Rameau: Dardanus: Tambourin I & II

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Rameau – The Sound of Light

Rameau – The Sound of Light


Les Fêtes d'Hébé: Musette et Tambourin en rondeau pour Terpsichore

Zoroastre: excerpts

Platée: Orage

Les Indes galantes (excerpts)

Platée: Aux langueurs d'Appollon

Tristes apprêts (from Castor et Pollux)

Naïs: excerpts

Les Boréades: Contredanse en rondeau

Dardanus: Tambourin I & II

La poule

Nadine Koutcher (soprano) & Alexei Svetov (bass)

MusicAeterna Orchestra & Choir, Teodor Currentzis

In celebration of the 250-year anniversary of Jean Philippe Rameau’s death, this album is a selection of Teodor Currentzis’ favourite orchestral and orchestral / vocal works by Rameau - taken mostly from his operas and opera-ballets.

Two singers drawn from the MusicAeterna Choir – Nadine Koutcher and Alexei Svetov - sing solo parts on several of the key tracks including the hauntingly beautiful Tristes Apprêts’ from Castor et Pollux and ‘Orage‘ from Platée.

We see that this release builds on the brand of Currentzis and MusicAeterna showing that they have a very rich and broad creative output.

“The most amazing phenomenon in life is light. It gives us breath, life and love. So – how to explain to someone who has never been embraced by the sun what light actually is? I would play them music by Rameau.” Currentzis explains how he experiences the music of Rameau.

“sometimes it is just too extreme...Yet there is highly original thinking here, and you cannot argue with the sophistication of the playing by the orchestra MusicAeterna.” The Observer, 16th November 2014 ***

“Discerning music lovers who enjoy living on the edge might consider Rameau: The Sound of Light for Christmas. The maverick conductor Teodor Currentzis’s incisive trip through the juicier chunks of Rameau’s operas is delivered with typically extreme tempi and gutsy playing from MusicAeterna.” The Times, 12th December 2014 ****

“Currentzis describes the act of listening to Rameau as a conversation in which 'you are naked and it is painful'. In the dewy pathos of 'Tristes apprets'..., as the string fade into a pale halo around Nadine Koutcher's fragile voice and the pulse slows to nothingness, you can almost see what he means.” BBC Music Magazine, February 2015 ***

“This anthology of favourite moments from Rameau's stage music, though eccentric, is quite satisfying…the conviction with which Currentzis and his exceptionally talented orchestra present their unusual interpretations has won me, a crusty purist, over more than a little.” International Record Review, March 2015

“After several memorable Mozart recordings, they take on the music of Rameau here, bringing the same startling zest for innovation and untamed dynamism to a dazzling selection of vocal and instrumental selections from his operas.” New York Times, 11th December 2015

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Rameau - Règne Amour

Rameau - Règne Amour

Love Songs from the Operas


Les Indes galantes: Fra le pupille

Les Indes galantes: Rigaudon I & II - Fuyez

Les Indes galantes: Tambourin I & II - Partez

Les Indes galantes: Règnez, Amour

Les Indes galantes: Tempête : La nuit couvre les cieux !

Les Paladins: C'est trop soupirer

Platée: Soleil, fuis de ces lieux !

Zoroastre: Règne Amours

Dardanus: Marche pour les différents nations - Par tes bienfaits

Dardanus: Air gracieux - L'Amour, le seul Amour

Dardanus: Si l'Amour coute des soupirs

Dardanus: Tambourin I & II

Pygmalion: Du pouvoir de l'Amour

Hyppolyte et Aricie: Rossignols amoureux

Les Indes galantes: Musettes, résonnez

Platée: Formons les plus brillants concerts

Platée: Aux langueurs d'Appollon

Platée: Honneur à la Folie - Aimables jeux

Platée: Honneur à la Folie - Je veux finir - Hymen

Carolyn Sampson, a soprano with a reputation for performances of dazzling virtuosity and musicality, presents arias from seven operas by Rameau in her first solo recording. She is joined by Ex Cathedra and Jeffrey Skidmore, with whom she began her singing career whilst at Birmingham University.

Rameau's operas so dominated the stage of the Paris Opéra in the mid-1700s that their productions were officially ‘rationed' so as not to depress other composers. By turns tender, voluptuous, nostalgic, teasing, and even outrageously satirical, these arias are ravishingly beautiful.

