Porpora: Partimenti del Sig. Nicola Porpora

This page lists our only recording of Partimenti del Sig. Nicola Porpora, by Nicola Antonio Porpora (1686-1768) on CD & download (MP3 & FLAC).

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Porpora: Pastoral Cantatas

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8th April 2013




69 minutes


CD (download also available)
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Porpora: Pastoral Cantatas


Freme il mar, e col sussurro

Ninfe e pastor che al bel Sebeto in riva

Sonata for cello and continuo in F major

Questa dunque e la selva

Ecco che il primo albore

Partimenti del Sig. Nicola Porpora

D'amor la bella pace

Marina de Liso (mezzo-soprano)

Stile Galante, Stefano Aresi



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Probably no other composer and vocal pedagogue had a stronger influence on opera seria than the Neapolitan Nicola Porpora. Countless renowned singers emerged from his school; the best-known example is the castrato Farinelli.

Porpora was not only a significant opera composer, however, but also created numerous chamber cantatas - dramatic scenes scored for small ensembles that are almost always set in an Arcadian atmosphere and were intended for performance in the private sphere.

Porpora wrote over 130 works in this appealing genre; on this recording can be heard five cantatas for a deep female voice, interpreted by the mezzo soprano Marina De Liso, one of the most sought-after singers on the baroque scene.

With a wealth of colours and emotions, and a wide range between lyrical expression and dramatic virtuosity, she brings these miniatures about the love troubles of shepherds and shepherdesses to life. The instrumental parts are performed by Stile Galante under the direction of Stefano Aresi. This ensemble, founded in 2010, specialises in the gallant repertoire of the late Italian baroque which the young musicians from all over Europe interpret with brilliance and vitality.

Nicola Porpora: Freme il mar, e col sussurro

Freme il mar, e col sussurro

Fileno abbandonato

La pastorella lascia la villa

Nicola Porpora: Ninfe e pastor che al bel Sebeto in riva

Ninfe e pastor che al bel Sebeto in riva

Ditele che il mio core

Ma se forse ritrosa la trovaste

Si, tacete! Se sdegnosa

Nicola Porpora: Cello Sonata in F major

I. Larghetto

II. Allegro

III. Adagio

IV. Allegro non presto

Nicola Porpora: Questa dunque e la selva

Questa dunque e la selva

Care piante, amato rio

Ahi, memoria dolente

Vorrei tanto rigor

Nicola Porpora: Ecco che il primo albore


Ecco che il primo albore

La pecorella contenta pasce

Pastor gentil la siegue

Se andra senza il pastore

Nicola Porpora: Partimenti del Signor Nicola Porpora

Scala inventata da Don Nicola Porpora

Partimento in G Major

Partimento in A Minor

Partimento in G Major

Nicola Porpora: D'amor la bella pace

D'amor la bella pace

Dicea clori a Filen

O Filen fortunato!

Qual timidetta

Sunday Times

14th April 2013

“That the Naples-born Porpora is no longer big box office has nothing to do with the quality of his music...All have texts that are variations upon the pastoral theme, and all are characterised by compositional responses that are far from formulaic. Elegantly turned.”

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