Griffes: Three Preludes

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Charles Tomlinson Griffes: Piano Music

Charles Tomlinson Griffes: Piano Music


Three Tone Poems

Fantasy Pieces, Op. 6

Roman Sketches, Op. 7

Piano Sonata in F sharp minor

De Profundis

Winter Landscape

Three Preludes

The American composer Charles Tomlinson Griffes’s piano works represent a remarkable musical achievement. Griffes was active as a composer for little more than twelve years, and did not write prolifically, but nevertheless produced pieces of great maturity which are both concise and extraordinarily powerful, showing the contemporary European influences to which he was exposed but also demonstrating a highly individual compositional voice. His Roman Sketches Op 7 contains his most famous work, ‘The White Peacock’—an acknowledged Impressionist masterpiece—while the final movement, ‘Clouds’, clearly heralds the language of modernism.

Almost all of Griffes’s piano music is present here, and the composer has never been better served on record than by his compatriot Garrick Ohlsson, who here applies the full force of his interpretive and technical prowess.

“There are pieces here that combine the impressionism of Debussy and Ravel with the obsessive thematic working of Scriabin; others, a bit later, that suggest the primitivism of Stravinsky and Garrick Ohlsson's superb performances show, Griffes's piano writing is wonderfully fluent” The Guardian, 25th April 2013 ****

“Hugely commanding and authoritative; a landmark in every way.” MusicWeb International, 15th May 2013

“I was only a few seconds into listening to this CD...when I realised it was going to be very special indeed. Hyperion's immaculate piano sound helps, too. But Ohlsson's phrasing is perfect: no exaggeration, simply rapturous harmonic textures projecting elegant melodies...Griffes can never have sounded better.” Gramophone Magazine, June 2013

“Ohlsson's performances throughout are a judicious blend of absolute technical security and fantasy, giving especially appealing treatment to the simple melodies that emerge occasionally from Griffes's teeming textures...this disc makes a compelling case for a masterly figure in American musical history.” BBC Music Magazine, August 2013 *****

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Charles Tomlinson Griffes: Piano Works, Vol. 2

Charles Tomlinson Griffes: Piano Works, Vol. 2


The Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan

Three Preludes

Piece in E major

Dance in A minor

Fantasy Pieces, Op. 6

Piece in D minor

Piece in B-flat major

Hansel und Gretel: Overture

Symphonische Phantasie (version for 2 pianos)

Michael Lewin (piano), Janice Weber (piano)

Marco Polo American Classics - 8225163



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Griffes: Piano Works, Vol. 2

Griffes: Piano Works, Vol. 2


The Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan

Three Preludes

Piece in E major

Dance in A minor

Fantasy Pieces, Op. 6

Piece in D minor

Piece in B-flat major

Hansel und Gretel: Overture

Symphonische Phantasie (version for 2 pianos)

Michael Lewin (piano), Janice Weber (piano)

Naxos American Classics - 8559046

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Charles Tomlinson Griffes: Collected Works for Piano

Charles Tomlinson Griffes: Collected Works for Piano



Dance in A minor

De Profundis



Piece in B-flat major

Piece in D minor

Piece in E major

Sonata (1918)

The Fountain of the Acqua Paola

The Lake at Evening

The Night Winds

The Vale of Dreams

The White Peacock

Three Preludes

Denver Oldham (piano)

“Charles Tomlinson Griffes [1884-1920] wrote some of the most beautiful music ever created by an American.”

-Winthrop Sargeant

Among the small but precious body of work that constitutes his legacy, Griffes’s piano music occupies a substantial and significant place. An extremely accomplished pianist himself, Griffes composed music for the piano throughout his brief life. This comprehensive overview, chronologically sequenced, enables the listener to trace Griffes’s compositional development over the arc of his career. The peaks of his achievement in the genre are all here: his best-known piano work, The White Peacock; his “tribute to Wagner,” the brooding De Profundis; Clouds, which can stand comparison with Debussy's composition of the same name; The Fountain of the Acqua Paola, a stunning piece of “water music” in the tradition of Liszt and Ravel; the cryptic and enigmatic Three Preludes of 1919; and the Sonata for Piano, his masterpiece and one of the classics of American music.

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Panorama of American Piano Music

Panorama of American Piano Music

from Antheil to Zappa 1911 to 1991


Death of machines 'Third Piano Sonata'

Valentine Waltzes


For Aaron Copland

For William Schuman

Bloch, E:

Poems of the Sea: Chanty


Sonatina Fragmentaria

first recording

Brant, P:

Music for a Five and Dime

Brown, Earle:

Pieces (3): No. 2



In a Landscape

49 Waltzes for the Five Boroughs

first and second realizations



Nickel in the Slot




Sonnets (3)

first recording of Nos. 1 & 3

Our Town: The Resting Place on the Hill

Cowell, H:

Amiable Conversation

Crawford Seeger:

Nine Preludes: No. 6

Crumb, G:

Makrokosmos, II: Tora! Tora! Tora!


For Cornelius

Davidovsky, M:

Synchronism No. 6 for Piano and Electronic Sounds

Feldman, M:

Vertical Thoughts 4


Youth’s Companion: Riddle Song




Impromptu in two Keys


Prelude for a Pensive Pupil

Glass, P:

Modern Love Waltz


Gould, M:

Prelude and Toccata: Prelude


Pastoral (from In a Nutshell)


Three Preludes

Harris, Roy:

American Ballads: Streets of Laredo

Harrison, L:

A Waltz for Evelyn Hinrichsen

A Summerfield Set for solo piano


Visionary Landscapes 1-5: excerpts


My Friend Mozart

Ives, C:

The Alcotts


Twelve Short Piano Pieces, Op. 83: A Boat Slowly Sailing (No. 6)


Six Preludes: Prelude No. 4

Song Without Words

Moran, R:

Valse 'In Memoriam Maurice Ravel'


Prelude & Blues: Blues

Three Two-Part Studies


Suicide in an Airplane



Powell, Mel:



Blue Voyage, Op. 6


Third Pentagram


Evocations: excerpts


Four Piano Pieces: No. 4


Veiled Autumn (Kindertodeslied)

Sellars, J:



From my diary


Changing Faces

first recording


Valse pour les petits lecteurs du Figaro

Thomson, V:

Souvenir: Portrait of Paul Bowles

first recording

For a Happy Occasion


Red Garnet Waltz


Nocturne: The Sensualist, Dying, Recalls His Protestant Youth

Wolff, C:

Prelude No. 5

Young, La M:

Study No. 2


Zappa, Frank:

Little House I Used to Live in: Piano Introduction

Yvar Mikhashoff (piano)

'Panorama of American Piano Music' is a comprehensive survey of 20th century piano works, beginning with Ives’ “The Alcotts” movement from the 'Concord Sonata' (1912) through Lou Harrison’s 'Summerfield Set' (1988). Every decade is represented with works from between those years. Pianist Yvar Mikhashoff (1941–93) was a master at presenting marathon concerts on a single theme. The 'Panorama' was one of them, exploring the remarkable diversity of 20th century American music, from serialism to minimalism, populist to avant garde experimentalism, short works for amateur pianists to virtuoso pieces. Never before has such a survey of piano music been represented.

62 works, presented in chronological order, from composers Antheil to Zappa, written between the years 1912-88. Over 15 first recordings, including Copland, Bowles, Thomson and LaMonte Young. Many works are unpublished, some taken from manuscripts.

“There are some real rarities here...while the stylistic range is formidably wide...It's sometimes bitty and inconsequential, but always engaging – and a fine memorial to an intrepid musician.” The Guardian, 19th June 2014 ***

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