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January 2013

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Patricia Petibon: Nouveau Monde

Patricia Petibon: Nouveau Monde

Baroque Arias & Songs


Cachua a voz y bajo Al Nacimiento de Christo Nuestro Señor (from Codex Martinez Compañon)

Tonada la Lata a voz y bajo, para bailar cantando (from Codex Martinez Compañon)

Mon amy s’en est allé

Tonada la Lata el Congo a voz y bajo para baylar cantando (from Codex Martinez Compañon)

Greensleeves to a ground


Yo soy la locura

Charpentier, M-A:

Quel prix de mon amour (from Medée)

Prélude...Noires filles du Styx (from Medée)

Dieu du Cocyte et des Royaumes sombres (from Medée)


No se emendará jamás, HWV 140

Nebra Blasco:

El bajel que no recela (from Vendado es amor, no es ciego)

En amor, pastorcillos, no hay quien distinga (from Vendado es amor, no es ciego)


When I am laid in earth (from Dido and Aeneas)

Fairest Isle (from King Arthur)


Rondeau – Forêts paisibles (from Les Indes Galantes)

Les Indes galantes: Tempête : La nuit couvre les cieux !


J’ai vu le loup, le renard et la belette

Patricia Petibon (soprano)

La Cetra Baroque Orchestra, Andrea Marcon

Admired for her remarkable creative imagination and exemplary musicianship, soprano Patricia Petibon, in her newest album for Deutsche Grammophon, offers a treasure-trove of fascinating Baroque curiosities guaranteed to enthral both the Baroque aficionado and the casual listener.

Nouveau Monde is conceived as a journey from the Old to the New World, a spell-binding collection of arias, songs and pieces from European composers (Charpentier, Händel, Rameau, Purcell) that testify to their composers’ fascination with the exoticism of recently-discovered lands, as well as South American folksongs which boast exceptional rhythmic energy and colour

Spectacularly accompanied by the La Cetra Baroque Orchestra under the excelling direction of Andrea Marcon – who also stands out as a Baroque organist and harpsichordist - Patricia enchants our senses with a mélange of 17th-century arias and folk songs from England, France, Spain, and Latin America

As a follow-up to her best-selling Rosso and Melancolía albums, Patricia Petibon’s 2012 release is guaranteed to be one of the most popular and sought-after Baroque releases of the year

“Conquest is one theme, confession another; the whole a breakneck A-Z of Baroque song from airs de cours to zarzuela.” BBC Music Magazine, Christmas 2012 ****

“'Nouveau Monde' is a tightly thought-through and arranged and compelling programme, a tour de force for its performer/compiler, most atmospherically recorded. Compulsive, repeatable listening.” Gramophone Magazine, January 2013

GGramophone Magazine

Editor's Choice - January 2013

DG - 4790079



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La Barcha d'Amore

La Barcha d'Amore




Greensleeves to a Ground

Une jeune fillette


Yo soy la locura

Caccini, G:

Amor ch'attendi

Alme luci beat

Non ha'l ciel cotanti lumi


Sosieguen, descansen


Gagliarda 'La barca d'amore'

Hidalgo, J:

Ay que me rio de amor


Rondeau du Mariage forcé

Chaconne de l'Amour médecin

Marini, B:

Passacaglia à 4, Op. 22


Lamento della Ninfa (Book 8)


Paduan dolorosa a 4: Cantus V

Courant dolorosa a 4: Cantus IX


My Sweet Little Darling


No te embarques

La Barcha d'Amore is an eclectic, contrasting selection of some of the most beautiful vocal and instrumental music inspired by mythology and 17th-century European love poetry. Music of time and memory, performed by Montserrat Figueras and Jordi Savall, together with Ton Koopman, Hopkinson Smith,Andrew Lawrence-King and other members of the ensemble Hespèrion XX (which in 2001 became Hespèrion XXI) and the orchestra Le Concert Des Nations, have selected recordings that they made from 1976 to 1996 for the labels Emi Electrola, Dhm,Astrée and Auvidis, and from 1998 to 2008 for Aliavox. This anthology, contains vocal pieces directly related to the theme of love, such as the innovative Airs for the recitar cantando of Giulio Caccini's Le Nuove Musiche, the evocative tonos humanos by Spanish Baroque composers Sebastián Durón, Juan del Vado and Juan Hidalgo, Monteverdi's sublime Lamento della Ninfa, the mysterious folia Yo soy la locura by Henri du Bailly, not forgetting the touching Elizabethan lullaby and the tender melody Une jeune fillette, both by anonymous authors, but equally remarkable for their great beauty and depth of emotion. The various instrumental pieces, with such evocative titles as the Gaillarde "La Barcha del mio Amore" by Giacomo de Gorzanis, Samuel Scheidt's Pavane and his "Courant dolorosa", the Elizabethan "Desperada" and the highly popular improvisation piece, "Greensleeves", as well as the great Jean-Baptiste Lully's Rondeau from Le Mariage forcé and the Chaconne from L'Amour Médecin, provide the necessary complement to the vocal pieces, resulting in a great variety of sources and contrasting characters. The Barcha d'Amore is the personal testimony of Jordi Savall's unwavering and rigorous commitment to the performance of music from the Middle Ages to the age of Classicism using 'historically informed' instruments and performance techniques, which emerged in the 1970s.Those years marked the beginning of a great revival in the performance of pre-Romantic music, a continuing revival which offers the possibility of retrieving an important cultural legacy.

