Monteverdi: Lamento d'Arianna 'Lasciatemi morire'

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Monteverdi Madrigali Volume 2: Mantova

Monteverdi Madrigali Volume 2: Mantova

Excerpts from Books IV, V and VI


Sfogava con le stelle (from Il quarto libro de madrigali)

Si ch'io vorrei morire

Voi pur da me partite

Anima dolorosa che vivendo

Piagn' e sospira

Cruda Amarilli (Book 5)

O Mirtillo, anima mia

Era l'anima mia

T'amo mia vita (Book 5)

E cosi a poco a poco

Lamento d'Arianna 'Lasciatemi morire'

Zefiro torna

Sestina – Incenerite spoglie

Ditelo, o fiumi, e voi, ch'udiste Glauco

Dara la notte il sol lume alla terra

Ma te raccogli, O Ninfa, in grembo 'l Cielo

Chiome d'oro (Book 7)

Dunque, amate reliqui, un mar di pianto

Questi vaghi concenti

excerpts from Books IV, V and VI

With this album Les Arts Florissants inaugurate a three-volume series devoted to the finest pages of Monteverdi’s madrigals. Each volume will be linked to one of the cities that marked the composer’s life: the present opus dedicated to Mantova (extracts from Books IV, V and VI) will be followed by two others devoted to Cremona (April 2015 - Books I, II and III) and Venice (February 2016 - Books VII and VIII). These publications all draw on the indepth work carried out by Paul Agnew at the head of an ensemble that has already shone in this repertoire on numerous European stages. The birth of a milestone series, in a beautifully designed boxset, featuring a new text commissioned by Les Arts Florissants by René de Ceccatty, the renowned French writer.

“As you would expect from this source, the performances are immaculate, the vocal colouring, the phrasing and the ensemble utterly refined. Some may prefer an earthier, more Italianate approach in this music, but the sheer accomplishment of Les Arts Florissants is hard to resist.” The Guardian, 27th November 2014 ****

“the vocalists — Agnew sings and directs from within the ensemble — give us Monteverdi’s own five-voice arrangement of Arianna’s Lament, delivered with the dramatic intensity and attention to textual clarity and dynamic variety that are the hallmarks of the ensemble’s Monteverdi.” Sunday Times, 30th November 2014

“This is a very impressive recording...The level of control and unanimity of the singers is astonishing, as is the huge sense of commitment to the words which permeate the recording. Some initial shock at the intensity of some passages and the closeness to the edge to which the singers push the dissonance, gives way to admiration...the singers of Les Arts Florissants have got the measure of Monteverdi's writing...This is definitely a must buy.” Early Music Review, December 2014

“Agnew not only directs but sings also, and the group that William Christie founded remains in tip-top shape…the sheer perfection of execution and vibrant tonality of these performances are hard to dismiss.” Audiophile Audition, 22nd December 2014

“Agnew's selection is impeccably judged...Les Arts Florissants have not so rich a sound as their Italian counterparts but the lighter timbre makes for a texture of rare transparency, an elfin capacity to render changes that can be properly breathtaking...And if you don't know a single volume should be enough to persuade you that you ought to have done, long ago.” Gramophone Magazine, January 2015

“This group of performers is commendably aware of [the] move towards expressive freedom: we get from them searing moments of deep anguish...and mesmerising stillness...[and] the finest performance on disc of [the] last madrigal with its incredibly avant-garde dissonances.” BBC Music Magazine, February 2015 ****

GGramophone Magazine

Disc of the Month - January 2015

Les Arts Florissants Editions - AF003



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Monteverdi: Arie et Lamenti; Madrigali Guerrieri et Amorosi

Monteverdi: Arie et Lamenti; Madrigali Guerrieri et Amorosi


Il ottavo libro de madrigali, 1638 'Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi'

with Jordi Savall

Ohime ch'io cado

with Ton Koopman

Lettera amorosa

with Ton Koopman

Libro Nono di Magrigali e Canzonette: Si dolce è'l tormento

with Ton Koopman

Lamento d'Arianna 'Lasciatemi morire'

with Ton Koopman

Quel sguardo sdegnosetto

with Ton Koopman

Salve, O Regina

with Ton Koopman

O quam pulchra es

with Ton Koopman

Exulta, filia Sion

with Ton Koopman

Pianto della Madonna 'Iam moriar, mi fili' (sopra il Lamento dell'Arianna), SV 288

with Ton Koopman

Venite, videte

with Ton Koopman

This set gathers 2 albums released in 1990 and 1994.