“Carolyn Sampson's voice almost inevitably gives pleasure and her singing of this repertoire, strikingly varied in its stylistic and expressive ranges, is well nigh ideal” BBC Music Magazine

“The English soprano's musical intelligence, effervescent communication and richness of sound add up to a compelling package, especially so in this carefully chosen selection of Rameau's operatic love songs.” Classic FM Magazine

“This is a stunning CD. Never before have I heard such fantastic performances of Rameau from an English group. The undoubted star of the show is former choirboy-soundalike Carloyn Sampson, whose voice has (seemingly) been gradually developing velvety tones over the past year or so, and here is showcased in all its spectacular radiance in selections from seven of Rameau's stage works.” Early Music Review

“Carolyn Sampson is as dazzling in the vocal pyrotechnics as she is touching in the CD's title song, "Règne Amour"” Evening Standard

“Skidmore, a painstaking conductor, breathes boundless energy into his many-coloured orchestra; the group provides faultless support for the exquisite soprano Carolyn Sampson” Goldberg

“This wonderful music will always need special vocal advocacy and there can be few outside France as equipped as Carolyn Sampson.” Gramophone Magazine

“To sum up: Sampson is radiant, voluptuous and utterly captivating. This is far and away her finest recording to date, and a more inspiring selection from Rameau's operas would be hard to find … there's a huge audience out there who, if only they knew how ravishing, how life-enhancing this music is, would buy a copy instantly.” International Record Review

“This is an ideal introduction to Rameau's stage music. The songs, drawn from seven operas, range from the joyful to the tempestuous via the poignant and heart-rending....Sampson's fluid, stylish singing is simply lovely... nobody could fail to be seduced by her performances.” Sunday Times

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Age of Indulgence

Age of Indulgence


Sonata for flute and basso continuo in D minor 'La Vibray' Op. 2 No. 2


Rondeau - Livre I

La Félix


Les Sauvages de Jean-Philippe Rameau avec des variations

Philidor, F-A:

L’art de la modulation: Quartet No. 5 in C Major

L’art de la modulation: Quartet No. 1 in G Minor


Les Boréades: Air gracieux

Les Boréades: Entrée de Polymnie

Les Fêtes de l'Hymen: Sarabande en rondeau

Dardanus: Chaconne from Act V

Dardanus: Tambourin I & II

Julie Andrijeski (baroque violin), Karina Schmitz (baroque violin), Michael Sponseller (harpsichord)

Les Délices

On their Navona debut Age of Indulgence, early music ensemble Les Delices presents an exquisite compendium of unique and rare instrumental music from the last generation of French Baroque composers. The album's repertoire shines a spotlight on lesser-known - yet powerfully skilled - composers active in the most important circles of mid- and late-eighteenth century Parisian musical society. The instrumental works on the album are elegantly detailed with many of the dominant French and European musical ideas of the era, including several of the genres that lay at teh core of Baroque music. Conveyed in the immaculate performances of Les Delices' acclaimed instrumentalists, Age of Indulgence is a sophisticated look back to a rich crossroads in the history of French music. Echoing the spirit of chamber arrangements of excerpts from Jean-Philippe Rameau's operas, Age of Indulgence presents adapted selections from the composer's operatic oeuvre with Extraits d'operas. The ensemble's arrangements include selections from Rameau's Les Fetes de l'Hymen, the 1744-version of Dardanus and Les Boreades. Though Les Boreades was never produced in the 18th century, the surviving score contains remarkable music and suggests a fanciful staging. Its Entree de Polymnie replete with cascades of flowing scales and layered suspensions that approach the sublime. Age of Indulgence provides snapshots for the most important trends in French composition in the eighteenth century. We hear the unique characteristics of the French Baroque, namely lush harmonies, and ornate melodic embellishments, as well as intricate counterpoint and virtuosic instrumental writing suggestive of German and Italian trends, respectively. The album's works are made mroe poignant when one considers the composers on the album were among the final generation of Baroque composers. Their music pays tribute not only to earlier generations of French artists, but also bids farewell to the Baroque Era itself.

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Les Grandes Eaux

Les Grandes Eaux

Bassano, G:

Omnes Gentes Plaudite Manibus


Tancrède: Act 4, Scene 1

Tancrède: Act 5, Scene 1

Charpentier, M-A:

Te Deum (excerpts)



Leclair, J-M:

Overture from Scylla et Glaucus

Scylla et Glaucus Acte V, Scenes 2 & 3


Marche pour la cérémonie des Turcs

Entrée des Nymphes guerrières from Persée

Entrée des Divinitez infernales from Persée

Aires pours la dispute des prix de la Lutte et de L'arc from Persée

Deuxieme air pour les Cyclopes from Persée


Te Deum, HM28 (excerpts)


Dardanus Overture

Dardanus: Chaconne from Act V

Dardanus: Tambourin I & II

Royer, P:

Portons partout l'horreur (from Pyrrhus)

Le Poème Harmonique, Capriccio Stravagante Orchestra, Les Enfants d'Apollon, Les Nouveaux Caractères, Les Temps Présents, Ensemble Pygmalion, Le Concert Sprituel

Alpha invites you to prolong the pleasure of your visit to Versailles with this recording of the music you heard in the gardens : A selection of great works played by some of the finest musicians of today. Almost two centuries of music, reviving the fabulous history of the palace up to mid-eighteen century and representing opera, ballet, the air de cour and other genres, are performed here by Le Poème Harmonique (conductor Vincent Dumestre), Pygmalion (conductor Raphaël Pichon), Le Concert Spirituel (conductor Hervé Niquet), Capriccio Stravagante Orchestra (conductor Skip Sempé), les Nouveaux Caractères (conductor Sébastien d’Hérin, l’Orchestre des Temps présents (conductor Olivier Schneebeli). You’ll also discover some excerpts from Campra’s Tancrède and Leclair’s Scylla & Glaucus.

