Vaughan Williams & Warlock

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Vaughan Williams & Warlock

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31st Aug 2009




2 hours 18 minutes


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Vaughan Williams & Warlock

Vaughan Williams:

Four Hymns

Merciless Beauty

The Water Mill

The New Ghost

Ten Blake Songs

On Wenlock Edge


Capriol Suite

Neville Dilkes


The Curlew

Bethlehem Down

I saw a fair maiden


Where riches is everlastingly

The Shrouding of the Duchess of Malfi

The Lady's Birthday

Pretty Ring Time

Autumn Twilight

Captain Stratton's Fancy

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Ralph Vaughan Williams: Four Hymns

Lord! Come away (J. Taylor)

Who is this fair one? (I. Watts)

Come Love, come Lord (R. Crashaw)

Evening Hymn (translated R. Bridges)

Ralph Vaughan Williams: Merciless Beauty

Your eyën two

So hath your beauty

Since I from love

Ralph Vaughan Williams: Four Poems by Fredegond Shove

4. The Water Mill

3. The New Ghost

Ralph Vaughan Williams: Ten Blake Songs

1. Infant Joy

2. A Poison Tree

3. The Piper

4. London [oboe tacet]

5. The Lamb

6. The Shepherd [oboe tacet]

7. Ah, Sunflower!

8.Cruelty has a human heart

9. The Divine Image [oboe tacet]

10. Eternity

Ralph Vaughan Williams: On Wenlock Edge

I. On Wenlock Edge

II. From far, from eve and morning

III. Is my team ploughing?

IV. Oh, when I was in love with you

V. Bredon Hill

VI. Clun

Peter Warlock: Capriol Suite

I. Basse-danse

II. Pavane

III. Tordion

IV. Bransles

V. Pieds-en-l'air

VI. Mattachins (Sword Dance)

Peter Warlock: Serenade (to Frederick Delius on his 60th birthday)

Serenade (to Frederick Delius on his 60th birthday)

Peter Warlock: The Curlew

The Curlew, cry no more

Pale brows, still hands

I cried when the moon

I wander by the edge

Peter Warlock: Bethlehem Down

Bethlehem Down

Peter Warlock: Adam lay ybounden

Adam lay ybounden

Peter Warlock: I saw a maiden, 'Lullay my liking'

I saw a maiden, 'Lullay my liking'

Peter Warlock: Balulalow (wds Wedderburn brothers after Luther)

Balulalow (wds Wedderburn brothers after Luther)

Peter Warlock: Where Riches is Everlastingly

Where Riches is Everlastingly

Peter Warlock: The Shrouding of the Duchess of Malfi

The Shrouding of the Duchess of Malfi

Peter Warlock: The Lady's Birthday (Sociable Songs, No. 3)

The Lady's Birthday (Sociable Songs, No. 3)

Peter Warlock: Pretty Ring Time

Pretty Ring Time

Peter Warlock: Autumn Twilight

Autumn Twilight

Peter Warlock: Captain Stratton's Fancy

Captain Stratton's Fancy

Peter Warlock: Yarmouth Fair

Yarmouth Fair

BBC Music Magazine

March 2010


“Classic 1970s recordings by the Partridge siblings, and such luminaries as Janet Craxton. On Wenlock Edge - chamber version - still sounds excellent, while the Warlock disc is distinctly special.”

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