine

May 2017


“Every piece in Rana's tapestry is vividly characterised, and none are overblown, didactic or taken at an extreme tempo. The alternating comedy, grandeur, and exultant cleverness of the up-beat variations surges boldly out, while the seemingly endless melody of Variation 13 feels at moments suspended in mid-flight, the lamentation of Variation 15 cries to the heavens, and the tragedy of the 'Black Pearl' becomes heart stoppingly profound. For this CD, five stars are not enough.”

Gramophone Magazine

April 2017

“Her detailing is one of the aspects that makes this performance so compelling, be it the bringing out of a new line in the repeat, subtle changes in phrasing, a touch of pedal – examples are to be found in every single variation...the return of the Aria is as emotionally multifaceted as you would expect – mysterious, quizzical, noble, resigned, hopeful – setting the seal on a life-affirming disc.”

Sunday Times

19th February 2017

“Beware! I put on this disc and found myself barely able to move for the 78 minutes of Bach’s masterpiece, so familiar yet suddenly so new. Rana’s playing has a kind of Orphic seductiveness, a transcendent lightness of touch...A supremely intelligent reading.”

The Guardian

19th March 2017


“this recording creates a wholly individual, inward mood. She cultivates an extremely wide range of sound, in some variations as hard-hitting as Glenn Gould, at others dreamy and serene...she galvanises the final variations into an exuberant, moving sequence before returning to the peace of the aria with utter calm.”

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