Released or re-released in last 6 months

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Les Grandes Eaux Musicales De Versailles

Les Grandes Eaux Musicales De Versailles


La Magnotte

Corrette, M:

Concerto comique No. 5: III. Allegro


La Caroline - Le Sabotier

Ouverture de Psyché

Marche pour la cérémonie des Turcs

Quels spectacles charmants

Chaconne d'Amadis

Ouverture Le Carnaval

Petit Air pour les mesmes

Chaconne from Phaeton

Air d'Apollon from Le Triomphe de l'Amour

Passacaille from Armide


Entrées instrumentales du ballet du Mariage de Pierre de Provence avec la belle Maguelonne

Air du Juif Errant : Salamalec Ô Rocoha...


Zaïs Overture

Cruels tyrans qui regnez dans mon coeur (from Zoroastre)

Osons achever de grands crimes (from Zoroastre)

Ah, nos fureurs ne sont points vaines (from Zoroastre)

Ministres redoutes (from Zoroastre)

Aquilons rompez votre chaine (from Zaïs)

Tempete, Ciel! Quels eclats! (from Zaïs)

Air un peu gai (from Zoroastre)

Dardanus Overture

Dardanus: Tambourin I & II

Dardanus: Chaconne from Act V

The event known as ‘Les grandes eaux Musicales de Versailles 2012’, when all the fountains are working, accompanied by music, is presented by the Palace of Versailles in collaboration with Alpha. The music consists of a selection of absolute masterpieces of French Baroque music, from seventeenth and eighteenth century songs to great classics of the operatic repertoire, performed by some of the label’s leading artists, including the ensemble Pygmalion, Le Poème harmonique, Café Zimmermann and others.

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Rameau: Symphonies for two harpsichords

Rameau: Symphonies for two harpsichords


Les Indes galantes Overture

Musette en rondeau

Les Indes Galantes: Menuets

Les Indes galantes: Tambourin I & II - Partez


Air grave pour les deux Polonois

Air pour les Esclaves africains

Zoroastre: Menuet en rondeau

Dardanus: Chaconne from Act V

Zoroastre: Sarabande

Les Paladins: Air très gay

Les Indes Galantes: Gavotte

Les Indes Galantes: Air pour les Bostangis

Pigmalion: Overture

Hippolyte et Aricie: Menuet

L'Agaçante in G major

Dardanus: Prélude

Les Fêtes d'Hébé: Musette et Tambourin en rondeau pour Terpsichore

Platée: Menuets dans le goût de la vièle

La Pantomime: Pièces de clavecin


Dardanus: Air tendre en duo

Les Sauvages

La Timide (from the third concert)

Dardanus: Tambourin I & II

Les Paladins: Gavotte un peu lente

La Marais in D major


Laurent Soumagnac, Chaumont en Vexin 2008 [Lyonnaise school]

Philippe Humeau, Barbaste 1983, after Antoine Vater, Paris 1738

Philippe Humeau, Barbaste 2006, after Christian Zell, Hamburg 1728

Pierre Hantai (harpsichord), Skip Sempe (harpsichord)

The numerous instrumental pieces or 'Symphonies' found in the dramatic works of Rameau are remarkably effective on the harpsichord: the composer himself, with his transcription of 'Les Indes Galantes' invited other musicians to continue this tradition.

Seizing on the formidable array of material available in his operas: Platée, Zoroastre, Dardanus, Les Paladins, Pygmalion... Pierre Hantai and Skip Sempé, our finest exponents of this repertoire, take obvious pleasure in revealing, through the two harpsichords, the immense richness of this music, full of surprises and imagination.

“it shouldn't really work to reduce Rameau's richly orchestrated dances to a pair of keyboards. Yet Hantaï and Sempé are so vivacious in their rhythms and so freewheeling in their improvisatory style, often filling in Rameau's outline with dazzling decoration, that this disc is huge fun.” The Observer, 20th August 2012

“The harpsichord sound is beautifully captured and the playing is beyond reproach. While there is much drama in Hantai and Sempe's playing, it might be best to take this magnificent collection a little at a time.” BBC Music Magazine, August 2012 ****

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