Vitali, G: Passagallo

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Partite e Sonate

Partite e Sonate


Tromba a Basso solo

Partite sopra il basso di Ciaccona


Sonata for Cello and b.c. in G minor

Sonata for Cello and b.c. in A major

Galli, D:

Sonata No. 10 in B minor


Cello Sonata in C major

Cello Sonata in B flat

Cello Sonata in A minor


Sonata in G major, Op. 1, No. 1

Vitali, G:






Capriccio sopra otto figure

Seungyon-Lee Lee (violone)

Bassorum Vox

Today it seems natural that the cello stands in the foreground as a solo instrument – in the late seventeenth century it was quite different and although the cello was similar in design to the version we have today, the idea was completely new to use it not only as a continuo instrument. The earliest cello sonatas in the form familiar to us today date from the late seventeenth century and in this new and unique recording Bassorum Vox play rarely recorded pieces from this period and showing how the cello developed into a solo instrument.

Coviello - COV21309



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La Voce del Violoncello

La Voce del Violoncello

Abaco, J:

Capriccio sesto

Capriccio primo

Capriccio decimo

Capriccio quinto

Capriccio quarto


Como manuscript


Tromba a Basso solo

Ciaccona a basso solo


Ricercar No. 1 in G minor

Ricercar No. 6 in G

Galli, D:

Sonata No. 5

Sonata No. 1


Romanella No. 2

Tarantella No. 2

Romanella No. 1

Tarantella No. 1


Toccata quinta

Toccata decima

Vitali, G:



Capriccio sopra otto figure

Elinor Frey (baroque cello), Esteban la Rotta (theorbo & baroque guitar) & Susie Napper (baroque cello)

This fascinating release represents the excitement that musicians must have felt when the musical form of the time was going through a period of exploration and discovery as performers began to write idiomatic solos for their instrument and the cello was finding its voice. The recording follows the genre over approximately 75 years, from the mid seventeeth century to the death of the Neapolitan virtuoso Francesco Supriani in

1757, by which time the cello had spread throughout Europe, producing star performers with international careers.

Passacaille - PAS993



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Giovanni Battista Vitali: Sonate - Passagalli - Artificii

Giovanni Battista Vitali: Sonate - Passagalli - Artificii

Vitali, G:


la Campori

la Sanvitale

la Gratiani

la Palavicini

la Guidoni


Passagallo terzo from Op. 7

la Sessi

la Rangoni

Passagallo primo from 'Varie partite del passemezo, ciaccona, capricij, e passagali, a tre' Op. 7

la Masdoni


Quadro Hypothesis

Tactus - TC632201



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Dance Music at the Court of Francesco D'este

Dance Music at the Court of Francesco D'este


Brando XXV

Sonata for vl.and violone


Brando VIII


Sonate Terza e Quarta per violino e violone


Corrente Terza e Aria Quarta

Vitali, G:





Sonata for violin & violone, Op. 1, No. 12

Antichi Strumenti

Numerous renowned sources attest to the rich cultural life of this Court, all agreeing that the artistic and cultural fervour during the reign of Francesco I, and still more during that of his heir Francesco II, were such that they must inspire "greatness" and arouse a sense of "wonder" in the spirit of the artist and the musician of every age.

Chroniclers also describe displays with acrobats, animal tamers, lighting and scenery engineers, designers of theatrical machines, actors, choreographers and decorators.This succession of entertainments took place at the Teatro Ducale in the course of public celebrations, both sacred and profane, for great occasions: births, weddings, official visits.This repertory was collected in numerous precious codices still preserved today in the Biblioteca Estense Universitaria of the city of Modena.This CD is offered as a page in

the vast musical volume composed at Modena by the wishes of the Este dynasty, for its delight. The almost entirely unpublished and unperformed selection here recorded derives entirely from the above source.

Stradivarius - STR33764

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