Each of them definitely established Montserrat Figueras as one of the best performers of Claudio Monteverdi’s vocal music. At this time, she developed an innovative style of interpretation, characterised by great fidelity to historical sources, combined with an extraordinary creative and expressive power, that has exerted a decisive influence on the whole historical music movement.

Vocal music before 1800 required a new technical and stylistic approach capable of restoring to the beauty and emotion of the voice, that most human of all forms of expression, the necessary balance between singing and declamation, with an emphasis on the poetic and spiritual dimension of the text.

She is accompanied by Jordi Savall on CD1 and Ton Koopman on CD2.

Super Audio CD


Hybrid Multi-channel

Alia Vox Heritage - AVSA9884

(SACD - 2 discs)


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Lamento della Maria Stuarda

Patrizia Ciofi (soprano)


Hipparco, e di Climene, Lamento d’Egisto

Rolando Villazón (tenor)

Acate, Ilioneo, Lamento di Enea

Topi Lehtipuu (tenor)

Alle ruine del mio regno, Lamento d’Ecuba e Cassandra

Marie-Nicole Lemieux (alto) & Patrizia Ciofi (soprano)


Dure noie, Lamento d’Atamante

Laurent Naouri (bass-baritone)

Landi, S:

Superbe colli

Christopher Purves (baritone)


Lamento della Ninfa (Book 8)

Natalie Dessay (soprano), Simon Wall (tenor), Topi Lehtipuu (tenor) & Christopher Purves (baritone)

Lamento d'Arianna 'Lasciatemi morire'

Véronique Gens (soprano)

Addio Roma! (from L'incoronazione di Poppea)

Joyce DiDonato (mezzo-soprano)

Tu se’ morta mia vita, Lamento d’Orfeo

Rolando Villazón (tenor)


L'Eraclito amoroso 'Udite amanti'

Philippe Jaroussky (countertenor)

Le Concert Astrée, Emmanuelle Haim

Emmanuelle Haim follows her 2006 recording of Monteverdi’s Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda with an unusual and inventive programme on the theme of the Lamento, the literary and dramatic form that found its seventeenth-century musical archetype in Monteverdi’s celebrated Lamento d’Arianna.

Emmanuelle Haim has taken great care in choosing 9 soloists to perform these demanding works amongst which Véronique Gens sings the Lamento d’Arianna, the tantalising fragment from Monteverdi’s lost opera of 1608; Natalie Dessay is the abandoned nymph in the very different Lamento della ninfa from the Eighth Book of Madrigals. Alongside these familiar works by Monteverdi the programme includes Philippe Jaroussky in Barbara Strozzi’s dramatic monologue L’Eraclito amoroso, probably written for Strozzi herself, Carissimi’s Lamento di Maria Stuarda (with Patrizia Ciofi) and Strozzi’s teacher Cavalli’s Lamento d’Egisto (with Rolando Villazón, who also sings Orfeo’s Lamento). Joyce DiDonato, recently signed to EMI/Virgin Classics as an exclusive artist, adds Ottavia’s heartrending farewell to Rome from Monteverdi’s L’incoronazione di Poppea.

