Jolivet: Patchinko

This page lists our only recording of Patchinko, by André Jolivet (1905-74) on CD & download (MP3 & FLAC).

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Jolivet: Complete Chamber Music with Piano

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8th Sept 2017




2 hours 37 minutes


CD (download also available)
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Jolivet: Complete Chamber Music with Piano


Grave et gigue

Air pour bercer

Violin Sonata


Choral et fugato

Chant d'oppression


Ouverture en rondeau


Chant de Linos


(version for oboe and piano)

Petit Suite for Flute, Viola and Harp

Hopi Snake Dance

Air de Bravoure

Fantaisie-Impromptu pour saxophone alto et piano

Fantaisie-Caprice (1953) for flute and piano

Cabrioles for flute and piano

Chant pour les piroguiers de l'Orénoque


Flute Sonata


Filippo Farinelli (piano)

CD - 2 discs


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André Jolivet (1905‐1974) is considered one of the most interesting French composers of the 20th century. His vast oeuvre includes nearly all musical genres. Actively open to all musical genres (he never had a proper conservatory education) he developed a personal style that was distinctly avant‐garde.

This new recording spans Jolivet’s entire lifetime, and presents his complete chamber music with piano in combination with violin, viola, cello, flute, oboe, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, double‐bass and Ondes Martenot. Fascinating, vibrant and colourful music! Excellent performances by Italian soloists and pianist Filippo Farinelli, the driving force behind several Brilliant Classics projects: complete songs by Ravel, Jolivet and Dallapiccola, Koechlin Saxophone Music and others.

The extensive liner notes are written by a musicologist.

André Jolivet: Grave et gigue

Grave et gigue: I. Grave

Grave et gigue: II. Gigue

André Jolivet: Air pour bercer

Air pour bercer

André Jolivet: Violin Sonata

Violin Sonata: I. Ramassé

Violin Sonata: II. Librement (Très lent)

Violin Sonata: III. Bousculé

André Jolivet: Aubade


André Jolivet: Choral et fugato

Choral et fugato: I. Choral

Choral et fugato: II. Fugato

André Jolivet: Chant d'oppression

Chant d'oppression

André Jolivet: 3 Poemes

3 Poemes: I. Ondes

3 Poemes: II. Serimpie

3 Poemes: III. Chant d’oppression

André Jolivet: Ouverture en rondeau

Ouverture en rondeau

André Jolivet: Nocturne


André Jolivet: Chant de Linos

Chant de Linos

André Jolivet: Serenade (version for oboe and piano)

Serenade (version for oboe and piano): I. Cantilene

Serenade (version for oboe and piano): II. Caprice

Serenade (version for oboe and piano): III. Intermede

Serenade (version for oboe and piano): IV. Marche burlesque

André Jolivet: Petite Suite (1947)

Petite Suite (1947): I. Ouverture

Petite Suite (1947): II. Introduction et Valse

Petite Suite (1947): III. Contredance

André Jolivet: Hopi Snake Dance

Hopi Snake Dance

André Jolivet: Air de bravoure

Air de bravoure

André Jolivet: Fantaisie-impromptu


André Jolivet: Fantaisie-caprice


André Jolivet: Cabrioles


André Jolivet: Chant pour les piroguiers de l'Orénoque

Chant pour les piroguiers de l'Orénoque

André Jolivet: Méditation


André Jolivet: Flute Sonata

Flute Sonata: I. Fluide

Flute Sonata: II. Grave

Flute Sonata: III. Violent

André Jolivet: Patchinko


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