Verdi: Falstaff

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Verdi: Falstaff

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27th Feb 2012




2 hours 4 minutes


CD (download also available)
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Verdi: Falstaff

Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh, 25 August 1955

Fernando Corena (Sir John Falstaff), Juan Oncina, Kevin Miller (Fenton), Walter Monachesi (Ford), Dermot Troy (Dr. Caius), Daniel McCosham (Bardolpho), Marco Stefanoni (Pistola), Anna Maria Rovere (Alice Ford), Eugenia Ratti (Nanetta), Fernanda Cadoni (Meg Page) & Oralia Dominguez (Mistress Quickly)

Glyndebourne Opera Chorus & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Carlo Maria Giulini

CD - 2 discs


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Carlo Maria Giulini was one of the 20th century’s greatest conductors along with fellow Italians Arturo Toscanini, Guido Cantelli and Victor de Sabata. His live performances of operas by Verdi, Rossini and Mozart have acquired legendary status while his distinguished recordings have remained in the catalogues to this day.

The recording featuring a Glyndebourne production of Verdi’s Falstaff given in 1955 at the Edinburgh Festival is unique since after extensive research, it has never been published before in any form.

This 1955 performance marked Giulini’s UK debut. The Times said, ‘in the final analysis, it was Mr Giulini’s direction which ensured the opera’s success’, and headlined the review by emphatically stating, ‘A wonderful production’.

The Times reviewed Fernando Corena’s fresh interpretation of Falstaff as follows, ‘Mr Corena’s Falstaff is admirable because it is creditable … he gave us immense dignity, clarity of word, tone, line, and dramatic authority’. Walter Monachesi’s Ford was likewise praised for ‘the excellence of his vocal delivery and unusual dramatic expressiveness’.

The Times also noted: ‘The four women were wonderfully well differentiated, the Quickly of Oralia Dominguez having a touch of succulence that Falstaff renounced and the Alice of Anna Maria Rovere being all sparkle in voice and appearance’.

Giulini’s stunning recording of Rossini’s Il barbiere di Siviglia from Covent Garden in 1960 is available on ICAC5046.

Giuseppe Verdi: Falstaff

Act I Part I: Falstaff! … Ola! (Dr. Caius, Falstaff, Bardolfo, Pistola)

Act I Part I: So che se andiam, la notte

Act I Part I: Ma e tempo d' assottigliar l'ingegno (Falstaff, Pistola, Bardolfo)

Act I Part I: L' onore! Ladri! … Io stesso, si, io, io (Falstaff)

Act I Part II: Alice! … Meg! … Nannetta! (Meg, Alice, Quickly, Nannetta)

Act I Part II: Fulgida Alice! amor t' offro

Act I Part II: Ripeti … In due parole (Meg, Alice, Quickly, Nanetta, Caius, Bardolfo, Fenton, Pistola, Ford)

Act I Part II: Psst, psst, Nannetta … Vien qua … Labbra di foco! (Fenton, Nannetta)

Act I Part II: Falstaff, m'ha canzonata (Alice, Meg, Nannetta, Quickly)

Act I Part II: Torno all' assalto … Torna alla gara (Fenton, Nannetta)

Act I Part II: Udrai quanta egli sfoggia magniloquenza altera (Bardolfo, Ford, Pistola)

Act I Part II: Del tuo barbaro diagnostico (Caius, Pistola, Bardolfo, Alice, Meg, Nannetta, Quickly, Fenton, Ford)

Act II Part I: Siam pentiti e contriti (Bardolfo, Pistola, Falstaff)

Act II Part I: Reverrenza! (Quickly, Falstaff)

Act II Part I: Va, Vecchio John (Falstaff, Bardolfo)

Act II Part I: Signore, v' assista il cielo! (Ford, Falstaff, Bardolfo, Pistola)

Act II Part I: Ve lo diro. C'e a Windsor una dama

Act II Part I: Lo conoscete? … Il diavolo se lo porti all'inferno (Ford, Falstaff)

Act II Part I: E sogno? o realita? (Ford)