“Haim is pure dynamite” The Telegraph

“Haim’s meteoric rise has been well charted by the press. It’s easy to understand the excitement - her enthusiasm is infectious, her conducting demeanour distinctive, and her knowledge intense.” Gramophone Magazine

“Waif-like, driven, messianic or explosive, non-conformist, unruly, either way, the conductor Emmanuelle Haim has enough charisma to draw crowds in her wake. Haim is the most dynamic force to have hit the period movement since the 1970s. She’s a born leader” Financial Times

“This all-star cast includes the ravishing Natalie Dessay as Monteverdi's forsaken nymph, Véronique Gens, a proud, desolate Ariadne, and Joyce DiDonato, who sings Octavia's farewell with extraordinary dramatic passion. Much of the interest of this disc lies in its subtleties, Emmanuelle Haïm highlighting telling details...” BBC Music Magazine, November 2008 *****

“A starry host of singers bring their talents to bear on Haïm's programme” Gramophone Magazine, January 2009

Erato - 5190442



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The Art Of Alfred Deller

The Art Of Alfred Deller

Classic Vanguard Recordings


Sumer is icumen in


Come, pretty babe


La Déploration de Johannes Ockeghem


Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne HWV74 'Eternal source of light divine'


Matona mia cara


Lamento d'Arianna 'Lasciatemi morire'


Now is the month of maying

In Dew of Roses

Parsons, R:



Il est bel et bon


Music for a while, Z583

I attempt from love's sickness to fly in vain (from The Indian Queen)

Sound the trumpet, beat the drum, Z335

One charming night (from The Fairy Queen, Z629)

Mystery’s Song (from The Fairy Queen, Z629)

Fairest Isle (from King Arthur)

If music be the food of love, Z379


Da Te Parto


Erhöre mich, wenn ich rufe, SWV 289


The Three Ravens

The Cuckoo

Barbara Allen

Hey, Ho, the Wind and the Rain

I will give my love an apple

The Oak and the ash (A north country lass)

King Henry



To shorten winter's sadness


Thus Saith My Cloris Bright

Alfred Deller, Desmond Dupré (lute), Walter Bergman (harpsichord), Gustav Leonhardt (harpsichord)

The Deller Consort, Oriana Concert Choir and Orchestra, Ensemble of Baroque Instruments, Leonhardt Baroque Ensemble

Alto - ALC1018



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Monteverdi: Lamento d'Arianna 'Lasciatemi morire', etc.


Lamento d'Arianna 'Lasciatemi morire'


Books 7-9

Helga Müller-Molinari

Concerto Vocale, René Jacobs

Harmonia Mundi - up to 30% off

Harmonia Mundi Musique d'Abord - HMA1951129


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The Italian Dramatic Lament

The Italian Dramatic Lament

Caccini, G:

Vedrò 'l mio sol

Amarilli mia bella

Amor ch'attendi


Sferraina (from Libro Quarto)

Capona (from Libro Quarto)

Passacaglia (from Libro Quarto)


Lamento d'Arianna 'Lasciatemi morire'

Libro Nono di Magrigali e Canzonette: Si dolce è'l tormento

Peri, J:

Al fonte al prato

Lungi dal vostro lume

Se tu parti da me

Uccidimi dolore


Ancor che col partire

The Catacoustic Consort, Annalisa Pappano

Naxos Early Music Collection - 8557538



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Anne Sofie von Otter sings Handel, Monteverdi & Telemann

Anne Sofie von Otter sings Handel, Monteverdi & Telemann


Hercules: Where shall I fly?

E pur così in un giorno ... Piangerò, la sorte mia (from Giulio Cesare in Egitto)

Semele: Where'er you walk


O rosetta che rosetta; La violetta (from Scherzi Musicali)

Lamento d'Arianna 'Lasciatemi morire'


Cantate oder Trauer-music eines kunsterfahrenen Canarienvogels TVWV 20: 37

2xHD - 813543020400

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Jazz and Renaissance - from Italy to Brazil

Bassano, G:

Divisions on "Onques amour" by Thomas Crequillon

Davis, M:



Flow my teares (Lacrimæ)

Mourne, mourne, day is with darknesse

In darkness let me dwell




Summertime (from Porgy and Bess)


The Girl from Ipanema



Toccata arpeggiata (1604)



Canzonetta spirituale sopra alla nanna 'Hor ch'è il tempo di dormire'

Monk, T:

'Round Midnight


Lamento d'Arianna 'Lasciatemi morire'

Parker, Charlie:



Canzona terza

Wolf, A H:


Hugo Siegmeth (soprano/tenor saxophone & bass clarinet) & Axel Wolf (lute & theorbo)

The lutenist Axel Wolf and the saxophonist Hugo Siegmeth – who join forces here – are two musicians with roots in completely different musical disciplines.

