Ciconia: Doctorum principem

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Ciaramella: Music from the Court of Burgundy

Ciaramella: Music from the Court of Burgundy

Agricola, A:

Comme femme

Fortuna desperata


Cancon de' pifari dicto El ferrarese I

Je suis d'Alemagne

A cheval, tout homme à cheval

Roti boully joyeulx

Cancon de' pifari dicto El ferrarese II

La Spagna


De nachtigaal die zank een lied - La franchoise nouvelle



Comme femme desconfortée


Una Panthera

Doctorum principem

O Rosa bella


La Spagna a 5


Urbs beata


J'ay pris amours


Alarme, Alarme


J'ay pris amours




Plaisance, or tost


Ciaramella captures the virtuosic essence of the likes of Johannes Ciconia, Guillaume Dufay, Johannes Pullois and Alexander Agricola. Never heard of them? Don’t worry - after listening to this recording, you won’t forget them, and will find yourself awake at night, dreaming for more.

Ciaramella recreates improvisations in historical style, bringing the practice of fifteenth-century jazz back to life. You won’t quickly forget the sound of the Renaissance shawm and bagpipes, mastered with uncanny skill by the members of Ciaramella.

Yarlung Records - YAR05785



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Johannes Ciconia: Opera Omnia (Complete works)

Johannes Ciconia: Opera Omnia (Complete works)


O felix templum jubila

O Padua, sidus preclarum

Venice, mundi splendor

O virum omnimoda

Albane, Misse celitus

Doctorum principem

Petrum Marcello venetum

Ut per te omnes

Beatum incendium

O Petre, christi discipule

Caçando un giorno

I cani sono fuora

Una Panthera

Con lagreme bagnandome

Ballata - Dolce Fortuna

La flamma del to amor

Chi nel servir antico

Ligiadra Donna

O Rosa bella

Merçé o morte

Gli atti col dançar

Aller m’en veus

Sus une fontayne

Quod jactatur

Le Ray au soleil

Diabolus In Musica & La Morra, Antoine Guerber & Michal Gondko

Active in Venice and Padua at the beginning of the 15th century, Johannes Ciconia was undoubtedly the most important composer of this transitional period. Born in Liège and trained in the principles of the French and Italian Ars Nova, he played a considerable role in the musical development that led little by little towards the Renaissance.

His works are in all the forms current for the period: French chansons, Italian ballades and madrigals and Latin motets for particular occasions as well as individual movements from the Mass that proclaim the arrival of the form’s golden age in the 15th century. This recording of his complete works has been entrusted to two remarkable ensembles that are no strangers to Outhere’s catalogue: La Morra for the secular music and Diabolus In Musica for the sacred works and the motets for particular occasions.

“La Morra prefer a more ruminative and thoughtful approach to the songs that is again entirely different from what has been heard before - including what must be the slowest-ever performance of 'Per quella strada'. As with any complete recording, some tracks are better than others, but we do get a new and clearer picture of who Ciconia was.” Gramophone Magazine, December 2011

“the French group's manner translates into transparently clear textual declamation, especially in the single-texted 'Glorias' and 'Credos'...In short, this recording is an impressive document of both a great musical figure and the great progress over the last three decades of performance practice scholarship for late-Medieval music.” International Record Review, March 2012

GGramophone Awards 2012

Finalist - Early Music

Early Music

Ricercar - RIC316

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The Saracen and the Dove

The Saracen and the Dove


O Maria virgo Davitica

Caserta, A:

Del glorioso titolo


Doctorum principem

Per quella strada

O felix templum jubila

O Padua, sidus preclarum

Con lagreme bagnandome

Una Panthera

Sus une Fontayne

Le ray au soleyl



Imperial sedendo

La douce chiere


Un fior gentil m´apparse

Sumite, karissimi

Gloria: Ad ogni vento

Dime, Fortuna

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Early Music

DG Archiv - 4596202

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