Which instruments do we sell?

We stock a great range of good quality instruments suitable for all standards and all budgets so whether you're a complete beginner or a more advanced player we should have just the instrument to suit you.

Why buy an instrument from Presto Classical?

Set-up: All our instruments are checked and set up by experienced repairers before they are available for sale. The initial set-up of an instrument is often overlooked but makes a big difference to how the instrument plays, and is especially important for beginners.

Advice: Our staff are on hand to advise on the various instruments we carry as well as how to assemble, clean and maintain them.

VAT-Free Scheme: If the instrument is being purchased for a child having lessons at a Warwickshire state school we can normally route the purchase via the school and in the process save you the VAT. With VAT rates currently at 20% this represents a significant saving!

Rentals: Most instruments are available for rental on a monthly basis. Ideal if you're not sure how you (or your child) are going to take to an instrument, and if you want to avoid the upfront cost of purchasing an instrument. Prices start from just £9 per month. Please contact us to check latest rates and availability. (Terms and Conditions apply)

Peace of Mind: All our instruments come with a minimum 1-year guarantee, and many (such as all the Yamaha) instruments come with a 2-year guarantee. If your instrument is older and does need a service or repair, we can also arrange that for you.

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