A virtuoso on the lute and theorbo, Axel Wolf specialises in the Renaissance and des Baroque periods, whereas Hugo Siegmeth, saxophonist and composer, is an expert on modern jazz and contemporary music.

Although several centuries lie between the heydays of both musical styles, the two musicians both place special focus on improvisation: involvement in the surprising moment and in spontaneous interaction.

Oehms - OC1826



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Madrigals of Madness

Madrigals of Madness


Scaramella va alla guerra

Flecha I:

Ensalada 'La bomba'


Felicissimo sonno

O dolorosa gioia

Moro, lasso, al mio duolo

Già piansi nel dolore

Gibbons, O:

What is our life?


Lamento d'Arianna 'Lasciatemi morire'

O Teseo, Teseo mio

Dove, dov'e la fede

Ahi, ch'ei non pur risponde


Too much I once lamented

Calmus Ensemble

Carus - CARUS83387



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Lamento: Romina Basso

Lamento: Romina Basso


Lamento della Maria Stuarda


Capriccio di Durezze (1624)


Toccata Seconda Arpeggiata


Lamento d'Arianna 'Lasciatemi morire'


Squarciato appena havea

Rossi, Luigi:

Lamento della Regina de Svezia


Lagrime mie

Romina Basso (mezzo-soprano)

Latinitas Nostra

This is the first solo recital recording of mezzo soprano Romina Basso, yet currently one of the most busy and outstanding baroque specialists. Recorded in Athens with the Greek musicians of the Latinitas Notra ensemble and led by Markellos Chryssicos, this striking record offers incandescent and special performances of Italian baroque masterpieces that feature among the most heart-rending, including: Monteverdi’s 'Lamento d’Arianna', Rossi’s 'Lamento della regina di Svezia' and Strozzi’s 'Lagrime mie'.

Romina Basso studied with Peter Maag, Regina Resnik, Rockwell Blake and Claudio Desderi, specialising in Baroque repertory and Rossini. She won prizes at national and international competitions including Plácido Domingo’s Operalia. She regularly collaborates with orchestras and ensembles such as Accademia Bizantina, Concerto Italiano, Il Complesso Barocco, Cappella della Pietà de’ Turchini, Le Concert des Nations, Europa Galante, Ensemble 415, Ensemble Matheus, Les Arts Florissants, Les Musiciens du Louvre, The King’s Consort, Modo Antiquo, the Ricercar Consort, the OAE, the Accademia of Santa Cecilia Orchestra and the Venice Baroque Orchestra. Romina Basso’s discography (on several different labels) includes Galuppi’s 'L’Olimpiade' (DVD); sacred music by Jommelli and Galuppi; Scarlatti’s 'Carlo, re d’Alemagna'; Handel’s ‘Carmelite Vespers’, Italian cantatas, 'Tolomeo' and 'Berenice'; Vivaldi’s 'Montezuma', 'Ercole sul Termodonte', and 'Oracolo in Messenia'. For Naïve, she has recorded Vivaldi’s 'Atenaide', 'Armida', 'Orlando furioso' (DVD), 'Orlando' 1714, 'Catone in Utica', and ‘New Discoveries’, the pasticcio 'L’Olimpiade' and Handel’s 'Giulio Cesare'.

“Among the greatest of all baroque interpreters, Basso is breathtakingly expressive and persuasive...Exceptional.” The Guardian, 26th June 2014 *****

“The declamatory idiom requires an actor as much as a singer, and Romina Basso certainly fits the bill. She weeps, sighs, rages and pleads, wringing high drama from these emotive texts - a veritable Maria Callas of Baroque music.” BBC Music Magazine, September 2014 ****

“Basso sings with emotional virtuosity in an intensely plangent performance [of the Strozzi].” Gramophone Magazine, December 2014

“This repertoire is irresistible” MusicWeb International, February 2015

Naive - V5390



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