Caccini, G: Non ha'l ciel cotanti lumi (La Spagnoletta)

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La Barcha d'Amore

La Barcha d'Amore




Greensleeves to a Ground

Une jeune fillette


Yo soy la locura

Caccini, G:

Amor ch'attendi

Alme luci beat

Non ha'l ciel cotanti lumi


Sosieguen, descansen


Gagliarda 'La barca d'amore'

Hidalgo, J:

Ay que me rio de amor


Rondeau du Mariage forcé

Chaconne de l'Amour médecin

Marini, B:

Passacaglia à 4, Op. 22


Lamento della Ninfa (Book 8)


Paduan dolorosa a 4: Cantus V

Courant dolorosa a 4: Cantus IX


My Sweet Little Darling


No te embarques

La Barcha d'Amore is an eclectic, contrasting selection of some of the most beautiful vocal and instrumental music inspired by mythology and 17th-century European love poetry. Music of time and memory, performed by Montserrat Figueras and Jordi Savall, together with Ton Koopman, Hopkinson Smith,Andrew Lawrence-King and other members of the ensemble Hespèrion XX (which in 2001 became Hespèrion XXI) and the orchestra Le Concert Des Nations, have selected recordings that they made from 1976 to 1996 for the labels Emi Electrola, Dhm,Astrée and Auvidis, and from 1998 to 2008 for Aliavox. This anthology, contains vocal pieces directly related to the theme of love, such as the innovative Airs for the recitar cantando of Giulio Caccini's Le Nuove Musiche, the evocative tonos humanos by Spanish Baroque composers Sebastián Durón, Juan del Vado and Juan Hidalgo, Monteverdi's sublime Lamento della Ninfa, the mysterious folia Yo soy la locura by Henri du Bailly, not forgetting the touching Elizabethan lullaby and the tender melody Une jeune fillette, both by anonymous authors, but equally remarkable for their great beauty and depth of emotion. The various instrumental pieces, with such evocative titles as the Gaillarde "La Barcha del mio Amore" by Giacomo de Gorzanis, Samuel Scheidt's Pavane and his "Courant dolorosa", the Elizabethan "Desperada" and the highly popular improvisation piece, "Greensleeves", as well as the great Jean-Baptiste Lully's Rondeau from Le Mariage forcé and the Chaconne from L'Amour Médecin, provide the necessary complement to the vocal pieces, resulting in a great variety of sources and contrasting characters. The Barcha d'Amore is the personal testimony of Jordi Savall's unwavering and rigorous commitment to the performance of music from the Middle Ages to the age of Classicism using 'historically informed' instruments and performance techniques, which emerged in the 1970s.Those years marked the beginning of a great revival in the performance of pre-Romantic music, a continuing revival which offers the possibility of retrieving an important cultural legacy.

“…there's a surprising homogeneity of sound and style throughout - testament to Figueras and Savall's innate musicality, artistic vision and spiritual harmony in a lifetime of collaboration and discovery.” BBC Music Magazine, September 2009 ****

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Music of 17th century Italy and Spain

Caccini, G:

Amarilli mia bella

(with improvisation)

Non ha'l ciel cotanti lumi


La Monica

(with improvisation)

Castello, D:

Sonata seconda

Fontana, G B:

Sonata seconda


Toccata per Spinettina e Violino



Marini, B:



Toccata terza

Ortiz, D:

Pass'emezzo antico

(with improvisation)

Recercada Ottava sobre la Folia


Io son ferito




(with improvisation)


Canzon a due

Latitude37: Julia Fredersdorff (baroque violin), Donald Nicolson (harpsichord & organ) & Laura Vaughan (viola da gamba)

Latitude37 is an exciting Baroque trio whose members are known for performances of 16th, 17th and 18th century music. Graduates of the Royal Conservatory in the Hague, the ensemble represents a new generation of period instrumentalists. Includes works by Lasso, Castello, Frescobaldi and Kapsberger, as well as several of the ensemble’s own improvisations over dance bass lines.

ABC Classics - ABC4764525



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Il Cantar d’Affetto

Il Cantar d’Affetto


Italian Saltarello

Caccini, G:

Mentre che fra doglie

Sfogava con le stelle

Queste l'agrim'amare

Non ha'l ciel cotanti lumi

Amor io parto

Tutto ´l dì piango

Le Nuove Musiche

Alme luci beat

Se voi lagrime a pieno

Ohimè, begli occhi, for voice & lute

Belle rose porporine

Se in questo scolorito

Torna, deh torna

Le Nuove Musiche

e nuova maniera de scriverle


Toccata for lute No. 1

Prelude for guitar & theorbo No. 1

Corrente for lute No. 10 (from Book 1 of D'Intavolatura di Lauto)

Prelude for guitar & theorbo No. 5

Sarabanda (from Libro Quatro d'Intavolatura di Chitarone)

Gagliarda for lute No. 10a



for lute Nos. 2, 4 & 6

Raimondi, P P:




Corrente francese for lute

Claudine Ansermet (soprano) & Paolo Cherici (lute)

The collection Le nuove musiche by Giulio Caccini, also known as Romano, was published in Florence by Marescotti in 1602. Caccini’s music embodies the new way of composing and of singing. The author writes in his extensive indications to readers “not to esteem that sort of music which does not allow the words to be understood, and spoils the concept and the verse sometimes by lengthening and sometimes by shortening the syllables to fit the counterpoint, a laceration of the poetry”. The world prevails on music and this spirit remains in this beautifully programmed CD by Claudine Ansermet and Paolo Cherici.

Stradivarius - STR33724

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Dolcissimo Sospiro

Dolcissimo Sospiro

16th-17th century Italian music to the poetry of Ottavio Rinuccini et al..

Caccini, G:

Filli, mirando il cielo

Dolcissimo sospiro

Non ha'l ciel cotanti lumi

Ford, R:

Rinuccini, song cycle for high soprano & baroque ensemble


Piangono al pianger mio

Diana (Questo dardo, quest' arco)

Marini, B:

Nativita di Cristo


Canzonetta spirituale sopra alla nanna 'Hor ch'è il tempo di dormire'

Su la cetra amorosa, aria di ciaccona


Ohime ch'io cado


Aria, A una voce. Villanella

Tone Wik (soprano), Vegard Lund (theorbo, lute, guitar), Shalev Adel (harpsichord), Bjarte Eike (baroque violin), Sigyn Fossnes (baroque violin), Gunnar Hauge (baroque cello)

“she is really terrific in the light, fast lilting numbers” BBC Music Magazine

2L - 2L19



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