Act II Part I: Eccomi qua. Son pronto (Falstaff, Ford)

Act II Part II: Presenteremo un "bill" per una tassa al parlemento (Alice, Quickly, Meg)

Act II Part II: Giunta all'albergo della Giarrettiera

Act II Part II: Gaie comari di Windsor! E l'ora! (Quickly, Alice, Meg, Nannetta)

Act II Part II: Alfin t' ho colto, raggiante fior

Act II Part II: T'immagino fregiata del mio stemma (Falstaff, Alice)

Act II Part II: Quand' ero paggio del Duca di Norfolk (Falstaff, Alice, Quickly, Meg, Ford, Bardolfo, Pistola)

Act II Part II: Vien qua … Che chiasso! (Nannetta, Fenton)

Act II Part II: Al ladro! (Caius, Ford, Pistola, Bardolfo)

Act II Part II: Facciamo le viste d'attendere ai panni (Quickly, Caius, Ford, Meg, Bardolfo, Pistola, Falstaff)

Act II Part II: Bella! Ridente! (Fenton, Nannetta, Ford, Bardolfo, Pistola, Servi, Caius, Falstaff, Meg, Quickly, Gente del vicinato, Alice)

Act III Part I: Ehi! Taverniere! … Io, dunque, avrò vissuto tant'anni

Act III Part I: Buono. Ber del vin dolce (Falstaff)

Act III Part I: Reverenza! La bella Alice (Quickly, Falstaff, Alice, Ford, Nannetta, Meg, Caius)

Act III Part I: T' aspettero nel parco real (Falstaff, Quickly, Ford, Alice, Nannetta, Meg)

Act III Part I: Brava! Quelle corna saranno la mia gioia! (Ford, Alice, Meg, Fenton, Nannetta)

Act III Part I: Avro con me dei putti (Alice, Meg, Nannetta, Fenton, Ford, Caius, Quickly)

Act III Part II: Dal labbro il canto estasiato vola (Fenton, Nannetta)

Act III Part II: Nossignore! Tu indossa questa cappa (Alice, Fenton, Nannetta, Quickly, Meg)

Act III Part II: Una, due, tre, quattro, cinque, sei (Falstaff, Alice, Meg)

Act III Part II: Ninfe! Elfi! Silfi! Doridi! Sirene! (Nannetta, Fate, Falstaff, Alice)

Act III Part II: Sul fil d'un soffio etesio (Nanetta, Fate)

Act III Part II: Alto la! (Bardolfo, Pistola, Falstaff, Quickly, Alice, Meg, Nanetta, Chorus, Ford)

Act III Part II: Ahime! Tu puzzi come una puzzola (Falstaff, Chorus, Alice, Quickly, Meg, Caius, Ford, Bardolfo, Pistola)

Act III Part II: Un poco di pausa (Falstaff, Quickly, Ford, Meg, Alice, Chorus)

Act III Part II: Ogni sorta di gente dozzinale (Falstaff, All)

Act III Part II: Un coro e terminiam la scena … Tutto nel mondo e burla (Falstaff, Ford, All)

Sunday Times

25th March 2012

“It is more disciplined, musically, than Gui’s recently released 1960 Glyndebourne live version...the young Giulini is always worth hearing in Verdi.”

Classical Music

21st April 2012


“Giulini's Falstaff has a sage-like wit that makes a refreshing alternative to the noisier, bouncier comedy of many recent productions. His cast is superb, with Corena, born to sing the title-role, in great voice.”

BBC Music Magazine

September 2012


“An ideal ensemble is headed by Corena's robustly restrained Falstaff and Giulini, livelier than in later years”

Gramophone Magazine

October 2012

“The Falstaff (Corena, a first 'official' complete performance from him in the role on disc) and Quickly (the ubiquitous Dominguez) are superb, the Nannetta good, the Fords less so.”

MusicWeb International

June 2012

“The individual casting is admirable....A wonderfully relaxed and good humoured performance in which nearly everything seemed to have gone right.”

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