Monte, P: O suavitas et dulcedo

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Phillippe De Monte: Choral Works

Phillippe De Monte: Choral Works

Monte, P:

Missa Aspice Domine

Aspice Domine de Jachet of Mantua

O suavitas et dulcedo

Miserere mei, Deus

Pie Jesu

Virtus mea

O clementissime Domina Jesu

Clamavi de tribulatione mea

Factum est silentium

“What a feast for lovers of Renaissance polyphony, and the only available recording of Philippe de Monte's parody mass Missa Aspice Domine, based on a motet by an earlier composer, Jacquet of Mantua, also included here. In general Stephen Darlington adopts a faster tempo for the mass than for the slow-moving motet, but the mood is still quietly pleading. One of the loveliest forward-looking movements is the Angus Dei: the trebles lead with the finely structured melody, the lower voices being more of an accompaniment than a clearly defined part of the polyphonic texture. Two of de Monte's original motets that follow are again settings of texts of earnest supplication. The most moving is the Miserere, with its opening phrases marked by an imaginative chord progression. Of the other three, we hear the composer's surprisingly loud-sounding 'silence in heaven' as Michael does the dragon in (Factum est silentium).” Gramophone Classical Music Guide, 2010

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Rembrandt's Women: Music From the Time of Rembrandt

Rembrandt's Women: Music From the Time of Rembrandt

Boesset, A:

Objet dont les charmes si doux

N'Esperez Plus, Mes Yeux

Champion, N:








Morte Dolce

Caccia amorosa

Serenade - 'Ne crains point le serein'


Le reveil de Calliste

Graves tesmoins de mes delices

Avertisti faciem

Erravi Domine

Laetatus sum


Weep no more my wearied eyes

O Glorious object

Qual musico gentil

Monte, P:

Factum est silentium

O suavitas et dulcedo

Clamavi de tribulatione mea


Mein junges Leben hat ein End - variations

A re-creation of Rembrandt’s musical world from the correspondence of his patron and friend Constantijn Huygens, the composer, diplomat and poet. This collection of domestic songs and music for virginals, and organ music from the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam was prepared for the Rembrandt’s Women exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

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Renaissance & Baroque Music

Renaissance & Baroque Music

England, France, Flanders, Germany


Pia mater gratie

Nesciens mater

Beata Preogenies


Agnus Dei

Alma Redemptoris Mater

Agnus Dei

Post Missarum Solemnia

Bach, J S:

Motets, BWV225-230


Nesciens mater

En Katerine solennia

Cooke, John:

Ave Regina Caelorum

Stella celi


Beata Dei genetrix Maria

Salve porta paradisi


Missa L'homme arme

Nuper rosarum flores

Ecclesiae militantis

Alma Redemptoris Mater

O sancte Sebastiane

Salve flos Tusce gentis


Qualis est dilectus

Ascendit Christus


Commune Festorum Beatae Mariae Virginis

Missa Paschalis (Easter Mass)

Quis dabit capiti meo aquam?

Es het ein Baur ein Töchterlein

Es wollt ein meydlein grasen gan

Greiner, Zancker, Schnopffitzer

J'ay pris amours

Fammi una gratia amore

La morra


Ave post libamina

Monte, P:

O suavitas et dulcedo

Parce Mihi, Domine

Dolce mio caro

Comme la tourterelle

La Deesse Venus

La dolce vista

Missa 8 vocum: La dolce vista


Agnus Dei



Power, L:


Beata progenies


Ave Regina, OH43


Beata viscera



Agnus Dei, OH141

Salve Regina

Missa 'Alma redemptoris mater'

Ibo michi ad montem

Quam pulchra es






St Matthew Passion, SWV 479

The Hilliard Ensemble, Kees Boeke Consort, Soloists from the Knabenchor Hannover, London Baroque

The blend between the voices is finely controlled, the tone mellow and the tuning spectacularly accurate, giving rise to an organ-like sonority that is genuinely thrilling,” wrote Gramophone magazine, praising the Hilliard Ensemble’s four singers, who excelled in an extraordinary variety of music over a 40-year career. This seven-CD collection extends from the Middle Ages to the Baroque, offering music by composers from England, France, Flanders and Germany.

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