“…there's a surprising homogeneity of sound and style throughout - testament to Figueras and Savall's innate musicality, artistic vision and spiritual harmony in a lifetime of collaboration and discovery.” BBC Music Magazine, September 2009 ****

Alia Vox Heritage - AV9811



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Daniel Hope - Air

Daniel Hope - Air

A baroque journey


Greensleeves to a Ground

arr.: Olivier Fourés

Bach, J S:

Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major, BWV1068: Air ('Air on a G String')



La suave melodia

Passacalle à 3


Concerto grosso after Corelli, No. 5 in G minor

arr. of Arcangelo Corelli's Sonata for Violin and Basso continuo, op. 5 no. 5


Sarabande from Suite in D minor, HWV437

arr.: Olivier Fourés

Leclair, J-M:


Marini, B:

Passacaglia à 4, Op. 22

Matteis the elder:

Diverse Bizzarie Sopra La Vecchia Sarabanda O Pur Ciaconna

Ground after the Scotch Humour

Ortiz, D:

Ricercata segunda


Canon & Gigue


Concerto TWV 51:a1 in A minor for violin (or oboe), strings & b.c.

Valente, A:

Gaillarda Napolitana


Imitazione delle campane (from Sonate a Violino Solo, Sonata III

La guerra così nominato di sua maesta (from Sonata in A major "La Guerra")

Imitazione del liuto (from Sonate a Violino solo, Sonata II)

Daniel Hope (violin)

Air sets out to trace a baroque journey. It is the story of four unique composers, three of whom were virtuoso violinists - Falconiero, Matteis and Geminiani from Italy, and Westhoff from Germany. They wandered throughout Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries in search of musical inspiration and cross-pollination, and their music and art of performance intrigued and delighted kings, contemporaries and audiences alike

This album shows how diverse the music of the baroque era was. Air blends the simplest and at times most primitive forms of dance music with the most sophisticated and revolutionary compositions of the day, culminating in a work by Bach - the great master, whose title is Hope’s inspiration for this collection, that also includes hits like Pachelbel’s Canon or Handel’s Sarabande

Daniel Hope, who developed the concept of this album throughout the last months, will be an excellent and charismatic spokesperson for this exciting project.

“In all, here's a striking demonstration of the sheer variety and invention of Baroque violin composers… Although by no means 'period' performances… they are admirably stylish. Hope uses vibrato as a colour and there are some delightful hues in the five continuo options, plucked and keyed.” BBC Music Magazine, Christmas 2009 ****

“…this is an exciting disc with a heady, pied-piper power over the listener that comes from realising that the bright sense of discovery once felt by these composers is being experienced just as much by their modern-day interpreters.” Gramophone Magazine, November 2009

DG - 4778094



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All The World's A Stage

All The World's A Stage

Music and dances for Williams Shakespeare


The Fairey Masque

Witches Dance I

The second Witches dance

Greensleeves to a Ground

Strawberry Leaves


When daisies pied (from Love's Labours Lost)





Orpheus with his lute


Country Dances and Cotillions: Mrs Quickly

Country Dances and Cotillions: As You Like It

Country Dances and Cotillions: The Taming of the Shrew

Country Dances and Cotillions: Alls Well That Ends Well

Johnson, R:

Full fathom five

Where the bee sucks


Orpheus with his lute

Let's have a dance upon the heath

Suite from The Tempest


O mistress mine

It was a lover and his lass

Passymeasures Pavan


Suite from the Fairy Queen

Musica Donum Dei

Music from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries composed for Shakespeare's plays or to celebrate his work. A wide range of instrumental sounds and some splendid singing create a fascinating programme of dynamic and cheerful English music, performed by one of Britain's leading ensembles.

The Gift of Music - CCLCDG1110



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Greensleeves to a Ground

Bullard, A:

Hat Box

Duarte, J W:

Un Petit Jazz

Un Petit Bis

Ellis, D:

Fred's Blue Ginger Staircase Music


Comagain for descant recorder


New World Dances: Three Pieces from the Select Cabinet


Bramall Hall Dances for recorder, harpsichord & cello (2001)




Chadkirk Idyll

The Turner-Smith Duo

“There are serious moments: a courtly Greensleeves, virtuosic divisions on a Dowland song, a dreamy 'Chadkirk Idyll' from that much loved composer of light music, Ernest Tomlinson...But with the local impetus of Stockport (and John Turner) time passes quickly in this cheery company.” MusicWeb International

Campion Cameo - CAMEO2020



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Trumpet - Organ - Trombone

Trumpet - Organ - Trombone



Greensleeves to a Ground

Bach, J S:

Flute Sonata No. 2 in E flat major, BWV1031

Musical Offering, BWV1079: Ricercar a 6


Violin Sonata Op. 5 No. 12 in D minor (La folia)


Fantasia, Almand & Ayre


Canzon a 2 'La Pichi'

Stanley, J:

Trumpet Voluntary Suite No. 1


The Four Seasons: Spring, RV269

Reinhold Friedrich (trumpet), Martin Lucker (organ), Hartmut Friedrich (trombone)

Capriccio - C10483



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The Artistry of Clas Pehrsson

The Artistry of Clas Pehrsson


Greensleeves to a Ground

Flos filius eius

Motett (Dance Song)

Dulcissima Maria

Canova da Milano:



Biblical settings (4) for soprano, lute & recorder


Lachrimae Pavan, P. 15


Vergene bella


d’Lofzangh Marie

Engels nachtegaeltje

Amarilli mia bella

Ferrabosco, A I:



Sonata in A minor for recorder and continuo, HWV362, Op. 1 No. 4



Plus dure que un dyamant

Ortiz, D:

Recercada Quarta

Recercada sobre O felice occhi miei

Recercada segunda


Sonata TWV 41:C2 in C major for recorder & b.c.

Clas Pehrsson (recorder), Solveig Faringer (soprano), Jörgen Rörby (lute) & Cecilia Peijel (guitar)

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