Rossi, Luigi: Fantasia "Les pleurs d'Orphée"

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Il Pianto d'Orfeo

Il Pianto d'Orfeo

or The Birth of Opera

Caccini, G:

Antri ch'a' miei lamenti (from L'Euridice)

Aria di romanesca

Non piango e non sospiro

Non piango e non sospiro

Aria di romanesca

Movetevi à pietà

Funeste piagge


Aria di Fiorenza


La suave melodia

Landi, S:

Muove Orfeo l'empia Dite


Folle e ben che si crede


Vi ricorda, o bosch'ombrosi

Air d'Orphee Rosa del ciel

Tu se’ morta mia vita, Lamento d’Orfeo

Possente Spirto (from l'Orfeo)


Ahi, vista troppo dolce (from Orfeo)

Peri, J:

Non piango e non sospiro

Funeste piagge


Toccata XIII

Rossi, Luigi:


Orfeo: Al Imperio d'Amore

Mio ben decoil tormento più

Fantasia "Les pleurs d'Orphée"

Lasciate averno (from Orfeo)


Orfeo, tu dormi (from Orfeo)

Se desti pietà (from Orfeo)

Scherzi Musicali, Nicolas Achten

“The seamless narrative is organised into six subsections that follow the plot of the myth, connected together by instrumental pieces such as warmly played sinfonias by Rossi and music by Cavalieri...this captivating experience is enriched by Deborah York's five contributions” Gramophone Magazine, January 2015

Deutsche HM - 88843078722



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Ferveur & Extase

Ferveur & Extase



Lamento di Didone


Cantata a voce sola


Passacalle à 3

Marini, B:

Sinfonia Primo Tuono

Sinfonia Sesto Tuono


Pianto della Madonna 'Iam moriar, mi fili' (sopra il Lamento dell'Arianna), SV 288


When I am laid in earth (from Dido and Aeneas)

Rossi, Luigi:

Fantasia "Les pleurs d'Orphée"

Scarlatti, A:

Didone delirante: excerpts

Concerto VII in D major


O Maria

Stéphanie d'Oustrac (mezzo) & Violaine Cochard (harpsichord, direction)


From Dido's desperate love to Mary's poignant fervour...

This sumptuous album, combines the sacred and profane, the cult of the Virgin Mary as opposed to Dido, Queen of Carthage, almost exclusively by 17th century Venetian Baroque composers.

It includes the iconic aria [Dido's Lament], Cavalli's Lamento di Didone and Scarlatti's Didone delirante, long thought lost, and a previously unrecorded cantata by Faggioli.

The vocally distinctive, theatrically brilliant French mezzo Stephanie d'Oustrac is accompanied by Ens Amarillis and Violaine Cochard.

“the sequence never feels like a series of bleeding chunks - indeed, among recordings of 17th-century Italian music, this programme stands out for its musical integrity and cohesiveness...d'Oustrac responds to the music's vacillating moods with a gorgeous variety of vocal effects and colours.” BBC Music Magazine, December 2011 *****

“[d'Oustrac] demonstrates arresting dramatic personality and intelligence with text to go with a mezzo voice with enough flexibility, lyrical composure and fragility enough to prevent her from sounding like an identikit raving lady.” Gramophone Magazine, February 2012

Ambronay - AMY027

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Les Escapades du Roi

Les Escapades du Roi

Plaisirs et intrigues à la cour de Versailles

Charpentier, M-A:

Overture & Air ‘Que tout cède aux douceurs de mes Accords charmants!’

Air ‘Amour, viens animer ma voix!’

Concert pour quatre parties de violes H. 545

Couperin, F:

Sonate en Quatuor 'La Sultane'

Couperin, L:

Chaconne ou Passacaille

Forqueray, A:

La Régente

Suite (Fragment)


Air ‘Quel martire’

Air ‘Viens avec moi’


Chaconne ‘Les Fontaines de Versailles'


Trios pour le Coucher du Roi

Marais, M:


Le Moulinet


Le Triomfe de la Constance

Rossi, Luigi:

Fantasia "Les pleurs d'Orphée"


Prélude Assez de pleurs & Chaconne

Monika Mauch (soprano)

Viol Consort ‘Les Escapades’

An invitation to experience music played in the court of Versailles – for Louis XIV and his successors. An imaginary story gives it its framework: A young provincial beauty comes to the court, is presented to the King and becomes his favourite, falls into disgrace through the intrigues of her rivals, but finally retrieves her honour.

In general this CD follows the hypothetical idea that music is the mirror of daily life – and even of the Baroque concept of always looking for a hidden sense beneath the surface of a work of art.

Christophorus - CHR77338



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Battaglie & Lamenti

Battaglie & Lamenti



Sarabande Italienne


Canzon in Echo a 8


Battaglia de Barabasso yerno de Satanas


Pianto d'Erinna

Gabrieli, G:

Canzon III a 6


Canzon sopra la Battaglia a 4


Lamento d'Arianna 'Lasciatemi morire'

Peri, J:

Lamento di Iole

Rossi, Luigi:

Fantasia "Les pleurs d'Orphée"


Pavan - Galliard Battaglia


Il Lamento "Su'l Rodano severo"

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