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Johann Strauss I Edition, Volume 17

Johann Strauss I Edition, Volume 17

Strauss, J, I:

Fest-Quadrille, Op. 165

Aurora-Festklänge, Walzer, Op. 164

Frohsinns-Salven, Walzer, Op. 163

Orpheus-Quadrille, Op. 162

Salon-Polka, Op. 161

Waldfräuleins Hochzeites-Tänze, Op. 160

Redoute-Quadrille, Op. 158

Nur Leben!, Walzer, Op. 159

Volksgarten-Quadrille, Op. 157

This seventeenth volume in Marco Polo’s popular Johann Strauss I Edition celebrates the internationally adulated Viennese composer’s unflagging ability to create dance music for all occasions and to stimulate a public avid for ever-new entertainment.

His quadrilles, polkas, waltzes and other dances, usually named for the events at which they were first heard, today conjure visions of a vanished world of fashionable balls and spectacular events, such as the Emperor Ferdinand I’s name-day in 1884 for which the Festive Quadrille was composed or the 1847 Spring Festival at which Aurora’s Festive Sounds was played to a crowd of 30,000.

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Dance Music of Old Vienna

Dance Music of Old Vienna


Neue Wiener, Op. 1

Bankett-Polonaise, Op. 135

Amazonen-Galopp, Op. 148 No. 2

Malapou-Galopp, Op. 148, No. 1

Steyrische Tänze, Op. 165

Cerrito-Polka, Op. 189

Die Werber Op. 103

Jagers Lust (Jagd-Galopp), Op. 82

Marien, Op. 143

Strauss, J, I:

Salon-Polka, Op. 161

Kettenbrücke-Walzer, Op. 4

Eisele und Beisele Sprünge-Polka, Op. 202

Strauss, J, II:

Pariser-Polka (Op.382)

Wiener Blut Waltz, Op. 354

Strauss, Josef:

Nachtschatten - Polka-mazurka, Op. 229

Tanzquartett Wien

Naxos Light Classics - 8555689



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